I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 721

Chapter 721 I want to talk to you (first)

After saying this, Lao He looked at Lin Yan who was sitting in the car with a dull expression, and then frowned and said, “Miss Lin has nothing to do, right?”

While talking, Lao Hei noticed that traces of blood were leaking from her clothes, as if she had suffered trauma.

Ethan turned his head and looked at Lin Yan, sighed and said, “There is a problem, but it’s not very big. Have you brought the medicine?”

Lao Hei nodded and then turned and walked to the car, then took out a large bag of things from the co-pilot and threw it to Ethan, saying, “This is a woman’s clothes, and there are some trauma medicines. I need to avoid it. ?”

Ethan faintly glanced at Lao Hei, then rolled his eyes and returned to the car to watch Lin Yan hesitate.

“Here is a change of clothes for you. Tonight’s things are a bit more dynamic. I need to take care of all your clothes.”

Hearing this, Lin Yan turned her head and looked at Ethan blankly. After a long time of silence, she nodded and took the clothes in his hand, and then immediately began to change.

Ethan frowned and was not surprised. He picked up a bottle of trauma medicine and opened it and spread it evenly on Lin Yan’s wound.

Perhaps it was stimulated by drugs, Lin Yan would cry out from time to time, but there was no other reaction.

Ethan frowned distressedly and said, “These medicines are a little irritating, but they are very effective and can accelerate the healing of your wounds.”

Lin Yan nodded and put on her clothes, and said in a hoarse voice: “Where are we going?”

Ethan was silent for a while, then took Lin Yan out of the car and sent her to the old black car.

Then he threw Lin Yan’s changed clothes into Chen Minggang’s car, opened the car’s fuel tank cap, and pushed it to the riverside.

Lao Hei frowned as he watched Ethan’s movements, and Ethan’s handling of it gave him a familiar feeling.

After Ethan detonated the car, the old black looked at Ethan who was approaching him with deep brows and said, “Why do I feel so familiar with your boy’s way of doing things.”

Ethan sneered and leaned on the front of the old black car to look at the river, then hesitated for a while and then replied: “I did this a long time ago. Why, it makes you feel nostalgic?”

Hearing Ethan’s words, the old black watched Ethan hesitate for a while and then hoarsely said: “I know your kid is not easy. I caught him now, right?”

Ethan shook his head but didn’t say anything. Now his brain was blank.

After dawn, news of Chen Minggang’s death will surely spread throughout Beifu, whether it is from the Xincheng Group or the Norman Family.

The first object of doubt must be the neighbor, and the Lin family will definitely guess that this matter was done by themselves.

Thinking of this, Ethan sighed deeply, and now he didn’t know what to do.

Lao Hei smiled bitterly at Ethan’s silence and shook his head: “You’re still a young man after all. Doing things without thinking about the consequences, the people behind Xincheng Group are not easy.”

Ethan turned his head to look at Lao Hei and smiled, “Since I dared to do this, I have never worried about his background.”

Although the words were beautiful, Ethan couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy in his heart.

Lao Hei’s background is not simple, even including Sally, Ethan still doesn’t know what Sally’s capabilities are, so much so that the North House dare not treat her.

After the two men were silent for a while, Old Hei said, “Anyway, since you called me and you are our partner again, I will help you this time.”

After saying this, Lao Hei took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Sally, and then motioned Ethan to get in the car.

After looking at Lao Hei slightly, Ethan got in the car and smiled bitterly: “Don’t blame me for not reminding you, this time things are a bit complicated, and the Norman Family seems to be involved.”

Having said this, Ethan handed the video taken from Chen Minggang’s phone to Lao Hei.

After looking at it, Lao Hei was silent for a while, then closed the video and said, “Go back to the boss first. It’s better for the boss to handle these things. Although I have ideas, I still can’t match her.”

Hearing this, Ethan calmed down a bit and looked through the rearview mirror at Lin Yanhou who was crying secretly leaning on the car window.

Ethan turned his head and asked softly, “What’s wrong, why are you crying suddenly?”

Lin Yan turned her head to look at Ethan and was silent for a while, then opened her mouth slightly, “I’m out, right?”

Ethan looked at her in his eyes, as if it were a stray cat on the street, and he no longer had the glorious expression of the past.

Ethan felt a pain in his heart, and then directly sat in the back seat and stretched out his hand to embrace Lin Yan’s shoulder and said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s all over. Leave the rest to me.”

Lin Yan took advantage of the trend and gently leaned into Ethan’s arms, while the old black who was driving saw this scene and frowned unconsciously.

Although he is still unmarried in his thirties, it does not mean that Lao Hei is an emotional idiot.

I am afraid that my boss has a good impression of the strange man in front of him, and now this man seems to have some inexplicable feelings towards this woman.

Thinking of this, Lao He couldn’t help feeling a little big head, as if sighing that the precious circle is really messy.

After holding Lin Yan in silence for a while, he stretched out his hand and gently stroked Lin Yan’s head and said, “Don’t worry, everything is over. No one will bully you anymore.”

Listening to Ethan’s low voice of comfort, Lin Yan finally couldn’t help crying, crying so hard all the way.

When approaching Tianzhu Villa, Lin Yan had fallen asleep deeply.

Ethan hugged Lin Yan and got out of the car. Old Hei looked around and handed the car to the guard. Then he led Ethan into a guest room of the villa and said, “Let’s arrange Miss Lin here first. What are the disadvantages? Say, at dawn I will go out to buy.”

Ethan nodded and put Lin Yan, who had been asleep, on the bed, and then carefully covered her with a quilt.

Standing at the door frowning, Lao Hei lit a cigarette for himself, smoking the cigarette while watching Ethan’s movements.

After Ethan finished all this, Lao Hei said in a deep voice, “Norman Yan, if I have time, I want to talk to you, how about it?”

Ethan turned his head and looked at Old Hei, then waved his hand slightly and smiled bitterly: “It just so happens that I also have something to ask you. Can I find some clothes for me? I think I should take a shower.”

Lao Hei watched Ethan’s body covered with dust and bruises on his face.

So after chuckling twice, he replied, “Maybe I have to boil you another egg.”


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