I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 760

Chapter 760 The World’s Heroes Come Out of Our Generation (First)

Just do it when he thinks it. Now that Xue Chongli agreed to Linda, he immediately set about arranging Ethan to meet Linda.

Nothing else is important to Xue Chongli. Only the old lady Xue and Xueying, who came back from outside, are important in the whole family!

In other words, the Xue family can be regarded as a wealthy family in Beifu. Dean Jiao nodded respectfully after receiving Xue Chongli’s call, but thought that Ethan was still locked in the Norman Family.

So he frowned and sighed, “You asked me to give Norman Yan to you, but what do I use to get that bastard from the Norman Family!”

As soon as the voice fell, a person’s voice suddenly heard outside the door with a smile: “What’s wrong, Dean, I went to Norman’s house for two days, do you miss me that way?”

The speaker was naturally Ethan. After he came out of Sally, he directly asked Lao Hei to drive him back to the Chinese Medicine Hospital.

At present, Ethan is well-known in Beifu, and many people come to the Chinese Medicine Hospital specifically to find him.

Many people had received this message when the Xue family was rioting before, and there was still a pity in their hearts that they would not be able to find a suitable doctor in the future.

In the end, the Norman Family took the initiative to release this person within three days, and it seemed that the other party hadn’t taken the Norman Family to heart!

At this time, Dean Jiao looked at Ethan standing in front of him, rubbed his eyes rather unbelievably, and said, “No way, how did you come out?!”

Ethan shrugged unceremoniously, then stepped forward to pull away Dean Jiao’s chair and sat down by himself, twisting his fart comfortably.

“Don’t tell me, this chair is really comfortable to sit on. No wonder so many people like to sit in the boss chair.”

Dean Jiao rolled his eyes, opened the chair opposite Ethan, sat down and asked, “I’m serious with you. The Norman Family is not such a messy person. If you are so impulsive, you will sooner or later treat yourself Get in!”

Ethan sneered and shook his head. Seeing the worried look in Dean Jiao’s eyes, there were some ridicules and he shook his head back unconsciously.

Perhaps for Ethan, the Norman Family in Beifu was nothing, it was already too easy to deal with compared to Norman Tianyang’s men.

But even so, for people like Dean Norman Jiajiao of the Beifu, that is an existence that can only be looked up to.

Thinking of this, Ethan lightly sighed and said, “It’s nothing, I came out mainly because a friend helped me.”

How much energy does it take to help save people from the Norman Family?

Dean Jiao looked up and down Ethan, and said suspiciously, “Is the friend who saved you a woman?”

Although Dean Jiao had some other meanings in his words, Ethan really couldn’t refute it, because he really saved ten women.

After scolding Dean Jiao with a smile, Ethan lifted his legs and looked at the newspaper and said, “Who just called and said to see me, how come I feel that my voice seems a little familiar.”

Dean Jiao raised his head and glanced at Ethan mysteriously, and then smiled: “Who else can it be? There are no more than five people who can get into my phone, or guess what?”

Ethan smiled and looked at Dean Jiao without a word. The person who could want to see him at this time was probably the only one who didn’t reveal his identity at the engagement banquet.

It was Ethan who smiled again and then stood up and said: “If this is the case, the other party offered to invite me, then I don’t need to bring any gifts.”

Dean Jiao slapped his face with a slap and said, “You kid stop me. How can there be no courtesy when I go to the door to meet a guest.”

Having said this, he took out a bottle of wine from the somewhat distressed cabinet, then handed it to Ethan and said, “I will leave this baby to you. You must treat it well!”

Ethan took a strange look, and when he found that it was a bottle of foreign wine, he curled his lips in disdain. He was almost tired of drinking this thing.

When it reached the gate of Xue’s house, Xue Chongli had already occupied for more than a minute, and then Ethan got off the car.

After getting off the car, Ethan looked at Xue Chongli and nodded without saying a word. He didn’t say anything, but put the gift on his hand in front of Xue Chongli.

Xue Chongli looked at the wine in his hand and his brows brightened, and then he said: “Your kid is very generous today, and he is willing to give away a good wine like this.”

Ethan turned around and glanced at Xue Chongli who was happy, and then smiled: “Find a place to talk, there is something I want to inquire about my brother.”

Xue Chongli nodded noncommitantly, and then led Ethan to a pavilion and sat down and said, “Just talk about it, what’s wrong?”

Ethan hesitated a little, then looked at Xue Chongli’s face and said, “Why didn’t you expose my identity that day and let me in?”

In fact, although there was an invitation that day, the name written on the invitation was not Ethan’s at all.

And why the card was ordered to stay, just to let relatives know who Ethan is.

After all, even if Norman Qingshu’s subordinates were wasteful, they already knew where Ethan mainly stayed. It happened that there was a branch here, so he passed Ethan’s name to the photo.

Originally, when Xue Chongli saw Ethan wanting to get Ethan’s invitation that day, a glimmer of coldness flashed in his eyes.

As long as he moved this invitation, then he would go forward with someone to sleep Ethan!

It’s a pity that Ethan just took a look at that person’s customs card and then returned it to the front. Until Father Xue Chongli, he looked at Ethan with a smile and seemed to be waiting for an explanation. “

Ethan hesitated at the time, and then he said, “I’ll come over and take a look today, why, can’t it?”

At that time, although the shoulder height had already gagged and was ready to be fooled, Xue Chongli still showed a slight panic based on Ethan before, and he was suspicious of Ethan.

Someone just rushed over this time, if it was Ethan, then they would have made a fortune!

It is a pity that things happened afterwards. Ethan made an engagement banquet, and the Norman Family was also outraged by more than a dozen people.

If Ethan stopped consciously at that time, I am afraid that the people who die next will be far more stupid? “

After Weiwei sat down, Ethan looked at Xue Chongli sitting in front of him, so he smiled and said, “Does Mr. Xue have anything to do with me today?”

Xue Chongli stared at Ethan carefully, and then tentatively said: “It’s really a hero out of my generation. “

Ethan hesitated for a moment and then fixed his eyes on Mr. Xue Chongli and said, “You can’t say that, I’m just a little doctor, not a hero.”


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