I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 754

Chapter 754 Norman Family Relationship (first more)

As soon as the three of them walked to Ning Kun’s office, Ning Kun lowered the curtains of the entire office, and then took out a small blue instrument on the wall.

Old Hei frowned when he saw the thing and smiled, “Why, people from the three departments are still using this little thing?”

Ning Kun took off his jacket and put it on the chair, and put down the projector with a smile, “It’s so easy to use, why not use it, this thing can interfere with all surveillance and eavesdropping devices around 50 meters.”

Sally looked at Ning Kun with some confusion and asked, “Why, doesn’t Chen Jingdao still believe you?”

Ning Kun was also a little helpless about this. It stands to reason that he has been lurking beside Chen Jingdao for many years, and it is impossible not to gain his trust.

But in fact, the old fox did not trust him until now, so Ning Kun had to do it.

Don’t look at Chen Jingdao giving him the entire Xincheng Group, but in fact, as long as he thinks about it, the president of one sentence will have to pack things up and go.

Fortunately, I did not rely on Xincheng Group to eat, or I would have to be furious. After working hard for so long, I was still a puppet in the hands of others. This did not fit Ning Kun’s style!

While joking, Ning Kun took out some files, then put them on the desktop and said, “This is the information given to me by the headquarters, including some information that the target is in Buckeye.”

As soon as the voice fell, a few pictures of Ethan were displayed on the projector with some explanations.

“I believe you all know about the Norman Family. There is also a file about this incident at the headquarters. We thought that the Norman Family had no descendants.”

Speaking, Ning Kun zoomed in on Ethan’s photo, then pointed at him and said, “But then the abnormal activities of Norman Tianyang in the Norman Family overseas attracted our attention.”

Then came the next photo, which was a photo of Eric Norman and Ethan standing together.

Ning Kun pointed to Eric Norman and said, “I believe you are already clear about the battle in Xingyang Valley. Eric Norman and others were almost killed in the battle. There is also a female assassin missing. At first we thought it was captured by Norman Tianyang.”

Then Ning Kun pointed to the shadowed head frame under Eric Norman’s photo and said, “But then according to our insider’s report, the other party did not catch the woman.”

Sally frowned and looked at the projected expansion. After hesitating slightly, she said in a deep voice, “Since such a big thing has happened, hasn’t he thought of revenge?”

Ning Kun curled his lips and said helplessly: “Of course I thought about it. Not only did I think about it, but he also took action.”

The next bloody photo was shown, in which two headless men were lying quietly together.

But Sally looked at such bloody photos, but her face remained as usual!

“These are the two generals under Norman Tianyang. They were responsible for tracking the target after the Battle of Xianyang Valley. Later, the target’s revenge became this virtue. I have to say it is really disgusting.”

After shrugging his shoulders, Ning Kun turned off the projector and stared at Sally with a pair of eyes: “From the expansion video just played, the target treats his enemies cruelly, but he treats his friends very generously. He is someone I like. .”

Old Hei smiled and couldn’t help interfacing: “When did your kid fall in love with men? It’s best to stay away from me, or be careful I kick you!”

Ning Kun gave a helpless look at Lao Hei, then pulled out the chair and sat down to light a flue for himself: “The upper floor started me because of the 30-mile storm. It is precisely because of this that I will come to Beifu.”

Sally closed her eyes and meditated for a while and then said, “If this is the case, does it say that all your actions in Beifu are under my command?”

Ning Kun faintly vomited a smoke ring and smiled: “Of course not, but I don’t think this requires an order, right?”

Sally looked at Ning Kun and smiled, while Lao Hei opened her mouth and said, “Your kid has finally become a little bit more able to talk since he was young. This is very good.”

“In that case, I order you to use the power of the Xincheng Group to put pressure on the Norman Family at all costs and ask them to release Norman Yan.”

After saying this, Sally thought for a while and continued: “If I guess right, Norman Yan is the Ethan we want. I want to talk to him about this matter.”

Ning Kun patted her palms, then took out a file from the drawer and handed it to Sally.

“In fact, when you came over to tell me about this, I already started to do this. This is a project that Xincheng Group cooperates with Norman’s. You can show it to Norman Qingshu.”

After saying this, Ning Kun blinked his eyes and smiled: “How about it, is it smarter than when I was a child?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ning Kun patted his head again, waved his hand and said, “Wait, I still have some good things here, about some tax evasion and tax evasion made by the Norman Family in Beifu over the years.”

When he said that, he took out a lot of files and put them on the table, making Lao Hei a little startled in fright.

“What’s the use of these things, do you expect me to trip the Norman Family with these things?”

Sally rolled her eyes, not looking at the piles of files on the desktop.

She was not in charge of helping people check the accounts, and she was ashamed to say that she was smarter!

Ning Kun saw that there was a look of dislike on Sally’s face, Wei Wei shook his head helplessly and had to put the file aside.

Then a little bit aggrieved, he said, “These things are also a bargaining chip. They are also useful for now.”

After shaking her head with a wry smile, Sally got up and looked at Ning Kun deeply.

“You have changed a lot than before, but I like you more now, capable, energetic, and very clever, not as dull as you used to be.”

As soon as the voice fell, Sally left with Lao Hei.

When she left, Sally didn’t forget to take away the file that recorded the cooperation project between Xincheng and Norman. She thought that this thing might come in handy at a critical time.

While Ning Kun stood in the office looking at Sally’s back, his eyes gradually became a little confused.

He whispered, “In fact, I haven’t changed. I’m still as dull as before, and I don’t know how to express.”

After that, he shook his head, put away the little thing with light blue light on the table, put it in his pocket, and then put away the files as if nothing happened.

After leaving the Xincheng Group, Sally got in the car and fell silent while looking at the file on her hand.

Lao Hei said helplessly: “The people in Beifu here don’t know how to do it, so the Norman Family stole so much tax!”

Sally shook her head and looked out the window, suddenly feeling a little flustered in her heart for some reason.

“This matter is not to blame for the people in Beifu, it should be the Norman Family’s own relationship.”


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