I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 771

Chapter 771 Rising (third more)

When she said this, Sally took out the auction brochure and looked at it with a little disdain.

“It’s a charity auction in name, so this time I showed a lot of good things. It’s a way of showing off their wealth for the upper class.”

Looking at it, Sally seemed to have taken a fancy to a watch, and pointed to Ethan enthusiastically, “Look, this watch looks pretty good.”

Ethan just glanced at it and was surprised by the series of zeros. A watch from ten years ago had seven figures!

Seeing Sally as if she had picked up a treasure, Ethan rolled his eyes and said helplessly: “Forget it, things that were sold ten years ago were sold for seven figures. Second-hand items are so expensive. Why doesn’t he go grabbing them? !”

Sally looked at Ethan helplessly. Although the intelligence said Ethan was the only bloodline left by the Norman Family, at this time Ethan didn’t look like a member of the Norman Family.

It was not without reason that the people of the Norman Family were able to run rampant. Not only were they a dragon and a phoenix among the people, they also contained a mysterious power.

Sally had already seen this in Ethan. She didn’t doubt it at will, but Ethan’s taste made Sally a little helpless.

After the two held the booklet and looked at it for a while, Ethan looked at the dragon and phoenix jade from the Norman Family on the booklet and smiled gloomily.

“You said that if I bid for the Norman Family’s dragon and phoenix jade pendant, will the Norman Family snatch it with me?”

After saying this, Ethan looked at Sally with a gloomy expression on his face and smiled, “Or, tonight I will be sick of that kid Norman Qingshu?”

Sally looked at Ethan’s eyes and told her instinctively that Ethan seemed to know something, otherwise she wouldn’t want to attack the Norman Family so urgently.

After a long silence, she looked at Ethan with a little hesitation: “Norman Yan, you need to know what the occasion is here, if you make this move, you will officially stand on the opposite side of the Norman Family!”

Then Sally continued: “I advise you to give up.”

Ethan looked at Sally’s eyes, she seemed to really want to persuade herself to let go of the hatred, but this is also his responsibility, let it go wherever you can.

So he smiled and didn’t say anything, but quietly watched the performance under the stage.

Almost half an hour later, a man in a tuxedo walked onto the stage, then watched the celebrities from all walks of life under the stage laugh and said, “Welcome to Banbi Villa!”

Seeing everyone in the audience stopped talking and looked at him, the host smiled and said with restraint: “I believe everyone knows what the theme of this evening is, then, please sit down.”

During the conversation, the staff soon came up to tidy up the hall, and then put on the sofas.

Preparations for the auction were ready soon. The first piece of blue and white porcelain was brought out by Chen Jingdao.

Since he handed over the company to Ning Kun, he seemed to have completely given up on fighting with others, and spent all day eating, drinking and having fun.

But in order to hold on to his own existing interests, Chen Jingdao occasionally had to stand up and maintain his sense of existence. That was the case tonight.

The host smiled when he looked at the blue and white porcelain vase brought up by the staff, and said, “The first is the large blue and white porcelain vase of Mr. Chen Jingdao. It is more than 300 years old and has a profound historical background. The starting price is 3 million.

Soon someone from the audience made a bid: “Five million, my Xinde company has always respected Mr. Chen Jingdao, and I hope that the old man will not forget to visit him when he is free.”

Sitting in the VIP room, Chen Jingdao smiled and nodded to the bidder, then walked to the window and opened the window to look at the other party and smiled.

The other party looked at Old Mr. Chen Jingdao who actually opened the window to see him in person, flushing on his excited face.

Maybe it was because Ethan first made friends with top people, so he didn’t understand what those people who seemed very ordinary in his eyes meant to others.

After a period of silence on the stage, only a few seconds later, someone stood up and said, “If you want to invite Mr. Chen to dinner for five million, you too look down on Mr. Chen. I bid six million!”

A vase on the stage may not be worth so much money, at most 4 million capped, but the opportunity to invite Chen Jingdao to have a meal is a rare opportunity.

To put it hard, don’t think Chen Jingdao basically ignores the company’s affairs now, but as long as he says a word, Xincheng Group still belongs to him.

Although Ning Kun is currently the president of Xincheng Group, everyone knows that all the people in the key departments of the group are diehard Chen Jingdao.

Ethan looked at the group of people in the audience spending so much money to eat with a bad old man, he couldn’t help rolling his eyes and said helplessly: “Isn’t this group of people crazy?”

Sally glanced at Ethan faintly, and saw that he didn’t understand the curve in it, so she chuckled and said, “You don’t understand, Don’t say that Old Man Chen was back then. Even now, he is in Beifu. Very popular.”

Ever since Ethan heard of Chen Jingdao, many people have been talking about how benevolent and righteous Chen Jingdao was, but they have never heard of it.

Looking at Sally at this moment, there was a look of admiration on her face, so she said strangely: “Then what did Mr. Chen do back then to make so many people value him?”

“Back then, Mr. Chen was only an apprentice, but his master died in an accident, leaving only widows and orphans.”

Having said this, Sally sighed slightly, and then continued to speak: “At that time, many apprentices had left, only the old Mr. Chen Jingdao just kneeled in front of his mother.”

Ethan was silent for a moment after hearing this, and then questioned: “He raised his master and his master’s son?”

Sally looked at Ethan and nodded with a smile: “Yes, and after raising it for 30 years, now his master’s child is in the investment department of the Xincheng Group, called Ran Normang.”

Ethan was silent for a long time after hearing this. Although it is simple to say that he will be a teacher and a father for a lifetime, if he wants to do it, how many people in this world can do it?

Thinking of this, Ethan looked at the box opposite them and was silent for a while, and sighed helplessly, “It’s a pity that I have a son who is not good enough.”

Sally naturally also nodded. At the time, Mr. Chen’s benevolence and righteous name were unknown to the Beifu, but it was all corrupted by Chen Minggang.

If it weren’t for the face of Mr. Chen, Chen Minggang would have been suppressed to look up.

Thinking of this, Sally also sighed and said, “That is, the contacts that Mr. Chen accumulated a long time ago. Otherwise, even if we don’t take action, Chen Minggang will not live well.”


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