I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 758

Chapter 758 Double-sided Personality (third more)

“I also know a little about the Norman Family. Don’t worry about why I know it. I will tell you a message now.”

Having said that, Sally hesitated for a moment. If this message came out, she might be burdened with the suspicion of using Ethan.

But it only took a moment for her to figure it out. Ethan would have to know this matter sooner or later, and it was better to tell him as soon as possible instead of knowing it too late.

“In the tragedy of the Norman Family’s annihilation, the Norman Family from Beifu also played a role in it. How about it, isn’t it a pleasant surprise?

Ethan’s eyes turned round when he saw Sally when he heard this. He was not only a surprise, but also a surprise.

“What did you just say? The Norman Family in the North Palace was also involved in the extermination case against the Norman Family?”

After saying this, Ethan looked at Sally in a rather unbelievable way: “No wonder I couldn’t understand the Norman Family when I came to Beifu. It turns out that I am an enemy.”

Sally sat on the chair and looked at Ethan’s expression and sighed slightly: “Sometimes people’s intuition is very keen, and I don’t know how to say it. I can only rejoice that I didn’t hesitate when I used the Norman Family last time.”

Ethan remembered that incident and looked at Sally with a knowing smile, both of them understood the meaning of each other’s smile.

“What do you mean by this message? Are you trying to unite with me to deal with the Norman Family in the Beifu?”

Ethan is not stupid, friends belong to friends, but when discussing business, that is the enemy, he will not hesitate with Sally for a moment.

Sally shrugged and looked at Ethan, with a touch of appreciation in her eyes. It can be seen that Sally is also enjoying the fun of negotiating with Ethan.

“The Norman Family in Beifu has done a lot of shameful things in Beifu over the years. I think you can see that I am not a businessman in the first place.”

Having said this, Sally paused, and couldn’t help thinking of Ning Kun in her mind.

Everyone is not a businessman, but these things that I did in the end seem to have changed.

Thinking of this, Sally shook her head and continued: “I won’t move them at the Norman Family in Beifu, but you are different. I will try to help you deal with them.”

Ethan watched Sally remained silent for a long time. If Sally didn’t help him, he would have to deal with the Norman Family in the Beifu. This was something he was carrying and couldn’t escape.

And if Sally offered him help, he could deal with the Norman Family better, so Ethan hesitated for a while and did not ask why Sally had to deal with Norman Wennian and others.

The two people sat in the office and looked at each other in silence for a long time, when both of them suddenly chuckled.

Ethan lowered his head and smiled and couldn’t help but said, “I thought I might have no friends anymore. In the future, I can only achieve my goals through my own efforts.”

Sally opened a bottle of red wine, looked at the vintage and nodded a little, then picked up the glass and poured a glass for Ethan. “Although you said that you should not drink alcohol if you are injured, you probably won’t care about this as a third-level warrior. Minor injury?”

Hearing Sally telling her best ability with a sip of wine, Ethan couldn’t help looking at Sally in horror!

“You, how do you know that I am already a third-level warrior, I have never told anyone about this matter, and should not be recorded.”

Sally looked at Ethan in horror, but looked at him in a puzzled way: “You don’t know it, the release of true energy is the sign of a third-level martial artist. For this, just look at your performance at the Xue family. It can be judged.”

Thinking of this, Ethan woke up and fell into silence.

When he came out all the way from Thirty Lipu, Shang Dian in his body seemed to have been aroused, abruptly raising him to the threshold of a third-level martial artist.

Although Ethan can also release his true energy, he has never been able to control it well, and it seems that there is always a hurdle.

Thinking of this, he hesitantly looked at Sally and said: “My identity as a third-level martial artist may have some problems. Although I can do it, I can’t control it well.”

Sally looked at Ethan in surprise, with a look on her face that she wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to laugh. She couldn’t stand it, and then she laughed out loud!

“You wouldn’t be so stupid, right? A third-level martial artist needs more practice to release true energy. Do you think you can control it casually once you reach true energy release?”

The most important thing for every martial artist is to practice hard, apart from the resources of the technique.

After all, most of the warriors have reached the second level, and their bodies have basically reached the peak.

Don’t look at Sally when she faced Ethan and said that the third-level martial artist spoke calmly. In fact, the first time she saw Ethan letting out her anger, her heart was already boiling!

What kind of existence is a third-level warrior? To put it simply, their bodies and other aspects are far beyond ordinary people, and things like demolishing walls with bare hands are nothing more than children’s trouble for them!

Because of this, Ethan has not dared to use the power of his third-level martial artist, and has always suppressed himself at the first level.

On the one hand, it is for better hiding, and on the other hand, it is worried that I cannot control it well, after all, the power is too terrifying.

If something happens accidentally, not only Norman Tianyang will come to him, but also many people will flock to Beifu.

After listening to Sally’s explanation of the third-level martial artist’s information, Ethan fell silent slightly.

Although he was learning these things with Eric Norman, Eric Norman did not systematically teach her until after the First World War in Xieyang Valley.

Under Shang Dian’s blessing, Ethan was directly promoted to a level, and coupled with the pursuit in that rainy night, he was forced to stimulate his potential and possess the strength of a level three martial artist.

But the strength was up, but he didn’t know where to go for the next step.

And Sally was even more stunned when she learned that Ethan had not done any training at all!

It’s such a stunned green who doesn’t understand anything, and abruptly stepped on the nominal Norman Family of Beifu two or three times!

With a wry smile and shook her head, Sally opened the drawer of her own work and took out a book of materials and placed it in front of Ethan.

He smiled bitterly: “This is some information about the third-level martial artist, don’t look at me, I can’t practice this thing, otherwise I won’t give it to you.”

Ethan looked at the information on the desktop and wanted to decline, but after all he couldn’t resist the temptation, he stretched out his hand and put it into his clothes.

Sally chuckled slightly at Ethan’s cunning look, and then arranged for Lao Hei to take Ethan to take a bath and change clothes.

After Ethan left the office, Sally reduced the smile on her face, and a look of pain flashed in her eyes.

Sitting in her position could not help her to consider many things, and over time, she developed Sally’s double-faced personality.


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