I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 744

Chapter 744 Fire (fourth)

There was a faint smell of tobacco in the room, and Ethan had a lot of stubble on his chin because he hadn’t taken care of him in the past few days.

Seeing Dean Jiao’s concerned eyes, Ethan was silent for a while and then smiled bitterly: “It’s nothing, it’s just a bad mood.”

Dean Jiao took a deep breath and spit out the smoke: “You continue to pretend to be with me. Do you think I don’t know the little nine in your heart?”

After saying this, Dean Jiao hesitated for a while and said, “Did you become like this because of the affairs between Linda, the elder of the Xue family, and Norman Qingshu, the elder of the Norman Family?”

Ethan looked at Dean Jiao in surprise, as if he had met him for the first time. It turned out that he was not the same as he had met when he first met.

All day long, I only know that I care about the ranking of the hospital, the development of the hospital, and nothing else.

When Dean Jiao noticed the surprise in Ethan’s eyes, he smiled bitterly and shook his head and said, “Do you think this dean is so easy to do? If I don’t know what you are thinking, what qualifications do you have to be this dean? .”

After taking a deep breath, Dean Jiao patted Ethan on the shoulder, and then sighed, “Give up, you are not worthy of others, is it not enough for you to have a Miss Lin family?”

Ethan looked at Dean Jiao helplessly for a while and said, “Miss Lin Family, Lin Yan doesn’t have much to do with me, okay, just friends.”

After saying this, he sighed deeply, and he couldn’t help but feel a little worried about Linda’s affairs.

After hesitating for a while, Ethan tentatively asked, “How did you know that I was uncomfortable because of Miss Xue’s family?”

After hearing this, Dean Jiao sneered, and looked at Ethan disdainfully, as if he thought the other party looked down on him.

“You kid is still the Miss Xue family that I brought to see. Do you think I don’t know what’s in your heart?”

While talking, Dean Jiao sighed, and then continued to speak: “I thought you were just thinking about it. After all, we people are not on the same level as them.”

Ethan shook his head helplessly after hearing this. The identity thing seemed to be a brand.

What kind of identity should be hung on what kind of table, and what kind of person is worthy of being with, these seem to be unspoken rules recognized by the world.

But if Ethan wasn’t for hiding his true identity, is there any point that he is not worthy of Linda.

Even if he hides his true identity, is Norman Qingshu, a young man in the Norman Family, really better than himself, isn’t it?

Thinking of this, there were some disagreements in the expressions of Dean Ethan, but he didn’t expect Dean Jiao to seem to be used to it.

He watched Ethan shook his head and cleared the table, then put the rest of the wine back and said, “Believe it or not, you should give up on this matter, you have no chance.”

Ethan took a deep breath and looked at the back of Dean Jiao leaving. He didn’t feel that he was not worthy of Linda, let alone that Norman Qingshu had the qualifications to be worthy of Linda!

He must intervene in this matter, and he must not let Linda marry Norman Qingshu just like that!

Thinking of this, Ethan hesitated for a while and took out his mobile phone to call Sally, and after an appointment, he quickly cleaned up.

I took a shower, changed my clothes, and shaved off the stubble by the way.

After making sure to pack decently, Ethan took a taxi to the door of Tianzhu Villa. Old Hei was standing quietly at the door waiting for Ethan.

After seeing Ethan coming, he took off the sunglasses he was wearing on his face, smiled and greeted him, then hugged Ethan and said, “You are here, why do you dress so formal?”

Having said this, he continued to speak as he walked forward: “The boss is going crazy during this time. The prescription you took out last time has passed our experiment and it is simply a beauty product!”

Ethan looked at Lao He with some doubts, but didn’t realize for a moment what prescription he was talking about.

After entering the office, looking at Sally who was on the phone, she woke up when she heard the name Baihua Yuluwan in her mouth.

Then she sat down with a wry smile and waited for Sally to finish the call. After about five minutes, Sally ended the call and walked to the sofa and sat down.

Then he looked at Ethan with a look of excitement and said, “You know, it may take a long time for that prescription to make three billion dollars, but the prescription you gave me later is a rich weapon!”

Ethan curled his mouth and shook his head, “It’s just a beauty prescription. Does it make you so excited?”

After hearing this, Sally looked at Ethan in surprise and said, “That’s it? Do you think you are using it properly? That’s a sacred beauty product. We have clinically tested its efficacy. It’s amazing!”

After saying this, she took out a folder from behind, then opened it and threw it in front of Ethan, pointing to it and saying, “Look for yourself, this is the clinical trial we have done during this time.”

Ethan picked up the folder and looked at it carefully while listening to Sally’s introduction.

“We used five girls in Trial One, and they each had some minor ailments, basically acne.”

Ethan nodded and looked at the frontal nude photos of the five girls in the folder, then twitched the corners of his mouth and replied, “I said you are really serious. Where did you find the girl?”

Sally nodded a bit and then said: “Indeed, their situation is already very serious. One of the girls who used cosmetics for a long time made it worse.”

Having said this, Sally reached out and turned the folder back one page, and then pointed to the five photos on it.

In an incredible tone, he said, “But after they took the medicine, they had such an amazing effect in less than a week, can you believe it?”

Although before giving Sally the prescription, Ethan hesitated whether it would be too shocking.

After all, Shangdian has never produced a product, and if it is targeted by some caring people, it may cause unnecessary trouble.

But then he couldn’t stand up to deal with Sally who was playing tricks at the time, so he gave this prescription out with the idea of ​​trying it.

As a result, even he never expected that this prescription would have such a big impact.

Thinking of this, Ethan couldn’t help but see a bean-sized cold sweat on his forehead and said, “This, isn’t it true?”

The excited Sally didn’t notice Ethan’s fault, and she still said, “Isn’t it true? Are you questioning me? Believe me, this medicine will definitely catch fire next!”


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