I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 714

Chapter 714 Xichunju (third more)

Bearing this pressure, Ethan didn’t know that he had become the hope of the entire Lin family, but looked at the map of Beifu City attentively.

It just happened not long ago, and from the information received from Lin Dong, the other party should also be from Beifu.

In this case, Lin Yan would not be taken far away, at most in the suburbs around Beifu.

From Lin Dong’s side, given the location where Lin Yan was kidnapped, the other party should be very clear about Lin Yan’s daily activities, so he could intercept Lin Yan so accurately.

After being silent for a while, Ethan could judge that this matter should have been done by an acquaintance with only a little clue.

Just when he came to this judgment, Lao Hei also called, and then sent the call log to Ethan.

Looking at the few call records in his hand, Ethan couldn’t help but smile. The phone number was a new card, and he had only called Lin Dong.

Now it seems that the other party came prepared for this matter.

Lao Hei knew that Ethan must be having trouble getting the call log, so he called again and said, “The boss has a lot of people here. If you need it, I can send them all out.”

Ethan couldn’t help being a little surprised when he heard what Lao He said. After a while, Ethan calmly said, “Why help me?”

The tone is very plain, as if asking what to eat today.

When Lao Hei heard Ethan’s words, he only chuckled and replied: “Because you are the famous Norman Yan, one prescription can sell for 3 billion yuan, and our boss can take it willingly.”

Of course, there was a little old black silently adding it in his heart, because Ethan seemed likely to become his boss’s boyfriend.

This is the biggest reason. After all, who doesn’t want to have a good relationship with their future bosses.

But Ethan didn’t know what Old Hei thought, otherwise he would tell Old Hei confidently that he had absolutely no meaning to Sally!

Hearing what Lao Hei said at this time, Ethan just gave a wry smile and nodded and said, “If this is the case, it would be the best. I believe the Lin family will pay a little for you.”

After Lao Hei chuckled twice, he ended the call, and then arranged for the people Sally raised in Beifu to start looking out.

Ethan told Lao Hei the information he had received from Lin Dong, but the key problem was that Lin Dong did not say that the person who tied Lin Yan was a rat.

Because he was worried that what he said might arouse the suspicion of Ethan and others, and because he didn’t say the key information, Ethan and Lao Hei made a lot of mistakes in Beifu.

At this time, Lin Dong was sitting in the office alone, after hesitating for a while looking at the phone on the desktop, he picked it up and called the mouse on his own initiative.

After the phone rang three or four times, the mouse graciously answered the call, then chuckled and asked, “Young Master Lin, what can I do for you?”

After managing so many things, Lin Dong has also grown a little brain.

Hearing the mouse’s teasing tone, Lin Dong asked with a dark face, “Mouse, I think I’m not thin with you, why do you treat me like this?”

After hearing this, the mouse sighed slightly, then sat down with Erlang’s legs tilted and smiled with his mobile phone: “Of course, you can treat me naturally, but I have to ask for something to eat and drink for my brothers and find a way to survive.”

After saying this, the mouse remembered the time he had been in contact with Lin Dong. To be fair, Lin Dong was indeed worthy of him.

So the mouse sighed softly and said, “Shao Lin, this is not what I wanted to do this time. Hear my advice, you should give up.”

For Mouse, he didn’t know the importance of Xichunju at all.

The game between the upper-level figures is too far for them, and they are only worthy of being a pawn at the bottom.

When Lin Dong heard this, he laughed miserably and said, “Give up? Are you joking with me?”

“A dignified five to six billion project, you want me to give up?”

After learning this number, the mouse was dumbfounded. He turned his head and looked at Lin Yan who was still in a coma. He hurriedly asked, “What is worth fifty or six billion?”

Lin Dong smiled bitterly and shook his head and said, “Mouse, even though we have only been together for a few days, but because I treat you badly, you can return Yan’er!”

Upon hearing this, the mouse’s answer was to end the call, and then put his hands on the table, and the words Lin Dong said echoed in his mind.

Five or six billion projects, and what Chen Minggang told him was only a dozen or two billion.

If the Lin Family really let go of such a big project, it would definitely not be as simple as a few years if he was caught.

After being silent for a while, the mouse put on a mask, then walked to Lin Yan and knelt down to look at Lin Yan.

Just when he thought Lin Yan hadn’t woken up yet, he suddenly found that the corner of Lin Yan’s eyes seemed to move.

So he tentatively said in a cold voice: “Miss Lin, don’t pretend since you wake up, we won’t have any thoughts about you.”

Lin Yan knew that she could no longer be satisfied, so she opened her eyes and looked at the mouse squatting in front of her silently.

After looking at each other for a while, Mouse and Lin Yan couldn’t help but sighed: “As expected, we are the number one beauty in the North Mansion. Even the frown makes people so excited.”

The mouse said this sincerely, but he also knew that if he dared to touch her, the result would be another sack under the river in Beifu.

After a bit of self-deprecating laughter, the mouse looked at Lin Yan and asked, “How much did your Xichunju project invest in?”

Lin Yan had a look of doubt in her eyes when she heard these words, and the mouse, seeing that she had not spoken, wanted to know the truth of the matter.

So after being silent for a while, he took out his mobile phone and showed Lin Yan the text message on it, and said, “If you think about it, we are the only one who can help you now.”

Lin Yan looked at the news about the envoy Chen Minggang’s envoy, so she looked at the mouse in disbelief and asked, “Are you planning to swallow the Lin Family Xichunju project?”

With these words, Lin Yan felt amused and angry again.

A group of uninfluenced little hooligans dared to covet the Xichunju project, which was smashed down by the Lin family with a lot of money. I am afraid that the North Fu family and the Lin family were the first to encounter this matter.

With a deep sigh and roar, Lin Yan looked at the mouse with some sympathy and said, “Perhaps this is the only thing you have done right in your life, but you are being used by others, right?”

“Oh? Why do you say that, can’t it be what I wanted to do?”


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