I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 759

Chapter 759 I’ve Been Engaged Orally (Fourth)

After a slight silence, Sally took out her phone and called Ning Kun Norman and said, “I have rescued the person you want. The other party confirmed that it is Buckeye named Ethan.”

Ning Kun, who was sitting in the office watching the news, heard this and said in surprise: “So fast? The Norman Family is quite good to talk this time.”

Sally chuckled twice and said that Ethan was exchanged for evidence of the Norman Family’s tax evasion. If this were not the case, would the Norman Family relax so easily.

But after joking about this, Sally coughed lightly and said, “I have rescued the man, but he is also my friend now. It is convenient to ask you what Corey is planning to use him for?”

When Ning Kun heard Sally say that Ethan was her friend, a trace of badness rose in her heart. At this moment, she couldn’t help but smile.

How could he be an outsider know about the things in the department, but if according to his usual style, Ethan should be used to do things that are inconvenient for them to come forward.

And the most important thing right now is about the Norman Family, because since the Norman Family’s clan was gone, the remaining side branches have scraped away the benefits left by the clan.

One after another, they have transformed themselves into one of the top wealthy families in the area. From this point, we can see how powerful the Norman Family was.

Thinking of this, Ning Kun sighed and said, “You should listen to my advice. It’s better not to contact him too much. You don’t know how many people Corey has used for so many years?”

Sally fell silent after hearing this. This answer was expected, but she would not give up if she hadn’t heard it in person.

Seeing the silence on the other end of the phone, Ning Kun couldn’t help sighing, “Some people are better not to get too close, otherwise you know it yourself.”

As soon as the voice fell, Sally ended the call. She didn’t want to think about those things now.

At this time, the entire Beifu couldn’t help being immersed in a message!

That was when the young man who had made a banquet in Norman Qingshu’s engagement banquet was rescued by the person in Tianzhu Villa. This message quickly spread to all places in Beifu.

From then on, they all knew that perhaps soon, there would be a dark horse no less than Ning Kun in the North.

And what makes people most concerned is that this dark horse seems to be at odds with the Norman Family, and troubles the Norman Family again and again.

Norman Qingshu locked himself in the room during this period, and he regretted it since he heard the message outside.

If it hadn’t been for that time that she was really afraid of Sally’s strength, Norman Qingshu would never release Ethan!

Now it’s not just the people in Beifu who are laughing at them, I’m afraid Ethan is also laughing at them, and the Norman Family is a little closer to the laughing stock since then.

Thinking of this, Norman Qingshu felt a fire in his heart, thinking that his dignified generation of rookies from the North House was repeatedly unlucky on a muddy leg!

After Wei Wei closed his eyes and took a break, Norman Qingshu took out his mobile phone and hesitated whether to call the Xue family and ask about the situation.

In any case, marrying the Xue family is his current strategy, and if he gives up, the damage to the Norman Family will invisibly expand a lot.

At the moment, the Norman Family does not have many allies in Beifu. The Chen Minggang incident directly caused everyone to choose not to trust the Norman Family anymore, and the Norman Family had many years of power.

Many people are also happy to gloat in the dark, watching the Norman Family slowly go downhill.

After all, Norman Qingshu had no choice but to call the Xue family, and after a little care about Linda’s message, he ended the call.

In any case, the Xue family is the only ally he can win. If they lose this again, their Norman Family will be completely helpless in the Beifu.

And just after Norman Qingshu finished the phone call, Linda thought of the person who had the engagement banquet that day, and she couldn’t help feeling a little curious about Ethan.

Whenever Linda remembered the look in Ethan’s eyes when she looked at her, her heart would thump and jump wildly, as if to cheer for it.

Thinking of this, Linda’s face couldn’t help but flushed. Seeing Xue Chongli’s face as if nothing happened, she stuck out her tongue a little mischievously.

Then he said, “Uncle Chongli, when will my father come back? How about others?”

When Xue Chongli heard this, he opened his eyes and looked at Linda with a complicated expression. He hesitated and said, “Your father, it’s fine. You’ll know it when you see it.”

Linda gently agreed and continued: “Who was the man who came to make my appointment that day, and why do I feel he is familiar?”

Xue Chongli smiled. He still has a little gratitude for Ethan. If it weren’t for him to make a fuss, it might have become a relationship between Linda and Norman Qingshu.

So after hearing what Linda said, a smile appeared on his face and said: “That man, he is the one who rescued you from the coma. He is still very good.”

For him, as long as he can treat Linda well, he will be good, and he doesn’t know when to start.

Xue Chongli assumed this responsibility as if it were Linda’s father, as long as it is about Linda, he has to ask about it.

Gradually, the people in the mansion also regarded Linda as an eldest lady, unlike when Linda first came back.

After the two were silent for a while, Linda tentatively looked at Xue Chongli and said, “Can I find a chance to see him again?”

“This, it’s not impossible, it’s just.” Xue Chongli didn’t hesitate when he heard this. No matter what, the Xue family and the Norman Family were at least verbally engaged.

If Linda were allowed to meet Ethan in private, she would probably dislike the Norman Family, so Xue Chongli hesitated.

But looking at Linda’s big watery eyes, he took a deep breath and nodded and said, “Okay, but I can only meet him at home, have you heard?”

Linda was so happy that he jumped up like a child when he heard it, and he could see that Xue Chongli followed Le Ho Ho.

However, the reason why Xue Chongli agreed to Linda was another thought in his heart.

That was to let Norman Qingshu know that the person Linda wanted to meet was not him, so that might dispel Norman Qingshu’s thoughts.

For Xue Chongli, if it is necessary to sacrifice the happiness of his children to protect the glory of the family, then he would rather not have this family glory.

This concept coincides with the old man Lin. The purpose of making money and prosperity is to make the next generation’s life better, not to sacrifice the happiness of the next generation.

Xue Chongli had been up and down for many years in his life, and some things had already been seen through.

The guests in the entire yard knew what Norman Qingshu calculated.

If it were not for their Norman Family’s suffering this time, they would never have thought of the Xue family!


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