I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 748

Chapter 748

Linda couldn’t help but clenched her palms. In fact, Norman Qingshu looked good and had a good family background.

Although he is a bit vulgar, he is powerful and powerful in this Beifu, and the other party is young and promising, there is nothing wrong with marrying him.

But she just didn’t know why, there always seemed to be a shadow dangling in her heart, as if restraining herself from marrying him.

Once she remembered that shadow, she unconsciously thought of the first person she saw when she woke up, Norman Yan!

His eyes are very similar to that shadow, very alike, but they don’t look like him.

Thinking of these things, Linda’s head ached again, causing her to breathe unconsciously.

Norman Qingshu, who was sitting by the side, chuckled lightly after reading it. It was only Linda who was fighting against him, and a somewhat interesting feeling rose in his heart.

And just as Xue Chongli held the paperwork in his hand and said, “The engagement ceremony is complete!”

Ethan, who was sitting in the corner of the stage, suddenly fell a bowl and stood up, and then walked to the front of the stage and said disdainfully: “Who said that the ceremony is finished, Xue’s parents are not there, and Miss Xue’s father is not even Yes, can this be done?”

Xue Chongli really hopes to see someone who can disrupt the situation, but he is not a powerless doctor!

He naturally remembers Ethan, but for such a powerless doctor on such an occasion, this is not a cause for trouble!

Thinking that the other party was the benefactor who rescued Linda after all, Xue Chongli coughed lightly and said in a low voice: “Boy, you don’t want to live anymore, come here to make trouble!”

When Ethan heard this, he looked at Xue Chongli for a moment. He didn’t understand how he, the man who came to make trouble, seemed to want to protect himself.

But when Ethan was puzzled, Norman Qingshu, who was sitting on the stage, stood up with a gloomy expression.

Then he looked at Ethan unceremoniously and said, “What are you worthy of standing here? Who put such a wild dog in and give him some color, he really thinks he is a thing!”

Ethan sneered, pulling a chair and simply sitting in front of the stage, then looked at Norman Qingshu and said with disdain, “You think you are something again? Haven’t you been beaten enough?”

After saying this, Ethan leaned out and stared at Norman Qingshu closely, a murderous gloom flashed in his eyes, “Have you forgotten the lesson I taught you the Norman Family and want to do it again?”

Chen Minggang’s death and the Norman Family were originally wronged. Hearing Ethan’s words at this moment, Norman Qingshu was immediately furious!

“Could it be that your kid is messing up? Come here, take this stinky kid down for me!”

After saying this, a dozen or twenty security guards swarmed in at the door, and Ethan surrounded him in groups.

The guests around for the engagement banquet were all panicked, and then stood far away and looked at Ethan, with a little gloating in his eyes, but also a little interested.

After all, people who dare to come to make troubles with Norman Dashao, I am afraid that the entire Beifu cannot be counted!

But the eyes of Xue Chongli and Linda looking at Ethan at this moment are surprisingly consistent, both with worry.

After realizing the eyes of these two people looking at him, Ethan felt even more happy!

It seemed that Linda didn’t seem to be willing to marry Norman Qingshu. In that case, he would be more arrogant at this scene today!

“Hey, I said Norman Dashao, you have so many people dealing with my unarmed doctor, isn’t it a bit too much?”

After saying this, Ethan picked up an apple indifferently, then took a bite, and he felt like a wolf eating meat. Looking at Norman Qingshu!

“Why don’t you come down and have a fight with me? Teach me how to behave!”

When Norman Qingshu saw that Ethan was about to die, he dared to be so arrogant. He smiled gloomily and said, “It looks like you are really courageous. I’m very curious about who is supporting you and making you courageous. Do something like this!”

As soon as the voice fell, Norman Qingshu roared “Take it down!”

The surrounding security guards surrounded them one after another, but Ethan fisted from the left and the right, but he didn’t even leave the bench and fell to the ground.

The five or six people who rushed up immediately lay on the ground and couldn’t get up, each of them groaned in pain, with the sound of bone breaking!

Ethan frowned and looked at the five or six security guards lying on the ground with some pity, and said helplessly: “Oh, I am not to blame, why are you lying down?”

After saying this, Ethan glanced at Norman Qing Shuyin jokingly, and said, “I don’t know if the Norman Family will pay you for medical expenses, otherwise the fight might be for nothing!”

When Norman Qingshu saw such a scene, his expression was shocked and angry!

“Norman Yan, you are so brave! I have to chop you off today. Give it to me!”

Seeing that the boss was so angry, some of the security guards who followed Xue’s family also gritted their teeth. After all, Xue Chongli could not tell, and Norman Qingshu is likely to become his own family.

So after the security guards hesitated for a while, they rushed up again!

Ethan was no longer polite when he saw this. He got up and knocked down one of them with a punch. He slid back and avoided a sneak attack.

Reaching out and grabbing, he threw the person behind him who had attacked his home in front of him, and then Ethan stepped on his foot without waiting for the person to get up!

If Ethan didn’t want to make things too much, the person under his feet would have been killed at this time!

This kind of reaching out made the surrounding guests stunned. Several people took advantage of Ethan’s attention, and even secretly took out their mobile phones and started recording.

At the same time that Ethan made a banquet at the Xue family, Lao Hei also received a message and hurried to Linda’s office.

Then he said, “Boss! It’s okay! Norman Yan, this bastard didn’t know what medicine he took wrong, so he went to the Xue family to make a wedding dinner!”

Sally was worrying about Ning Kun’s mission, and now she had a headache when she heard what Lao Hei said: “What is going on with that guy? Why does he have to live with the Norman Family…!”

At this point, Sally couldn’t help but stop, and then a little unexpectedly and sensitively noticed a problem!

Is there any reason Ethan can’t get along with the Norman Family? His little doctor is not even qualified to enter the gate of the Norman Family. Why does he dare to get along with the Norman Family?

Reminiscing about what Ning Kun said to herself before, after counting the time, Sally’s eyes widened and she couldn’t help muttering, “No, no.”

Old Hei thought that Sally didn’t believe it, so he handed the phone to Sally anxiously, “Boss, look, I didn’t even see that this bastard is good at it, it seems to have practiced!”

Sally watched Jiang Haoteng’s movements in the video, and a complicated look flashed in her eyes from time to time!


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