I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 725

Chapter 725 New City Situation (first more)

Two seemingly unrelated things caused a trace of doubt in Ning Kun’s heart.

While Ning Kun was tracking Chen Jingdao who was the one who killed Chen Minggang, the old black was looking at Lin Yan’s eyes and told her over and over again that Chen Minggang was killed by a rat to save her!

This method has been going on for almost two days, the purpose is to make Lin Yan believe that Chen Ming was the one who saved her just now!

Ethan stood outside the door, watching through the window that Lao Hei emphasized this sentence to Lin Yan over and over again.

With a confused expression, he said, “I said, is it necessary for you to do this?”

Sally stood beside Ethan with her arms folded, and said indifferently: “The reason for doing this is because I am worried that someone will use a polygraph to deal with her, so I let the old black strengthen her impression.”

After saying this, Sally turned her head to look at Ethan, took out a note from her body and handed it over and said, “Chen Jingdao, the old chairman of Newtown Group, is back. He is not a good person to deal with, especially now .”

Ethan took the note and looked at it. It was some information about Chen Jingdao, and there was also information about a young man named Ning Kun brought back by him.

To be honest, Chen Jingdao’s information is indeed a bit scary. It is not only what he did in the first half of his life, but also some information about him overseas.

The above said that he is currently very close to the overseas Norman Family. Because of this, the Xincheng Group under the name of Chen Jingdao can develop into a giant of the Beifu in just 20 years!

When he saw this, the pupils in Ethan’s eyes shrank, and he secretly said that he couldn’t understand Chen Daoming, and that the other side of his feelings was his opponent’s dogleg.

Sally looked at Ethan’s mouth with a smile, and said anxiously: “You can still laugh, this Chen Jingdao is a good man, do you know what you are facing?”

“Isn’t it just an old mad dog? What’s the big deal, I believe you can handle it!”

After saying this, Ethan shrugged, then walked to Sally’s office and sat down and continued, “How long will it take for me to return to the hospital and continue to work?”

Sally followed Ethan and walked into the office, looking at him with a leisurely look, a little helplessly said: “You asked for leave for ten days. After you go back, you will say that you are traveling, and I will do you well. Record of departure.”

When Ethan heard this, he looked at Sally in surprise and said, “You can fake this thing?”

Faced with Ethan’s question, Sally just sat down indifferently, then turned on the computer and faintly replied: “Anything in this world has a price. As long as you can afford it, you can do it.”

Standard businessman tone, but speaking from Sally’s mouth, Ethan had a strange feeling.

After being silent for a while, Ethan lay on the sofa and asked, “Will Lin’s family need me to make a call?”

After hearing this, Sally turned her head to look at Ethan and asked, “Have you said anything to the Lin family?”

Ethan shrugged, and then told Sally all the things he had communicated with the Lin family during this period.

After being silent for a while, Sally sighed helplessly at Ethan.

Then he called Lin’s house and told him to forget about Norman Yan’s friends.

The Lin family had never known where Lin Yan was from the beginning to the end, and they had never looked for anyone.

The family members have been arguing about whether to release the shares in the Xichunju project during this period, and they have no time to care about Lin Yan’s life and death.

After getting such an answer, Sally nodded in satisfaction before ending the call.

Then he looked at Ethan helplessly and said, “Now you don’t need to contact anyone, at least no one will contact you on this matter right now.”

After getting this answer, Ethan just gave a faint smile. After all, it was not only Mr. Lin, but also Mr. Lin Dong and his son who knew about this matter.

Ethan is so clear about their virtues, so if they want to harm themselves, they can also say it directly.

After taking a deep breath, Ethan got up and walked to the front of Lin Yan’s room, then pushed the door in.

Lao Hei, who was strengthening Lin Yan’s memory of that night, turned his head and glanced at Ethan after hearing the sound, then frowned and got up and left.

Only Lin Yan was sitting on the bedside with tears, and looked at Ethan helplessly.

After Lao Hei left, Ethan stepped forward to look at Lin Yan, but she suddenly plunged into Ethan’s arms.

“I’m afraid, what’s going on, what’s going on?”

Holding Lin Yan, who was crying in his arms, Ethan felt a pain in his heart and then talked about what happened in the past two days.

After learning these things, Lin Yan suddenly realized, then raised her head and looked at Ethan and said, “They won’t come to catch me again?”

To be honest, Ethan cannot rule out such a possibility.

An old man suddenly lost his son, without even leaving any blood for himself.

It is absolutely excusable for this man to become an old mad dog in an instant, and there is a message from Beifu, if anyone can catch the real culprit who killed Chen Minggang.

Chen Jingdao, an old mad dog, would give away Xincheng Group without hesitation for a moment.

It was this pressure that made Lao Hei strengthen Lin Yan’s memory over and over again, for fear of something wrong with her.

While Ethan was comforting Lin Yan, in Sally’s office, Old Hei was standing in front of Sally, shrugging his head dejectedly.

Looking at Old Hei’s appearance, Sally asked in disappointment: “How about what you were asked to do?”

Lao Hei said bitterly and respectfully: “Currently, the progress is okay, but there is still a lack of heat. I am worried that if we let her go back now, there will be problems.”

Sally looked at the report of the polygraph on the desktop for a while, and then sighed: “It can only be done this way. If I continue, I’m afraid she may not be able to hold it.”

After being silent for a while, Lao He looked at Sally and asked, “What’s the situation on Xincheng’s side and how is the plan going?”

“The second stage, after Lin Yan returns, you can start the third stage. I have let someone release the message that Chen Minggang died to save Lin Yan.”

After saying this, Sally hesitated for a while and then looked up at the old man and said, “So next, it depends on whether Lin Yan can persist.”

Old Hei also understands what he is doing. If Lin Yan has a little problem, then the whole plan will be wiped out!

Thinking of this, Lao He nodded silently, and suddenly felt a lot of pressure on himself.

At this moment, Sally received a phone call, and after a simple answer, she ended the call.

Then I watched a video sent over on the phone, which was a conversation between Norman Qingshu and Chen Minggang when they were sitting together for dinner.


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