I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 736

Chapter 736 Chessboard (fourth more)

Norman Wennian looked at him and sighed, “I believe it was not you who did it, but the problem is that if they walked out of this door, it was not what you did and became what you did.”

After saying this, Norman Wennian turned around and left with a tired body.

Norman Qingshu stared at his back for a moment, and muttered to himself: “I didn’t do it and it became mine?”

Looking at his stunned expression, it seemed that he still hadn’t reacted, and at this time the sky in Beifu had changed.

One-third of the people who worked with the Norman Family evacuated overnight, which directly dealt a heavy blow to the Norman Family!

Norman Wennian looked helplessly at the bill on his hand, and couldn’t cry for a while, forced to tell Norman Tianyang what had happened here.

After learning about this, Norman Tianyang asked Chen Jingdao again, only one answer was obtained.

He is already a person who has mostly fallen into the loess, and his own son is gone. Whoever wants to take it away from the company.

At this moment, Chen Jingdao became a little more carefree about everything in the world, and Xincheng Group was handed over to Ning Kun as scheduled.

At this time, in Tianzhu Villa, Sally was looking at the computer with satisfaction.

The scene above was exactly what happened in the Norman Family before, and Lao Hei was standing respectfully at Sally’s desk.

“Old Hei, you did a good job this time. Look, the Norman Family guesses you can’t cry now, right?”

Saying this, Sally also laughed sweetly: “It’s been a long time since I was so happy. This is the first time I have been so happy in Beifu.”

Old Hei looked at his boss happy, and he also laughed.

But after laughing, Lao He hesitated and said, “Well, boss, have we done a little too much this time?”

After saying this, Lao Hei continued to speak: “I heard that the overseas Norman Family has also paid attention to this matter, and even asked Chen Jingdao.”

Sally closed the video after listening, then leaned on the chair and crossed her arms and looked at the old black.

“Don’t worry, everything has been taken care of. Even if you know the truth, some things will not make sense after they happen.”

Saying this, Sally got up and walked out of the office, and Old Black hurriedly followed Sally after seeing this.

“But boss, if this matter were to be known, we would have broken our promise.”

Sally leaned on the balcony railing and turned to look at the old black. After smiling, she said, “Our promise is not to intervene in all disputes in Beifu. So, are we involved in the dispute this time?”

Lao He hesitated for a moment and suddenly remembered a sentence, in this world, you should never reason with women, neither can girls!

After being silent for a while, Lao Hei shook his head and chose to completely forget this matter!

Sally looked at the old black and smiled in satisfaction and nodded: “That’s right, some things don’t need to be so serious, no one knows that we are enough to take action.”

After saying this, Sally took out her mobile phone, Yuzai, and pressed a phone number to continue: “Furthermore, the last time we intervened in the Norman Family’s affairs with the Lin family, we broke the contract.”

Immediately Sally called, and Lao Hei stood behind her and mumbled: “That time was different, that time was because someone traded with us.”

Sally turned her head and stared at Lao He fiercely, and then Lao He hurriedly left.

But Sally chuckled slightly and told Ethan what had happened to the Norman Family.

After learning of what happened to the Norman Family, Ethan couldn’t help laughing. He had been back to the hospital for some time.

However, the difference from the previous calculation is that no one came to trouble him after he returned to the hospital, and no one came to question him.

Ethan once asked Sally about this, but after Sally smiled, she declined. She didn’t know what she was hiding Ethan.

Ethan chose to forget about this problem. After all, he also felt the difference in Sally’s identity, and Ethan felt it was no good to intervene in her too much.

After Sally notified Ethan of what had happened to the Norman Family, she instructed Ethan to visit Lin Yan at the Lin family.

If he goes now, no one will doubt him as a doctor, not to mention that he has become a famous genius doctor in Beifu now.

After notifying Ethan, Sally picked up the phone again and called another person.

The phone just rang twice, and the words were connected, and then he said in a deep voice, “Miss, hello.”

Sally smiled and said, “Ning Kun? When did you change to this name?”

“When I first entered the academy about eight years ago, the master gave me a name.”

“I didn’t expect to see you here, how is it, things at home are all right?”

Ning Kun, who was sitting in the office, shook his head and meditated, “There are a lot of fish scattered in the house. Master has ordered that we fish can only swim outside without your instructions.”

Sally nodded and fell silent. After a while, she said softly: “Then do you know how many fishes have been released this time?”

“It seems to be five or eight, I am not very clear.”

After saying this, Ning Kun was silent for a while and shook his head: “I have something to ask the eldest lady. The mission in the nest requires me to lock down and find someone here. Can you help?”

Sally was silent for a while and then nodded: “Target, age, identity, name.”

“Buckeye, 22 to 23 years old, heir to the Norman Family, Eric Norman, should be Ethan now.”

Hearing this, Sally couldn’t help but widened her eyes and exclaimed, “Impossible! Is there anyone in the Norman Family who survived?”

Ning Kun gave a wry smile on the phone and then shook his head: “This incident is a message from Norman Tianyang. It is said that Shang Dian was also born and was integrated by the target.”

When Sally heard this message, she couldn’t help feeling a little lost.

Ning Kun didn’t hear her for a long time, so he spoke softly: “Hello? Miss? Are you still there?”

Sally, who was awakened by Ning Kun, quickly said, “Well, I’m here. I’ll write down this matter. Are there any photos?”

Ning Kun nodded and turned on the computer to speak to the phone, “Yes, wait a minute, Miss, I will pass it to you now.”

After returning to the office quickly, Sally sat in front of the computer and waited quietly.

After looking at the photo, a blur in her eyes flashed to the phone and said: “This kid is a little handsome.”

Sally smiled and ended the call, and then she took her cellphone into a deep thought.

The reason why Ning Kun calls himself a fish is because fish always lurks in the sea.

Sally did not expect that the elite cultivated by her family would eventually become a fish in the sea and swim to her side.

Thinking of this, she raised her head and looked at the sky and muttered, “Grandpa, how much did you play in this game of chess?”


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