I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 730

Chapter 730 Lin Yan’s Return (Second)

Early the next morning, the prepared old black knocked on Lin Yan’s door.

Seeing Lin Yan sitting on the bed with her legs in her arms and looking forward with a dull expression, Old Hei sighed and walked over.

“Clean up, take you home today, remember what I taught you.”

Lin Yan turned her head and looked at Lao He in a daze, as if she hadn’t recovered yet, her eyes were out of focus.

Old Hei frowned when he saw Lin Yan’s appearance, and then continued to speak: “I said you get up, the time is almost up, I will take you home and remember what I taught you.”

Lin Yan came back to her senses after being yelled by the old black, and then only nodded and got up after getting dressed.

Ethan got up early in the morning, then walked to the door of Lin Yan’s room and watched her walk out behind Lao Hei.

So he chuckled and looked at Lin Yan and said, “It’s okay, everything will pass.”

Lin Yan looked at Ethan and nodded bitterly, then turned to look at Lao Hei and then suddenly stepped forward and hugged Ethan.

Lao Hei looked at Lin Yan with a sigh and shook his head, and walked away helplessly, leaving only Ethan and Lin Yan in a hug.

Sally, who was sitting in the office watching the surveillance, bit her finger secretly and looked very upset when she saw this scene.

“If it weren’t for Norman Yan’s sake, I wouldn’t bother to care about you as a evil spirit!”

The old black who walked to the office shook his head dumbfoundedly when he heard this, and then stepped forward to salute Sally and said, “Everything is still according to the original plan?”

Sally nodded slightly and finally took her gaze back from the monitor, then nodded and said in a deep voice, “Yes, send Lin Yan back today, don’t say anything.”

Lao Hei nodded and said, “I know, if someone asks, I will directly ask the other person to talk to you.”

Sally looked at Old Hei with a weird smile and said, “It’s time for this video to appear, and this scene will really be exciting.”

After the two laughed, Old Hei cleaned up and got up and walked out of Sally’s office.

Seeing Ethan whispering while holding Lin Yan, he walked up and said helplessly: “I said you two are still going to end, this matter hasn’t passed yet, can you feel a little nervous?”

After hearing these words, Lin Yan quickly withdrew from Ethan’s embrace, and then stood beside Old Hei with her head down properly.

It’s hard to imagine how Lao Hei could turn Lin Yan into what he is now, the whole being a solemn servant.

Ethan felt a little distressed when he saw Lin Yan like this, but he also knew that there was no alternative.

Because if Lin Yan only needs to show her feet a little bit, the whole thing will be lost.

After looking up at Lao Hei’s somewhat teasing expression, Ethan shook his head and sighed: “Lin Yan, I will leave it to you. I must send her home safely and don’t make her too nervous.”

She always smiled and did not answer, but turned and left with Lin Yan.

Sally, who came out of the office, stood at the door of the villa, seeing Ethan reluctantly watching the old black drive Lin Yan away.

So some aggrieved mouths said, “I’m so reluctant, why don’t you go with me? What are you doing with me?”

Ethan turned his head and followed the voice, and saw that Sally was leaning against the door with her arms folded, her lips curled unhappy.

So he stepped forward and smiled and said, “Okay, I’m just a little worried. After all, the success or failure of this matter lies in Lin Yan’s body.”

Sally shook her head slightly, then turned around and said while walking: “Okay, don’t worry about this matter to the old man. To be precise, I am the last insurance here.”

After saying this, Sally stopped, then turned around and looked at Ethan and said: “Come in, I will check the files for you, how are you memorizing now.”

Ethan shrugged and walked into the office behind Sally, then sat on the sofa with a grin and smiled, “I don’t think Chen Jingdao and Ning Kun will look at me.”

Sally heard the words and looked at Ethan with some sympathy and said, “Of course, you are just a little famous in this Beifu after all. Who can think of you?”

“Hey, hey, this is a bit too much!”

Ethan, who was quite dissatisfied, rolled his eyes at Sally, took out the file, and then threw it on the table to pass through: “I have memorized the whole book, just ask it casually.”

Sally picked up the file and looked at Ethan in disbelief, although she asked Ethan to memorize it all.

But so much time, place, where to go, what has been done, etc. It is not easy to memorize all the miscellaneous things.

So after hesitating for a while, Sally opened the file and asked, “What are you doing at 3:30 the day before yesterday?”

“I saw the maple tree in Red Valley, because the most famous place there is the maple tree. During the period, I met four or five patients who knew me.”

“Last night at six o’clock, what did you do?”

“I took a shower, and then went to the bar for a drink. During the period, I met a beauty who was 80 minutes old, but unfortunately, I didn’t like her.”

After saying this, Ethan raised his eyebrows at Sally with some pride.

Unbelieving Sally picked up more than a dozen questions and asked them in a row, confirming that Ethan had indeed memorized the entire book.

So looked at Ethan with some horror: “Your memory is simply a monster, how did you do so many things?”

Ethan triumphantly took the notebook in Sally’s hand, then smiled back and said, “Because I am a legendary genius, so I can do it, but you can’t, hahaha.”

Regarding Ethan’s show off, Sally really had no other choice but to express her indignation.

On the other hand, after receiving the message that Lin Yan had returned to Lin’s house, Ning Kun ran to the president’s office without saying a word, and then reported it to Chen Jingdao.

Soon people in the entire Beifu learned about the return of Lin Yan, the central figure of the whole thing.

For a while, everyone couldn’t help feeling a little nervous. The closer they were to the truth, the more they felt depressed.

And Chen Jingdao didn’t move much after learning about this, and everything seemed to happen naturally.

Even Ning Kun felt something was wrong, why did things go so smoothly?

But those who should ask have to ask. After obtaining Chen Jingdao’s consent, Ning Kun entered the Lin family in the name of Chen Jingdao.

He wanted to ask what happened that night, but when he had just entered Lin’s house, Lin Yan was sitting on the table, eating and drinking like a starving ghost.

Elder Lin next to him looked at Lin Yan distressedly, even with faint tears in his eyes!


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