I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 751

Chapter 751 The First Snow (Third)

The two sides couldn’t help falling into silence as they watched each other, as if the contradiction would be enlarged if one of the two did not back down.

At this time, Norman Qingshu looked at Lao Hei and said, “If you feel that you can’t be the master, you can also ask Miss Sally to come and talk to me in person.”

Old Hei looked at Norman Qingshu deeply, took a deep breath, got up and nodded, then turned and left.

Now that the negotiations have reached a deadlock, it is the best choice to leave first to find a breakthrough. There is no need to continue to waste time here.

Looking at the back of Lao Hei, Norman Qing Shuyin laughed twice before getting up and returning to the backyard.

Ethan was closing his eyes at this time, bloodstains from the whip were everywhere on his body, and dots of blood were dripping on the ground.

Norman Qingshu sneered twice before walking up to Ethan, looking at Ethan with contempt in his eyes, and said, “Guess who came to fish you just now is really unexpected.”

After Ethan sneered, a few cold sweat dripped from his eyebrows. Although it was a skin wound, it didn’t mean it didn’t hurt!

Norman Qingshu shrugged and didn’t care when he saw that he hadn’t spoken. Instead, he motioned to someone to pull over a chair, and then sat on the chair and looked at him quietly.

“It doesn’t matter, I have a lot of time. Since Chen Minggang’s incident happened, I have suddenly become leisurely.

Having said this, he took the whip from his subordinates indifferently, and then slammed Ethan’s body abruptly.

“You can rest assured, I have a lot of time to spend slowly with you.”

After Ethan was given a whip, there was a trace of anger in Norman Qingshu’s eyes!

“Trust me, if you don’t kill me today, you will definitely regret what happened today!”

Norman Qingshu looked at Ethan disdainfully and shook his head: “You know, I am most disgusted with people like you, who are so self-righteous who are obviously nothing!”

When he said this, he was whipped up again with a whip, and a piece of blood was sprinkled on the ground.

And Lao Hei, who had left the lobby of Norman’s house, was taking out his cell phone to call Sally, and after briefly reporting Norman Qingshu’s conditions, he fell silent.

Sally couldn’t help falling into silence, to know if the matter of the Norman Family was revealed.

She was not the only one who was unlucky. Ning Kun, who was finally in charge, might also be involved in this matter.

After taking a deep breath, Sally closed her eyes and meditated for a moment, and then said to the phone: “You go and prepare now. I will meet this Norman Family in person.”

Lao Hei nodded his head and ended the call, and then began to gather people to focus on some of the Norman Family’s properties.

Although the Norman Family has a lot of white-faced relationships in Beifu, Sally is the most powerful force in her hands.

She never showed this, because no matter where it is in Beifu or where, all they need is absolute stability!

But now, in order to keep Ethan, Sally can’t control that much at this time!

Sally sitting in the office pondered for a while, then picked up her mobile phone and called Lin Yan.

As soon as he was connected, he said, “Lin Yan, Norman Yan was taken away by Norman Qingshu. Do you know about this?”

Lin Yan, who has already taken over the family business, still doesn’t know exactly what happened at this moment, because she has been too busy during this period of time, and has no time to see what happened in Beifu.

At this moment, after hearing Sally’s words, she replied in shock: “Why is this? How could Norman Qingshu arrest Ethan?”

Sally sighed a little helplessly: “I don’t know very well, I only know what kind of medicine the bastard Norman Yan took wrong, and ran to Norman Qingshu’s engagement banquet.”

Lin Yan slapped her forehead somewhat helplessly, shook her head and said, “Then what should I do now, Norman Qingshu won’t do anything to him, right?”

Sally smiled bitterly, and a slight sneer floated in her heart.

It seems that Lin Yan is still a bit naive, and really thinks Norman Qingshu is something good.

It’s strange if you can’t do anything, after all, Norman Qingshu is not a broad-minded guy.

After shaking her head somewhat mockingly, Sally said in a deep voice, “Don’t publicize this matter for the time being. I want to unite with you to put pressure on the Norman Family to rescue Norman Yan. What do you think?”

After being silent for a while, Lin Yan nodded and agreed to the matter, and then ended the call and fell into deep thought.

Such a big thing happened in Beifu, his grandfather must know, why didn’t he tell himself?

Thinking of this, Sally got up and returned home immediately, looking at the old man Lin who was sitting in the backyard fishing pond and was silent.

The old man who was fishing knew that Lin Yan was back when he heard the footsteps behind him. Seeing that she hadn’t opened her mouth, he smiled and took the initiative to say, “What’s wrong, I came back so early today?”

“Why didn’t you tell me what happened to Beifu? What happened to Norman Yan, do you know?”

At this time, Lin Yan was a little tired of the intrigue with her family. She had said a word to her grandmother before.

If you have to be careful with your family in your own home, what is the meaning of staying in this home?

Taking into account some of the things that Lin Dong and his son did, the old grandmother didn’t have the face to answer, and had to leave in embarrassing silence.

At this moment, Old Man Lin was also facing the same dilemma. He knew that his granddaughter was standing behind him, but he did not dare to look back.

Elder Lin naturally knew what Ethan did for them.

Helped him avoid Chen Jingdao’s old mad dog’s revenge, helped him rescue Lin Yan, and also helped him beat the Norman Family.

Thinking of this, Old Man Lin put down the fishing rod in his hand, then turned to look at Lin Yan and sighed: “There are some things we can try not to interfere, do you understand?”

After Lin Yan’s somewhat indignant expression heard this, she couldn’t help turning into a trace of amazement, staring at her grandfather in a daze, and a strangeness appeared in her eyes.

“You just said, shouldn’t we intervene in this matter?”

Elder Lin sighed after being silent for a while: “What do you know, now our Lin family is standing on the edge of the cliff. As long as the Norman Family moves a little finger, we may be dead!”

After saying this, Old Man Lin was also a little helpless and continued with anger: “If it weren’t for this, do you think I would just let it go?!”

Lin Yan looked at him blankly as if he had met her grandfather for the first time: “You know he saved me. You know how dangerous he was when he saved me, but did he back down?”

While speaking, Lin Yan severely threw the bag in her hand in front of Old Man Lin!

“Zhien Illustrated, this is what you taught me, did you forget?”

Old Man Lin lowered his head and looked at his feet. He didn’t know when, the Beifu suddenly ushered in the first snow in winter.


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