I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 723

Chapter 723 I’m Shameless (third more)

The next day, just after the light was over, Ethan was also shaken by the old black.

Half asleep and half awake, Ethan yawned and put on the clothes after taking the clothes. As a result, two buttons were crooked.

Seeing Ethan’s listless look, Lao Hei was a little surprised to find that all the bruises on the opponent’s face had disappeared after a nap!

While such a discovery surprised Old Hei, he could only classify it as a secret unique to a doctor. After all, he was not a curious person.

After shaking up Ethan, he looked like he was still dreaming. Old Hei coughed twice and then said in a deep voice, “Clean up, come with me to see the boss.”

Hearing this, Ethan sighed helplessly, then yawned and put on his clothes.

Going to the bathroom and brushing his teeth, he said vaguely, “I really don’t understand, why do you all like to call her boss when she is a woman.”

Hearing this question, Old Hei’s movements paused slightly, and then whispered back: “Because she is our boss, she is with us.”

When Ethan heard the voice of Lao Hei, he turned his head and asked something, but he didn’t seem to hear clearly.

Lao Hei shook his head and rinsed his mouth and walked out of the bathroom without answering Ethan’s question.

After Ethan was cleaned up, the time was exactly 8:30, which was exactly the same as his usual working hours.

Once a person has developed some habits, it is really harder than going to heaven to change.

Lao Hei took Ethan out of the room. After looking at Lin Yan’s room, he saw that Lin Yan was still asleep, so he didn’t wake her up.

Instead, I went to have breakfast with Ethan. During this period, about 30 people in the entire villa sat at the same table.

Seeing such a scene, Ethan couldn’t help being stunned for a moment, and then a little speechlessly said: “Your table is really big.”

Lao Hei shook his head helplessly, pulling Ethan to sit in the seat and waiting quietly.

Seeing that none of them had moved their chopsticks, Ethan sat upright and didn’t use his hands, but he was a little puzzled not knowing who they were waiting for.

Such doubts did not last long, as Sally walked up and sat on the main seat as she wore a pajamas and yawned.

Everyone stood up and bowed to Sally and said, “Boss, good morning!”

The voice was so neat as if it was said by the same person, Ethan sat in his seat and saw that Lao He had done it.

After hesitating for a while, he slowly got up, then looked at Sally with a serious expression and said solemnly, “Boss, good morning!”

Sally opened her eyes and looked at Ethan when she sat down, and saw everyone bending over and bowing, only he looked straight at herself and said good morning.

So I couldn’t help but chuckle and said, “Okay, let’s all sit down. So are you Norman Yan, sit down.”

Old Hei straightened up first and took the lead to sit down. Then everyone sat down and started eating.

Ethan was a little embarrassed and whispered to Lao Hei: “Are you going to show this to her every morning?”

Lao Hei turned his head to look at Ethan, then nodded, “Well, because she is our boss, here, she is like a king.”

Ethan nodded and ate breakfast quietly. After eating breakfast, Sally wiped the corners of her mouth and looked at Ethan and said, “Norman Yan, take me to the back garden and sit with me.”

Under the pressure of such an atmosphere, Ethan quickly got up and nodded to Sally and said: “Observe the queen, no, okay!”

Sally looked at Ethan in a daze. After hesitating for a while, she laughed and said, “Hahaha, amusing me to death, you are not my subordinate.”

Lao He couldn’t help but laugh at this moment, but he did not look up at Xiang Ethan.

Ethan shook his head helplessly and sighed, then followed Sally and said, “It’s not your whole set, it scared me.”

Sally chuckled twice when she heard these words and did not explain. Such rules have existed for a long time, and she has no need to explain.

After arriving in the back garden, someone soon delivered good black tea.

Sally picked up the cup and took a very ladylike sip, then narrowed her eyes and said, “Although I drink this thing after lunch, I like to drink it in the morning.”

Ethan lifted his cup and curled his mouth, then smashed his mouth after drinking it all, looking quite unfinished.

And Sally was amused by Ethan’s actions, but after laughing, she put down her cup and said in a flat tone: “Old Hei wrote a report on yesterday’s events and handed it to my room this morning. seen it already.”

Ethan nodded slightly and looked at Sally’s plain expression, thinking she didn’t take it seriously.

So he smiled and said, “If this is the case, what are you going to do?”

“Lin Yan stays with me and can’t go out for half a month. You have to keep a low profile for a while. You can’t show up for anything that happens next.”

After saying this, Sally sighed and looked at Ethan with a bit of bitterness, “You don’t even know how much trouble you have caused this time.”

Ethan reached out and took out the cigarette from his clothes, then looked at Sally with some questions.

After receiving Sally’s permission, he lit a cigarette and took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “No matter how much trouble I caused this time, things have already been done, and it is too late to regret.”

Sally shook her head helplessly when she heard Ethan’s words.

“Even so, can’t you be a little guilty, it’s a life.”

“Some people can be called people, but some people, I really don’t think they are people, do you know what I mean?”

Ethan laughed twice before smoking a cigarette and continuing: “Although things are a bit troublesome, I still don’t have any regrets when I think about it.”

Sally couldn’t do anything about Ethan’s attitude. After taking a sip of the black tea, she said in anger, “As a bargain, you have to find me another prescription!”

“Do you think that thing is wholesale, do you have it?”

“First I went through the wildfire, then the life-renewing needle, and then I checked the book for a long time before I found the name of the Jiuzhuan Pill. Why can’t I think you have other prescriptions?”

Never try to reason when a woman is shameless, because the more you talk, the more wrong you are!

Seeing the angry look in Sally’s eyes, Ethan couldn’t help flashing what the old black said to him last night.

The woman in front of me, in my heart, really likes me?

When this question was raised, Ethan unconsciously opened his mouth and said, “You didn’t lie to me because I was saving Lin Yan and caused such a big trouble?”


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