I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 710

Chapter 710 There will be no problem (third more)

At this point, Lin Nan had no choice but to do his best to deal with the aftermath of this matter.

After a slight silence, Lin Nan said in a deep voice, “But it may be difficult to support you in the position of general manager. After all, you are still too young, and Lin Yan is also a little bit cruel in the company.”

Lin Dong frowned and became sober for a while, so he shook his head and said: “It doesn’t matter, if it doesn’t work, I will support you!”

This is not a difficult task for Lin Nan, after all, he sat in that position before.

The Lin Group’s life during this period was a bit sad, if the sudden disappearance of the general manager department was revealed.

Those who have finally re-established a cooperative relationship with the Lin Group will probably leave easily.

At that time, his vitality had not recovered, it was the second time he was hit hard.

Thinking of this, Lin Nan couldn’t help but feel a little worried, after all, the Lin Group belongs to the entire Lin family, not someone else.

On the other side, the news of Lin Yan’s accident quickly passed back to the Lin family.

With a black face, the old man directly called Lin Dong and his son over, and also informed the old grandmother.

Seeing the whole family sitting silently in the living room, Old Man Lin looked at everyone with a dark face and said, “Yan’er was tied up on the way home. The other party has not contacted us yet.”

The old grandmother who first heard about this incident looked at Old Man Lin in shock and said, “What! Someone would dare to attack my Lin family?!”

Lin Dong also pretended to be surprised to look at Mr. Lin, but did not speak.

Elder Lin did not suspect that Lin Dong and his sons did this thing, but sneered with a dark face, “Okay, now my Lin family has become someone who can step on it, right!”

After saying this, he slapped him on the table: “If this goes on, do I need to take two cars with me when I go out?”

Lin Dong glanced at each other with his father, then stood up and respectfully said, “Master, what are you going to do with this matter?”

“How can I handle it? Right now the other party doesn’t even call, I can handle it like this!”

After hearing this, the old grandmother spoke distressedly: “I don’t know how much money will be spent this time to settle this matter.”

The old man Lin looked at the old grandmother in surprise, this Lin Yan has been tied up by others, and she still has money to worry about!

After looking at the old grandmother shook her head in disappointment, Grandpa Lin sighed deeply, and then said, “Forget it, I’ll take care of this by myself, you go down!”

After the old grandmother Lin Dong and Lin Nan looked at each other, they understood each other’s meaning.

So Lin Nan stood up and spoke respectfully to the old man: “Yan’er has been tied up, but the company still has to do something. What about the general manager?”

“Yan’er has been kidnapped, can you only see that seat in your eyes at this time!”

At this time, the old grandmother stood up in front of Lin Nan, and stared at him!

“Why, isn’t that right? The more this time, the more we need someone to stabilize everyone’s emotions in the company!”

After saying this, she turned her head and glanced at Lin Nan and said, “Before you were in charge of the general manager position, this time you can also give it to you. I can rest assured.”

Old man Lin looked at the full house with disappointment, and pointed at them with trembling hands and said, “One of you is Yan’er’s grandmother and the other is Yan’er’s uncle. Treat her like this?”

Lin Dong didn’t dare to look up at Old Man Lin’s eyes, so he lowered his head and his hands trembled slightly.

Seeing the silence of the crowd, Old Man Lin took a deep breath and sighed, “Fine, since you only have that seat in your eyes, I will give it to you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Mr. Lin pushed his wheelchair and left, while Mr. Lin Dong and his son stood in the lobby and looked at his back with embarrassment.

After Grandpa Lin completely left, the old grandmother glanced at Lin Nandao with a deep look, “Tell me honestly, did you plan this time?”

Lin Nan shook his head and said, “No, no, it’s definitely not me, how could I do such a thing!”

The old grandmother looked at Lin Nan deeply and nodded in relief: “Yes, even if you give you ten courage, you can’t do such a thing.”

As soon as the voice fell, the old grandmother sat down and sighed helplessly, “But if it wasn’t for our own family, it would be a bit troublesome if it was done by an outsider.”

At this time, after hiding, the other mouse called Chen Minggang, and then told Chen Minggang their location.

After receiving the information, Chen Minggang drove over quickly, in an abandoned building on the outskirts of the city.

After knowing that Chen Ming was about to come, the mouse waited in front of the building early.

When he saw Chenn’s car approaching, he threw away the cigarette butt in his hand, and then hurriedly got up to help him open the door.

As soon as he got out of the car, Chen Minggang directly asked, “Where are the people locked up by you?”

“It’s on the fifth floor in a renovated place. It’s a place we used to detain people, and it’s hidden and there are no monitors.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Minggang nodded in satisfaction and looked at the mouse: “You finally did not disappoint me. It seems that I did not trust you in vain.”

When he said this, Chen Minggang walked ahead and asked, “How much did that two fool Lin Dong give you this time?”

When the mouse heard this, he laughed twice and said with embarrassment: “I gave five million and asked us not to touch Miss Lin.”

Chen Minggang smiled gloomily and said, “Of course you can’t touch it, but if I touch it, it will be fine, hahaha!”

After walking upstairs, Chen Minggang saw four or five people standing respectfully in the corridor, and when he saw him coming, they all saluted.

Chen Minggang nodded in satisfaction, and said at will: “Everyone gives one hundred thousand, which is your hard work this time.”

Hearing that he received 100,000 yuan in just such a short time, everyone was as happy as a second fool.

After Chen Minggang was taken to the door of the room where Lin Yan was being held, he looked inside through a small hole for feeding.

Seeing Lin Yan lying motionless on the bed, she looked at the mouse with some doubts and asked, “What’s the matter?”

When the mouse saw this, he leaned forward and looked at her mouth, and then said embarrassingly, “It may be that the subordinates tried too hard, causing her to still sleep.”

After saying this, he saw that Chen Minggang was a little dissatisfied, so he hurriedly said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s just a little more sleep at most, there won’t be any problems!”


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