I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 726

Chapter 726 Back Down (Second)

In the video, Norman Qingshu looked at Chen Minggang disdainfully and said that he was nothing more than a domestic slave. Which of the richest members of the North House did not have a history of hundreds of years? What qualifications does he have a 20-year-old upstart?

Looking at this video, Old Hei spoke to Sally with some doubts: “Well, what’s the use of this thing?”

Sally sneered and turned on the computer. At this moment, it was the video on her mobile phone that was playing on the computer.

Then Sally didn’t even look at Lao Hei and said, “This video is very useful. Norman Qingshu doesn’t want to carry the black pot this time, because it explains why the mouse has the courage to attack Chen Minggang.”

After saying this, Sally turned her head to look at Lao Hei and smiled and continued: “No matter what, the mouse is just a street gangster. What reason can he explain to Chen Minggang?”

The old black thoughts were quick, and he knew what his boss wanted to do with this video.

A gangster on the street dared to attack the heir of the Xincheng Group, so it must be because he has a bigger backer that he has such courage.

And in this Northern Mansion, the Xue family basically has few figures who can stand on the stage.

The Lin family’s words, except for Lin Nan, are a bit brainy, Lin Dong is simply a second generation ancestor who eats and waits to die, even more impossible!

Then the only thing left is that Norman Qingshu has this ability. After all, as the first heir of the Norman Family, Norman Qingshu definitely has the strength and ability to kill Chen Minggang, an upstart.

Moreover, in the video, Norman Qingshu looked at Chen Minggang’s disdain, and their conversation.

If this kidnapping case was really planned by Norman Qingshu, then after Chen Minggang broke this incident, he would definitely have the courage and reason to kill Chen Minggang.

Thinking of these things, Lao Hei looked at Sally with some admiration and said, “The boss is really clever, but what about the video of Norman Qingshu’s dinner with Lin Dong?”

Sally shrugged and backed up the video, and then handed it to Lao Hei and said: “The second generation ancestor of the Lin family was also responsible for this matter. He should bear it, he can’t run.”

Although the words were simple, Old Hei looked at Sally with a glimmer of cold light in his eyes, nodded and withdrew.

When he went out, Lao He happened to ran into Ethan who had just exited Lin Yan’s room, and saw him standing at the door for a while.

I couldn’t help but glanced at him unexpectedly, but left without saying anything.

Ethan had just heard their conversation in the office, and felt a little uneasy, because if he did so, many people would be involved.

After entering Sally’s office, she was drinking coffee leisurely, and then staring at the computer without knowing what she was looking at.

“Don’t you think you might ruin Lin Dong by doing this?”

Hearing Ethan’s voice, Sally turned her head in surprise and looked towards the door.

“Why did you come in? If this is my office, you don’t know how to knock on the door first.”

After rolling her eyes, Sally leaned back on her chair and looked at Ethan with a smile: “Lin Dong is one of the main people responsible for these things. Don’t you think he should bear his own responsibility?”

Ethan was silent for a while, Lin Dong was indeed a bastard, but Lin Yan regarded this bastard as his family.

“I also know that he should take responsibility, but if he does this, will the Lin family also become Chen Jingdao’s revenge object?”

Such worries are not impossible, think about Chen Jingdao has lived 72 years old, half of his body has entered the loess.

It’s hard to get old and get a son, but in the end, he died like this, and no one will stop there.

Sally shook her head and got up and walked to Ethan. She gradually put away the smile on her face and looked at Ethan coldly: “Everyone in this world has to be responsible for what choices they make. I am no exception!”

After saying this, Sally couldn’t help but sigh lightly when seeing a strange color flashing in Ethan’s eyes.

To extract Ethan completely from this matter, she still has a lot to do.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she really liked the man in front of her, Sally wouldn’t say anything to do such thankless things.

The reason Ethan asked for the prescription of Baihua Yulu Pills was just to vent his temper.

And Ethan looked at Sally with a serious look, lowered his head and shook his head, and then said: “I understand what you mean, maybe I am a little too greedy.”

Ethan is not a person who likes to care about others, and he doesn’t have any extra pity. He just thinks that even when Lin Yan is tied up, he has been trying to protect Lin Dong.

So I hope that Lin Dong will try not to intervene in this matter too deeply, so that the old mad dog Chen Jingdao is thinking about it.

After thinking of this, Ethan sighed and pointed to the sofa before sitting down, and then said, “Two or three days have passed since this incident. Why is it that nothing happened in the entire Beifu now?”

Sally lay on the sofa and looked at the ceiling above her head and smiled back: “Who do you think is keeping those mouths and eyes? Without us, would they dare to say anything?”

Ethan snorted when he heard this, saying that money is not everything, but enough money can make many people forget certain things consciously. This is not even a miracle.

“Suddenly, I feel that the children of the family are also very sad. Even if some things happen, they still have to pretend that they have not happened.”

Seeing Ethan’s sudden emotion, Sally chuckled twice and lowered her head and said lonely: “What is the difference between ordinary people? It’s not the same, but the things they encounter will not be as serious as they are now. “

Having said this, Sally took out a file from under the table, and then handed it to Ethan to continue: “Inside are the records of your travels over the past few days. You have to memorize it to prevent people from being questioned suddenly.”

After opening the file, Ethan looked at the stacked files and couldn’t help but laughed bitterly: “So many, all have to be memorized?”

The answer to him was Sally’s cold eyes: “Ning Kun is not a simple task. He graduated from the Hunter Academy and has a unique study of criminal investigation techniques.”

The information that Sally said were all under the old black, and she used some special methods to find out, that’s why she was so concerned.

And Jiang Haoguang knew that this Ning Kun was not an easy person when he heard the Hunter Academy. After all, the 97% elimination rate, people who can graduate from there are monsters.

After taking a deep breath, Ethan nodded, then looked at the file and replied: “I will memorize everything on this, don’t worry.”


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