I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 731

Chapter 731 Dangerous Smell (third more)

After finally waiting for Lin Yan to finish eating, Old Man Lin looked at the wound on Lin Yan’s body that was not well-developed.

After hesitating slightly, he couldn’t help but say, “What the hell is going on, where have you been all this time?”

Lin Dong, who was sitting at the table together, was a little bit afraid to look at Lin Yan, lowered his head slightly and did not dare to speak, for fear of being given a lesson by Mr. Lin.

After eating and drinking, Lin Yan glanced at Lin Dong, and then looked up at Old Lin and said, “After I escaped, I went to find Sally, she is my best friend.”

Lao Hei sat aside and nodded slightly, looking at Old Man Lin with a cold expression, and said, “Ms. Lin was not in good health when she first came, so we didn’t send it over immediately.”

Elder Lin nodded to express his understanding and then asked: “Who rescued you? We already know who tied you up, but who rescued you?”

Hearing this question, both Lin Yan and Lao Hei’s hearts were tight, and the next most important question was this question.

After a short silence, Lin Yan said in a crying voice: “It was Chen Minggang who rescued me, but unfortunately, after being tortured for a while, he accidentally fell downstairs and died.”

After taking a deep breath, Old Man Lin sighed and looked at Lin Yan, not knowing what to say for a while.

But his eyes coldly looked at Lin Dong who was sitting aside: “Don’t you think you should say something at this time?”

As soon as Lin Dong heard this, he knelt down, then slapped himself in the face and cried: “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t instruct someone to kidnap you, these are my faults.”

Lin Yan looked at Lin Dong coldly, a deep disappointment flashed in her eyes, but after all, she was still cruel.

So he had to stand up, shook his head, and left, and Old Man Lin looked at Lin Dong with disappointment in his eyes.

“After all, you and Yan’er are both a family, why do you need to do this.”

After saying this, Old Man Lin planned to leave, while Old Hei sat and looked at the time, seemingly waiting for something.

On the other side, Chen Jingdao immediately took Ning Kun to visit after receiving Lin Yan’s return.

But he was stopped by Old Man Lin, saying that Lin Yan had just returned and was not in good spirits.

Faced with such a situation, although Chen Jingdao was determined to break through, Old Man Lin was not an easy person, so he had to wait.

While Chen Jingdao was waiting, Lao Hei stepped forward to watch Chen Jingdao salute, and then said, “Excuse me, Mr. Chen, right?”

Chen Jingdao and Ning Kun looked at each other, nodded slightly, and asked with some confusion, “Are you?”

“I am the bodyguard of Miss Sally of Tianzhu Villa. Our lady said that if I see you, let me invite you to the villa. She has something for you.”

Hearing this, Ning Kun frowned and thought for a moment, and then whispered something in Chen Jingdao’s ear.

Then he got up and looked at Lao Hei calmly and said, “I’ll go with you, I can represent Mr. Chen with full authority in Beifu.”

After hearing Ning Kun’s words, Lao Hei just nodded. Although he said so, Chen Jingdao had to nod his head to count.

After Chen Jingdao was silent for a while, he nodded hesitantly and said, “Go, he can act on my behalf, with full authority.”

Hearing this, Lao Hei looked at Chen Jingdao and smiled, and the two of them walked out laughing and talking.

But as soon as he walked out of the door, Ning Kun looked suspiciously at Lao Hei and asked, “Why didn’t you report the case immediately when you received Miss Lin, or sent her back?”

Lao Hei looked at Ning Kun with a sarcasm smile at the corner of his mouth and said, “Perhaps there is something you have made a mistake. We haven’t made friends with any family in Beifu, and don’t want to offend any family.”

“Do you think you are in Beifu right now, you can still be alone?”

After getting in the car, Lao Hei fastened his seat belt, and said flatly, “Because your family is too small for communication, do you understand what I mean?”

When Ning Kun heard this, he looked at Lao He with disbelief. This was the first person to say that the Beifu family was small.

Ning Kun, who hadn’t been in Beifu for many years, couldn’t help but look at the old black with some suspicion, as if confirming that what the other party said was true or false.

On the other hand, Lao He was completely unafraid of Ning Kun’s inquisitive expression. He smiled slightly and said, “Don’t believe it, you will know when you see our boss.”

I don’t know when, Tianzhu Villa suddenly received many visitors.

When Lao Hei took Ning Kun out of the car, Ning Kun, like Ethan, was shocked by Tianzhu Villa.

How much does it cost to build a villa of this size on the highest mountain in Beifu?

After entering the villa, seeing people wearing black suits patrolling everywhere, Ning Kun couldn’t help but agree with Old Hei’s words.

But when did there be such a mysterious big figure in Beifu, and it has something to do with the Lin family!

With these questions in mind, Ning Kun who followed Lao Hei couldn’t help thinking, until a knock on the door awakened him from his thoughts.

After Old Hei opened the door of Sally’s office, Sally was sitting at her desk, looking down and writing something.

He looked up and nodded slightly, then looked at Ning Kun pretendingly, “Who is this?”

Before Ning Kun could introduce himself in the future, Lao Hei lowered his head and said, “This is the person next to Mr. Chen, who can be the master for Mr. Chen.”

After hearing this, Lin Yan nodded calmly, and then waved for Lao Hei to go down.

After Lao Hei left, Sally took a closer look at Ning Kun and then suddenly smiled: “You are Ning Kun? Well, it looks a bit lean.”

After saying this, Sally got up and pointed to the sofa and smiled: “Sit down, you can wait a while, Lao Hei is going to get what I prepared.”

Although Sally looked plain when she spoke, she still had a slight smile on her face.

But for some reason, Ning Kun could always smell a hint of danger in her body, as if the bottom of the biological chain had seen the high.

Although Sally was only twenty years old, there seemed to be a trace of invisible pressure on her, which made Ning Kun become a little more cautious.

Facing Lao Hei Ning Kun might be able to ask questions in a relaxed manner, because he was used to seeing people like Lao Hei.

But facing Sally, he didn’t dare to be as casual as the old black.

He had only experienced this feeling in one person, and that was Norman Tianyang, and even Chen Jingdao had never given him such a feeling.

Thinking of this, Ning Kun couldn’t help but see a trace of cold sweat on his forehead.

But Sally didn’t seem to notice anything. After watching Ning Kun smiled, she still held the tablet calmly and didn’t know what she was looking at.


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