I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 740

Chapter 740 Disgusting (fourth more)

Lin Dong also felt a little irritated at this time. Just when he was about to attack, Lin Nan stepped forward.

First glanced at his son coldly, and then said to Ethan: “Why are you here, do you have an invitation?”

Ethan snorted after hearing this, and when he was about to answer, he saw that Lin Nan didn’t give him a chance to speak.

Instead he shouted directly: “Come here, get me out of this person who came in, why do you put everything inside? What do people outside eat?”

Lin Yan was about to step forward to help when she heard this, but saw Sally slowly stood up, and then came over with Lao Hei.

At the same time, he said, “Oh, I didn’t see that Mr. Lin has a very big temper. I invited this one. Do you have any comments?”

To Sally, no one in the entire Beifu would dare to say anything, so Lin Nan quickly smiled and said, “No, no, no, since it is Miss Sally’s friend, how dare I have any opinions.”

The implication is that it’s not that Sally’s friend may have a big opinion!

Sally obviously understood this, so she watched Lin Nan chuckled and shook her head: “Well, Mr. Lin is really a noble person, since then I won’t bother.”

Saying that the book is about to leave, Ethan quickly stood up and said, “Don’t don’t, I’ll go back for Miss Lin later, let’s eat something first.”

Sally glanced at Ethan coquettishly, and then said: “Since this is the case, accompany me to have a couple of drinks, you can’t be without you.”

Lao Hei also looked at Ethan and nodded, waiting to walk to the table where Sally was sitting.

Sally looked at Ethan and couldn’t help but smile and said, “Come on when you come. Why are you making such a big noise? Look at what those people think of you.”

Ethan nonchalantly picked up a piece of cake and ate it, then wiped the corners of his mouth and smiled: “Why don’t you care about them, what do I have to do with them when I live? Saying that you were quite temperamental just now.”

“Which aspect do you mean?”

After saying this, Sally looked at Ethan with a strange color in her eyes and said, “Do you mean I reprimanded Lin Nan, or when I was on stage?”

Ethan laughed loudly, then exchanged a sly smile with Sally, but didn’t say anything.

Sally was so angry that she gritted her teeth and snorted, then she looked at Ning Kun, who was standing behind Chen Jingdao in a proper manner, and smiled: “Just to introduce you to someone today.”

Ethan followed Sally’s eyes and looked at it, and then said strangely, “Ning Kun? Tell me what he is doing, I should avoid him now, right?”

At first, Sally thought that Ning Kun was someone else, so when she first planned to frame the Norman Family, she was a little worried that Ning Kun found Ethan.

But after learning that Ning Kun was the fish that his grandfather sprinkled, he stopped being so evasive. It was his family anyway.

So after hearing Ethan’s words at this moment, Sally chuckled and said, “Don’t worry, since I introduced him to you, it proves that there is no danger.”

After saying this, Sally looked at Ethan with some dissatisfaction and said, “Will I still harm you?”

Ethan made a haha, then looked at Ning Kun curiously and said, “Since this is the case, please introduce me to him. He is a hot new star now. There are many people in Beifu who want to have a good relationship with him. ?”

Sally nodded slightly, then pointed at Ning Kun, and Old Hei slowly walked over.

“Xincheng Group controls 40% of Beifu’s real estate business. Now that he inherits the Xincheng Group, he is naturally a hot dark horse.”

After saying this, Sally became a little proud. Everyone in her family is always a dragon and phoenix no matter where they go!

After Ethan lowered his head and smiled, he watched Lao Hei whisper a few words in Ning Kun’s ear.

Then Ning Kun leaned over and spoke to Old Man Chen Jingdao, and then walked over behind Old Hei.

Sally looked at Ning Kun and smiled. She picked up her wine glass and touched him before she said, “Sit down and introduce a friend to meet you.”

Ning Kun smiled and nodded and sat down, then looked at Ethan and smiled, “Will this be the friend you want to introduce, doctor Norman YanNorman?”

Hearing this, Ethan stopped the movement of his hand, then wiped his hand and stretched out to Ning Kun, “Hello, this seems to be the first time we met, how did you know me?”

Ning Kun didn’t mind Ethan’s slightly greasy hand, and he reached out and shook it before hearing this.

So he smiled and said, “Norman Yan, a new genius doctor in Beifu, has turned the Chinese medicine hospital into the No.1 Chinese Medicine Hospital of Beifu within half a year after entering the Beifu Chinese Medicine Hospital.”

Having said that, he shrugged and continued: “I have to say that you are not small, no wonder you are so valued by the young lady.”

Ethan smiled and looked at Ning Kun, and immediately suppressed it as soon as he came up. It seemed that the other party seemed to be unkind.

After he pondered for a moment, Ethan lowered his head while eating and laughed: “Ning Kun, the 142nd student of the Hunter Academy, is especially good at criminal investigation methods. The sign is very bright!

It was a tie between the two of them. Ning Kun looked at Ethan and raised his eyebrows, as if he felt that Ethan was not a fuel-efficient lamp.

“Perhaps I have misunderstood you from what people said before, but I didn’t see that you seem to like to play some tricks.”

Ethan looked at Ning Kun and smiled, and then replied: “Each each other.”

Sally looked at the tit-for-tat between the two, and finally couldn’t help laughing.

Then he said with a smile: “You two are so funny. If I don’t say anything, do you plan to continue to tell each other like this?”

Ethan touched his nose, and seemed to feel a little strange, why he couldn’t understand Ning Kun so much.

Ning Kun’s reaction was similar to that of Ethan. He also gave a bitter smile, and then said, “Perhaps men always want to express themselves better in front of women.”

Hearing this, Ethan raised his eyebrows and said, “Then maybe I am a little different. I prefer to belittle myself. After all, my character is humble!”

“Then you were really “modest” in front of everyone just now, didn’t you? “

After saying this, Ning Kun raised the cup in his hand and handed it to Ethan and said, “Anyway, you are quite to my appetite.”

Seeing that the other party took the initiative to show his favor, Ethan was not stingy. He opened a bottle of red wine and touched Ning Kun’s cup and drank it in one gulp!

Then he put down the bottle in his hand and belched: “Although I am honored, I have to say that it is a bit disgusting to be said by a man that it suits my appetite.”

Sally sat on the side hearing this, and for a moment she fell back and laughed.


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