I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 747

Chapter 747 I want you to marry me (third)

While Sally was planning for Ning Kun’s target person, the Xue family also delivered the invitation as promised.

Old Black hesitated holding the invitation card in his hand, and after asking Sally, he got only one answer.

“He is already an adult, so he should be responsible for his words and deeds. Give him the invitation. I believe he will make a smart choice.”

Hearing this, Lao Hei also understood what his boss meant, so he just hesitated a little and forwarded the invitation to Ethan.

Looking at the days on the invitation, Ethan closed his eyes and meditated for a moment, then decided.

This time either the Xue family could not hold the engagement banquet as scheduled, or Norman Qingshu was beaten to the point where he could not take care of himself!

Anyway, I’m going to die this time, just make the noise bigger, the better.

Since Norman Qingshu insists on marrying someone he shouldn’t marry, don’t blame him Ethan for being cruel!

Time slowly passed. Three days later, in Xuejia Bieyuan, Ethan put an invitation card in his hand and put on a slightly more formal suit and walked in with a gift in his hand.

Because there were too many people going in, the people outside the door just checked, and would stop them if there were no invitations, which made Ethan get in.

Looking at the men and women in the yard with joy on their faces, it seems that both the Norman Family and the Xue family are very satisfied with this marriage.

For a while, Ethan’s heart became a little mixed, especially when she thought that Linda had lost her memory, would she still remember herself?

In other words, would she blame herself for disrupting her wedding reception?

After shook his head, Ethan put all these thoughts away and sat at the table in the corner quietly waiting for Norman Qingshu’s arrival.

Perhaps because of time, Norman Qingshu came a little late.

Just after he walked into the Bieyuan, many people hurriedly got together and congratulated Norman Qingshu and so on.

No matter how much trouble the Norman Family has encountered before, the Norman Family is still the Norman Family to them after all, and this will not change.

As the sole heir of the Norman Family in Beifu, Norman Qingshu’s identity is still as expensive as before.

The most important thing is that they are not fools. The combination of the Xue family and the Norman Family will make the strength of the two families grow by leaps and bounds in the future.

These people will follow the two families to make some bargains, so can they not curry favor with Norman Qingshu?

And Norman Qingshu obviously also knows what these people are thinking, even though they say it nicely, it is nothing more than benefit.

Merchants are a group of beasts chasing benefits. If they have the same benefits for so long, they can cooperate for so long, if not, then they will die.

For Norman Qingshu, these people are also a group of fat sheep waiting to be slaughtered. If necessary, he doesn’t mind scouring them slowly one by one.

After all, the reason why the Norman Family has been able to maintain the name of the first family in the Beifu is not based on a good man and a believer, but on the strength of an iron strike!

After a brief greeting, Ethan saw Xue Chongli, who represented the old man Xue, come out, his face looking at Norman Qingshu was neither salty nor light.

After a brief talk, she asked Linda to walk out. She was wearing a big red cheongsam, which set off her beautiful figure.

Norman Qingshu originally wanted to marry him no matter what the other party looked like. Anyway, he was only for the business of the Xue family.

In the end, he didn’t expect that Linda’s appearance would not lose to Lin Yan, so there was a fire in his heart, and even the shame of being retired by the Lin family was put down.

There was even a wave of pride in his heart. What if Lin Yan retires, he marries another illegitimate daughter, his appearance is no less than Lin Yan!

Thinking of this, Norman Qingshu’s eyes looked at Linda even more eager.

Xue Chongli, who was standing on the side, was also aware of it, so he coughed lightly and then said: “Today, Mrs. Xue and the old lady were both unwell, so they didn’t come out. I will take care of everything here.”

After hearing this, Norman Qingshu nodded to Xue Chongli. No matter what, the other party is the host today, so Norman Qingshu is very generous.

With a light stroke, a thin red envelope came out and passed it to Xue Chongli’s hand.

“A trivial gift is not a respect, here is a check for 200,000 yuan, but housekeeper Xue takes care of it.”

While saying this, Norman Qingshu glanced at Linda, and the meaning was self-evident.

Xue Chongli deliberately wanted to smash the red envelope on Norman Qingshu’s face, but after several hesitations, he had no choice but to put it away.

He knew what the consequences would be if he did this, and he knew that even if he was dissatisfied with Norman Qingshu on such an occasion, he could only hold back. This was the face of the family.

No matter how dirty the back is, you can’t dirty the facade. If you have face, you have to have a lining, and if you can’t hold your face, you have to keep it.

This is also the reason why neither Old Lady Xue nor Old Lady Xue came out today, because the Xue family has been very upright for a hundred years, and if there is a saying that sells girls or sells illegitimate daughters.

Even if the Xue family’s face was ruined, they had to leave these things to the housekeeper Xue Chongli, and even the appointment of a wedding banquet did not dare to inform Linda’s father.

When the guests saw that Linda had come out, they all took their seats. Xue Chongli also sighed and led the generous Linda to sit beside Norman Qingshu.

Then he coughed lightly and said, “Today, it is the engagement ceremony of Linda and Norman Qingshu. I am fortunate to ask everyone to be a witness!”

Hearing this, everyone in the audience screamed. They seemed to be very happy about this situation, but Linda frowned, and didn’t want to hear what Xue Chongli was saying.

When Norman Qingshu noticed this while sitting next to her, she smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, you will get used to it in the future. Actually, I am quite satisfied with you and don’t care about you being an illegitimate daughter.”

This incident was originally Linda’s pain. After Norman Qingshu said it, she was even more unhappy with Norman Qingshu.

Originally, she didn’t want to marry, because it was grandpa’s arrangement that there was no way, so she had to agree.

But I didn’t expect that although the other party looked handsome and gentle, he turned out to be so hurtful!

Thinking of this, Linda couldn’t help but whispered: “If you dislike me, you can say it now. The ceremony has not been completed. You still have a chance.”

While saying this, Linda also plucked up the courage to look at Norman Qingshu, and a trace of disdain flashed in his eyes.

Norman Qingshu was suffocated when he heard the words, but he wanted to get angry but suddenly felt that Linda at this moment was like Lin Yan that day.

So he hesitated for a while and then endured it, and even said with a smile: “Unexpectedly, you don’t want to marry me, it doesn’t matter, I just want you to marry me!


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