I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 728-729

Chapter 728

“You don’t know where she is, so how does my son know where she is?!”

Hearing this answer, Chen Jingdao was obviously a little excited, and Ning Kun, who was standing behind him, quickly stepped forward to comfort him.

Then he looked at Mr. Lin embarrassedly and smiled at the frightened Lin Dong and said, “Sorry, Mr. Chen has been a bit tough during this time.”

After being silent for a while, Mr. Lin looked at Chen Jingdao and said, “I understand your current mood, but my Lin family is also a victim of this matter. Did you find the wrong place?”

Finally, Chen Jingdao took a cold look at Old Man Lin, and then motioned to Ning Kun to ask a question. He was only helping Ning Kun meet Lin Dong today.

Ning Kun noticed the look in Chen Jingdao’s eyes and nodded slightly, then coughed slightly to look at Lin Dong and said, “Do you know the person who kidnapped Miss Lin?”

When Lin Dong heard this, he turned his head and glanced at Mr. Lin, then nodded timidly and said: “I know, but it didn’t take long. I only knew that the other party was nicknamed Mouse.”

Hearing this nickname, Ning Kun couldn’t help frowning, and then continued to ask, “Are you sure it’s a mouse?”

Seeing that he didn’t believe in himself, Lin Dong was so anxious that he almost cried!

“I know I did something wrong this time, and I confessed to my old man. What reason do I have to lie to you?”

Ning Kun carefully observed Lin Dong’s expression, closed his eyes slightly and was silent for a while and then nodded: “Okay, sorry, I might have faulted you.”

After saying this, he leaned against Chen Jingdao’s ear and whispered: “Maybe the wrong person was really found this time. They should have nothing to do with this matter.”

After hearing Ning Kun’s words, Chen Jingdao turned his head and glanced at him, then nodded in silence for a while and said, “Okay, old friend, this may be my fault this time. If your granddaughter comes back, remember to tell me.”

Seeing Chen Jingdao getting up and planning to leave, Mr. Lin snorted in the wheelchair and said, “Okay, I will let her accept your interrogation by then, come and see you off!”

Immediately afterwards, Chen Jingdao and Ning Kun left the Lin family and stood on the road outside, and Ning Kun frowned in thought.

When the person who sent Chen Jingdao saw them out, he drove the car over and asked the two to get in the car.

After getting in the car, Ning Kun frowned and said, “I have heard this mouse during this period. It is said that it is a subordinate of Norman Qingshu, a young man from the Norman Family.”

“So you think it was the Norman Family who kidnapped Lin Yan, and then my son accidentally ran into him, so this is the murderer?”

Hearing Ning Kun’s words, Chen Jingdao sneered and continued: “This is absolutely impossible. I have a good relationship with the Norman Family overseas. The Norman Family in Beifu also has contacts with the Norman Family overseas.”

Ning Kun looked at Chen Jingdao’s disbelief and smiled and then shook his head: “Master, it’s not that I said you. You have a good relationship with overseas Norman Jiayi, but how do they think of you, don’t you know it?

Chen Jingdao fell silent after hearing Ning Kun’s words. Although others hadn’t said some things, he didn’t know.

The overseas Norman Family regards themselves as domestic slaves, which is fine, after all, it only took them twenty years to turn the Xincheng Group into a giant.

With such energy, Chen Jingdao has nothing to complain about even if he makes himself a slave.

It’s just that they have any reason to start with their son, he is only more than twenty years old.

Thinking of this, Chen Jingdao’s face showed a sad look.

Ning Kun lightly shook his head and said: “There is another thing I found during this period. The Norman Family had done an action against the Lin family before, trying to cut off the Lin family’s capital chain, but it failed.”

While speaking, Ning Kun talked to Chen Jingdao about the Norman Family’s previous incident against the Lin family, and confirmed that there was indeed a certain contradiction between the two sides.

After hearing this, Chen Jingdao closed his eyes and began to think.

After a while, he said in a hoarse voice, “Even so, he has no reason to kill me Ming Gang.”

Ning Kun saw him look stubborn, Norman silently shook his head and then simply stopped speaking. After all, the evidence on hand was not enough.

When both of them returned to the Xincheng Group, a security guard at the door stopped Ning Kun and then handed a package to his hand.

Looking at the package in his hand, Ning Kun asked a little strangely. After all, it was his first time in Beifu, and no one knew him.

The security guard didn’t know who brought it, but when he went to work, there was such a package in the office with Ning Kun’s name written on it.

Confused, Ning Kun opened the package after returning to the office, which contained only a small U disk.

Looking at the U disk in his hand, Ning Kun quickly brought it to the notebook shop and inserted it in.

The scene of Lin Dong having dinner with Norman Qingshu was shown inside, and the conversation between the two of them made Ning Kun couldn’t help but care about Norman Qingshu.

After watching the video, Ning Kun quickly showed Chen Jingdao ten bottles.

After he finished watching it, Ning Kun tentatively said, “Who do you think sent this video?”

Chen Jingdao closed his eyes slightly and was silent for a while, and then slowly said, “Even if I am eager to catch the murderer who killed Ming Gang, I can’t be a gunman for others. You go out first.”

Hearing this, Ning Kun nodded and left directly. He had already made up his mind to investigate this matter from Norman Qingshu.

When Ning Kun had just walked out of the office, Chen Jingdao opened his eyes and stared at Norman Qingshu in the video.

He gritted his teeth and muttered: “Norman Family, did you really do it?”

And at this moment, Norman Qingshu, who was wandering around in the office and reading a book, had no idea that he had been missed by the old mad dog Chen Jingdao.

While looking at the book in his hand, Norman Qingshu narrowed his eyes and listened to what Norman Wennian said next to him.

“Qing Shu, during this period of time, rumors about our Norman Family in Beifu suddenly increased. Didn’t you do anything behind my back?”

Norman Qingshu shook his head and replied: “I didn’t tell you what I did. Have you heard any rumors outside again?”

In fact, Norman Wennian really heard a lot of things outside, the most important of which is that someone actually said that Chen Minggang’s death was caused by Norman Qingshu.

If he kept it in the usual way, he would definitely not take it to heart, but now that Chen Jingdao, the old mad dog, is back, who knows what stupid things he will do after hearing this message?

We must know that although Xincheng Group is a nouveau riche, it also has a place in this Beifu right now. If you move a little bit, their Norman Family will not feel good.

Because of this, Norman Wennian was a little worried about whether his son would really have something to do with Chen Minggang’s death.


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