I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 772

Chapter 772 Do Some Little Things (Fourth)

Everyone in the audience seemed to be confirming Sally’s words. Many people in the Beifu had a blind worship mentality for Mr. Chen Jingdao.

They may be afraid of the Norman Family, but in their eyes, the admiration for Chen Jingdao can be seen to be true.

Soon, a blue and white porcelain vase by Chen Jingdao was sold at a price of nearly 7 million yuan, which had already exceeded the value of the vase itself.

Ethan looked at those people in surprise and shook his head. It seemed that the people under the private room were small households, but they weren’t just as simple as arrogance.

Just to have a meal with Chen Jingdao, it cost nearly three million!

Sally played with her nails while looking bored at the stage under the private room, and soon the second auction item was brought up.

Ethan looked at the things on the stage, and a strange color flashed in his eyes. Although this thing is an iron object, Ethan knew it was definitely something from the Shang and Zhou dynasties just by looking at it!

Such precious things should have been in the cultural relics museum long ago, why can I still see them in this place?

“Guests, the next thing is an auction item from the Jinwan Hu family. The exact time is no longer available. The starting price is 500,000! If there are people who want to do it, please do it!”

When Sally heard this, a trace of disdain flashed in her eyes and said, “Jin Wan Hu’s family? Hey, this is a very thick-skinned house.”

Ethan also likes to sit with Sally at this time. Although Sally doesn’t usually speak, she seems to know some secrets in every household.

These messages seemed useless, but they were all messages that Ethan urgently needed.

So he looked at Sally and asked with enthusiasm: “What’s the situation with this Hu family? How do you seem to look down on them?”

Sally’s face blushed when she heard it, saying that Hu’s family was not small, but their methods of doing things were really disgusting.

Although the shopping mall is like a battlefield, it can be used by any means like the Hu family. People who have no bottom line, no one looks down on them.

Ethan saw that Sally fell silent and didn’t say anything, so he felt a little anxious, and after she was so entangled that she couldn’t help it.

She had no choice but to say: “If there are too many, I won’t tell you, just tell you one thing. You may not know that Jincheng planned a piece of land before.”

Ethan nodded slightly and then said, “Well, what then?”

“Then, in order for the Hu family to get this piece of land, the Hu family’s second child actually let his wife stay with his competitors for one night!”

Ethan looked at Sally, his eyes widened, and he looked at the man sitting in the crowd under the stands who came close to people from time to time.

He pointed to the other person in disbelief and said, “The second Hu, you said, no, it won’t be that. I think the people around him seem to dislike him.”

Sally looked in the direction pointed by Ethan, her face became red and nodded and said, “Yes, it’s the short one, who is only one meter and six meters tall, but his hands are so dark!

Ethan looked at the Hu Lao Er in the crowd and fell silent, then said softly: “It seems that this person not only has no rules and bottom line, I am afraid that he will only look at benefits in his eyes?”

Sally nodded slightly, then looked at Ethan thoughtfully and asked, “Why, do you want to walk with him?”

To be honest, Ethan does have this meaning in his heart, as long as such a person uses it well, it is definitely a sharp blade.

Although Hu’s second person looks shameless, there are not many people who can make Sally feel a little jealous.

Even the Norman Family and Norman Wennian Sally didn’t pay attention to it, which made Ethan interested in this second Hu.

Seeing that she couldn’t persuade Ethan to come down, Sally sighed, and then pressed a red button on the side of the sofa.

When the host saw Sally and their box flashed a light, he was pleasantly surprised: “The VIP box No. 3 is bidding for 500,000. Is there anyone else who wants it? Does anyone want it?”

Because of Hu’s behavior, everyone in the audience didn’t want to talk to him very much, and the ironware didn’t look like a good thing.

The rusty appearance does seem to be a few years old, but if he thinks of Hu’s personality, how could he show it to others if it is really good.

So there were not many people competing with Ethan in the audience, but just when the host was about to make a third voice.

A male voice suddenly sounded from the crowd: “I will give out another million.”

His tone was flat, but everyone couldn’t help but cast their sights over, just because this person turned out to be Norman Qingshu!

Many people saw Norman Qingshu actually bid, and some of them were confused by the second monk.

If it is normal, Norman Qingshu is definitely anxious to draw a line with Hu Lao Er, but today it is strange.

Some caring people took a look at Hu Lao Er’s expression at this time, and saw that he looked surprised. They didn’t seem to expect that Norman Qingshu would offer to join him.

Hu Lao Er just froze for a while, Norman Qingshu even smiled at Hu Lao Er and said, “Mr. Hu, let’s play golf together if you have time. Nanshan has a nice place.”

Hearing this, Hu Lao Er had a hint of caution in his heart. He smiled at Norman Qingshu and nodded as an answer.

Sally was also a little dazed, watching Norman Qingshu’s offer, she just chuckled and said, “Oh, now the jackals and tigers and leopards are gone together. I just don’t want that broken thing yet.”

Ethan silently looked at the ironware on the stage, telling him instinctively that it is best not to add too much at one time, or Norman Qingshu might just force it down.

The people on and off the stage did not realize that this was an antique from the Shang and Zhou dynasties, let alone 500,000, even if it was 50 million, it might not be possible to buy it!

Seeing that Sally didn’t plan to make a move, Ethan felt anxious, and said directly: “Although people are a little broken, things are not bad. This is an antique from the Shang and Zhou dynasties!”

Sally heard the words and looked at Ethan in a daze: “Are you sure this is an antique from the Shang and Zhou period?”

Ethan nodded frantically, turning his head to look at the ironware on the stage and said in a deep voice: “It is true, the binaural iron horn cup during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, let alone 500,000, even if it is something that you can’t buy at 50 million, if you don’t It’s no brainer to shoot!”

After hearing the words, Sally thought for a while, and directly called Lao Hei in, and then asked him to go down and buy the bottle anyway.

Old Hei nodded when he heard the words, then walked out of the private room and sat down in the lobby, raising his hand and saying, “I will pay three million.”

When Lao Hei made a bid, Norman Qingshu’s heart sank. The reason why he wanted to photograph this iron object was not because he really liked it.

But just want to take this opportunity to fight with Hu’s second child, and then use the opponent’s power in Jincheng to do something.


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