I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 776-780

Chapter 776 Sudden Enlightenment (Fourth Supplement)

Ethan enthusiastically watched Chen Jingdao and Norman Qingshu in the arena, and Sally also picked up the wine glass and walked up to look down.

“You said, to what extent will Mr. Chen raise the price before giving up?”

Ethan said softly while eating snacks without looking at Sally.

Sally looked at the two of them and shook their heads. After a moment of thought, Sally laughed; “It shouldn’t be too much. Although Mr. Chen hates the Norman Family secretly, he also has his own measures. He will not go too far in this situation today. .”

Ethan nodded when he heard this, but Sally’s judgment was very real.

Chen Jingdao will not let go of the chance of the disgusting Norman Family, but he will not go too far in this matter, otherwise the Xincheng Group may be implicated.

Sally looked at Ethan’s thoughtful look, frowned, and said, “Why, do you plan to take advantage of Mr. Chen’s opportunity to lift up with the Norman Family?”

Ethan shrugged. On the way here, he heard Sally said that the Norman Family would buy this double dragon jade pendant anyway.

He was ready to take this opportunity to sicken the Norman Family, but he didn’t expect Chen Jingdao to take the lead.

Now since Chen Jingdao is too tired to stand up and speak, there is no reason for him to squat down so muffled!

So Ethan turned his head and glanced at Sally and then smiled, and then he left Sally’s box directly.

If you bid here, I am afraid that Sally will be pushed directly in front of the Norman Family in Beifu, so it is a bit unpredictable what the Norman Family will do.

When Ethan walked to the hall downstairs, many people were attracted by him, and he seemed to be the only young person on the court who had the same aura of Norman Qingshu!

Among them, Xue Chongli frowned slightly after sitting on the chair and seeing Ethan coming down, somewhat unsure of what Ethan wanted to do.

And when Xue Chongli was puzzled, Ethan actually raised his hand and shouted: “You are too petty, 35 million here!”

Chen Jingdao, who was about to bid, heard the voice downstairs, followed the voice and saw that it was Ethan, so he couldn’t help but smile.

“Dr. Norman also attended today’s banquet. It’s really destined. Would you like to come up for a drink?”

Although Chen Jingdao hadn’t met Ethan much, there was only one man in the entire Beifu who often went in and out of Sally’s side.

Although the other party’s identity is an ordinary doctor in the central hospital, but apart from Lao Hei, who has seen other men coming and going in and out of Tianzhu’s villa without anyone else.

Ethan raised his head to look at Mr. Chen Jingdao, smiled slightly, and said, “Thanks to Mr. Chen’s kindness, the younger generation will come up to a toast later!”

Norman Qingshu watched with a gloomy expression on the two of them praising each other, their fingers violent.

“38 million, Mr. Chen, are you sure you want to continue?”

Chen Jingdao stopped joking with Ethan, glanced at Norman Qingshu slightly, and said with disdain, “I can still afford to play thirty or forty million. I’m afraid you can’t afford it, forty million!”

Ethan looked at Jade Pei and estimated it secretly. The price is almost the same at this time. If you continue to raise it, I am afraid it will cause trouble.

So he closed his mouth decisively, raised his glass and offered a toast to Mr. Chen.

Regarding Ethan’s sudden bid, people from different positions naturally have different thoughts.

Norman Qingshu thought that Ethan represented Sally, and he came out to make an offer to separate himself from the Norman Family.

But for Xue Chongli of the Xue family, Ethan represented himself. He stood up and offered to get Linda back some self-esteem!

Right now, Ethan just decided to leave after seeing him well, which deepened the thoughts of these people.

Sally looked at Ethan who was back in the box with a wry smile and said, “I thought you were going to raise the price to the top. I didn’t expect that you would come back once you were out.”

Ethan smiled a little bitterly: “I originally planned to fight Norman Qingshu head-on today, but I underestimated the hatred of Chen Jingdao against the Norman Family.”

Sally looked at Chen Jingdao’s box and sighed slightly: “Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if we did a little too much about Chen Minggang.”

After taking a sip of the red wine, Ethan shook his head and said, “I don’t think it is too much. If I hadn’t arrived in time, I’m afraid Lin Yan would suffer more crimes.”

During the conversation between the two, the price of the double dragon jade pendant downstairs had risen to nearly 45 million.

At this time, Norman Qingshu no longer dared to bid easily, and the price has almost reached its peak.

Every time he bids, he needs to send someone to ask Norman Wennian for instructions before he can speak, otherwise he can’t afford it.

Norman Wennian was naturally very angry about Chen Jingdao’s deliberate embarrassment, but he also knew why Chen Jingdao did it.

Every time he thinks of these things, his heart is a little bit murmured, after all, his son knows it himself.

Although Norman Qingshu’s methods are a bit vicious, he still can’t do things like Chen Minggang. Is this old mad dog really looking for the wrong person?

Although he thought so in his heart, the evidence on the surface all pointed to him, so Norman Wennian had to pinch his nose to recognize it.

Seeing the increasingly fierce competition in the field, Norman Wennian couldn’t sit still, and got up and walked towards Chen Jingdao’s box with a gloomy expression.

“Old dog Chen! You should almost stop it!”

Opening the door with a kick, Norman Wennian cursed directly without being polite.

Anyway, the Norman Family and Chen Jingdao had already torn their skins, and they didn’t care this time.

And Chen Jingdao, who was sitting on the sofa drinking, took a sip of beer without looking back when he heard the door ringing, and said, “Why, isn’t this for auction? I won’t let anyone bid?”

After saying this, he suddenly laughed and shouted to the downstairs: “Xincheng Group bid 60 million!”

Upon hearing this, not only the host, but even the people sitting in the audience were a little bit offended.

The fight between the gods inevitably hurt Chi Yu. Seeing Chen Jingdao and the Norman Family wrestling, they were shocked and scared.

Although Chen Jingdao has already handed over the Xincheng Group, he is still the overlord of Xincheng Group, and he has no less power than Ning Kun.

Although the Norman Family suffered a series of blows, in a strict sense, their reputation as the first family in Beifu was not affected at all.

There were still some people who were curious about why Chen Jingdao did such a degree, the Norman Family had tolerated him again and again.

As a result, when someone came from behind, saying that Chen Jingdao had been working for the overseas Norman Family before, everyone suddenly realized!

Chapter 777

Although the Norman Family in Beifu and the Norman Family overseas are of the same clan, after the Norman Family was destroyed, the remaining branches were basically separated.

They only work together when facing one thing, that is, looking for Shangdian.

This is also the reason why Eric Norman exposed Shang Dian so quickly, they simply did not allow Shang Dian to return to the Norman Family sect again!

The greed of the human heart has never been hidden, especially Norman Tianyang!

In order to find Shangdian, Norman Tianyang invested nothing less than any other family, and even developed the overseas Norman Family into the first person in the branch of the Norman Family!

It is precisely because of this that the Norman Family of the North House is so afraid of Chen Jingdao, otherwise they would have beaten Chen Jingdao!

Norman Wennian walked to Chen Jingdao’s side and sat down, lit a cigarette for himself and took a deep breath, and said, “I don’t know why you have to fight with me!”

When Norman Wennian said this, although his tone was very plain, Chen Jingdao could still hear a trace of aggrieved tone in his tone!

After realizing this feeling of aggrieved feeling, Chen Jingdao sneered, turned his head and looked at Norman Wennian sitting beside him deeply.

“If you really don’t know, then I will be happy, but what’s the point of pretending that you don’t know?”

After saying this, Chen Jingdao closed his eyes and waved his hand. He seemed to be able to see it now.

Whenever he came back, Chen Mingang would wear a serious formal suit and stand at the door to greet him, and then go home by himself.

On time now it seems that everything is over, everything is gone.

Chen Jingdao also lost the motivation to continue fighting, and revenge for his son became his lifelong wish!

Thinking of this, Chen Jingdao slightly waved his hand and looked at Norman Wennian and said, “I just want to hear a fair and reasonable sentence, who killed my son!”

Even Norman Qingshu didn’t know about this problem. How could he know this information? After all, he had not contacted Chen Minggang in private.

After taking a deep breath, Norman Wennian looked at Chen Jingdao a little aggrieved and said, “I really don’t know about this. You can think about it. Why do I need to target you?”

For the first time, Chen Jingdao suppressed the faint smile on his face, and his eyes were full of disgust when he looked at Norman Wennian.

I know that your Norman Family is very strong, even stronger than all our families in Beifu!

But don’t forget, this city has never belonged to the family, they belong to the country!

Thinking of this, Chen Jingdao took a deep breath and said, “Sometimes, I think you have all done too much. Don’t forget how old I am now.”

Chen Jingdao’s tone was very flat, but his eyes were so cold as to make people feel the cold wind.

“That is my only son, my only blood, do you understand?”

Norman Wennian looked at Chen Jingdao’s eyes, knowing that the other party was already a real mad dog at this time!

After shook his head slightly, Norman Wennian stood up, frowned and looked at Chen Jingdao!

“If you are declaring war on my Norman Family, then congratulations, you made it!”

After saying this, Norman Wennian turned and walked towards the door, just when he was about to step out.

He hesitated suddenly, and then continued to speak: “I don’t want to be your enemy, not because I am afraid of you, but because I respect you, but this time you really did something wrong.”

Chen Jingdao couldn’t help feeling a little confused for a while listening to what Norman Wennian said behind him.

He just hasn’t returned to Beifu in just a few short years. Why has everyone in Beifu changed so much?

Was he changed or everyone in the North House changed, or was he no longer suitable to continue walking.

Thinking of these things, Chen Jingdao took out his cell phone and called Ning Kun.

He didn’t say much on the phone. He first apologized to Ning Kun, and then informed Ning Kun that the Norman Family of Beifu was preparing to declare war on the Xincheng Group.

Ning Kun was actually not surprised by this message, but felt a little too fast.

Chen Jingdao had been a good old man for a lifetime, and finally had a son, but it turned out to be such an end.

Although it was said that he had given Xincheng Group to himself, it was the only power he could get revenge. How could it be so simple.

After taking a deep breath, Ning Kun had no choice but to send the message to Sally with a wry smile, and then he packed up his things and prepared to leave.

The task he came here this time has been completed, and the person who should be found has been found. There is no reason to stay here anymore.

Just before leaving, looking at the files on the desktop, Ning Kun couldn’t help pulling out a slightly mocking smile.

On the other side, after Norman Wennian walked out of Chen Jingdao’s box, he declared that the party was over.

Now that the party is over, the auction will naturally be over, and the double dragon jade pendant has successfully returned to the embrace of the Norman Family.

This ending made some people breathe a sigh of relief, but they felt a little angry.

They successfully handed over their things, and when they arrived at the Norman Family, they took back their own things without paying any price.

To their upper class acquaintances, this is like a clown disdain.

Sally obviously thought so too, her face turned blue with anger as she watched Norman Qingshu sitting on the chair.

She couldn’t help covering her mouth and smiled for several times, and almost couldn’t help but threw herself into Ethan’s arms.

“Norman Yan, look at Norman Qingshu’s face, I can’t imagine what kind of thoughts he will have in his heart now.”

Ethan really didn’t expect such a result, watching Sally chuckled.

Ethan said helplessly: “Old man Chen is still a bit too impatient. If you slow down, the Norman Family will really pay the price this time.”

Hearing this, Sally, who was planning to refute that the Norman Family did not lack the money, suddenly felt the vibration of her mobile phone.

After a short silence, she picked up the phone and glanced at it. What was sent was a text message.

The content of the newsletter is very simple. Starting tomorrow, Xincheng Group will go to war with Norman Group!

Looking at this newsletter, Sally couldn’t help feeling a little lost for a while, but quickly realized that Ning Kun’s character in Beifu this time had been completed.

So after a moment of silence, he shook his head slightly and handed the phone to Ethan, “Look, tomorrow will be the real lively time.”

Ethan couldn’t help but feel a little surprised when he watched the mobile phone newsletter: “Does the Norman Family really stop being scrupulous this time?”

Chen Jingdao’s personality is well known throughout the Beifu. If the Norman Family really intends to tear their skin with Chen Jingdao, the consequences may not be easy to bear.

What’s more, Norman Tianyang behind Chen Jingdao, he still doesn’t know who he will help!

Chapter 778 Are You Sure (Second)

It had been planned to announce the alliance between the Norman Family and the Xue family at the dinner, but it turned out that Chen Jingdao would step in.

At this moment, Norman Qingshu looked at the files on the desktop, and his mind was aching. He could not remember how many times he had dealt with it since last night.

After sighing a little, Norman Qingshu picked up the file and took a closer look. The above was some information about Xincheng Group, the most important of which was that Xincheng Group began to hoard funds.

It seems that the other party is also ready to go head-on with him.

While smoking a cigarette, Norman Qingshu looked at the file while he was thinking.

Outside the door, Norman Wennian suddenly walked in, seeing his son look a little tired, his mood was not very good.

“Hmph, I don’t know what Chen Jingdao is going crazy with, he has to have trouble with us!”

Slightly raised his head and glanced at his father, Norman Wennian sighed and said, “I don’t think it’s because he has trouble with us, but someone is making trouble.”

Norman Wennian sat down indifferently, and then looked at his son. He didn’t have this idea.

The famous evil young men in Beifu basically don’t associate with their sons, and the only one who is slightly better known as Chen Minggang is not a good thing.

If it weren’t for the contacts he had accumulated in Beifu before, I am afraid that after Chen Jingdao left, the Xincheng Group would collapse in a short time.

After closing his eyes slightly and pondering for a while, Norman Wennian opened his eyes to look at his son and said, “I seemed to have heard you have some information about this matter before.”

Norman Qingshu nodded, looked at his father with some hesitation, as if wondering whether or not to tell the message.

And Norman Wennian is not in a hurry, his son has grown up after all, and he knows some things to weigh.

Norman Wennian is different from many fathers in that he pays more attention to cultivating his son’s independence consciousness instead of teaching him what to do.

Although the Norman Family of Beifu was a branch of the Norman Family back then, it has grown in Beifu for so many years and has its own heritage.

Don’t talk about the beauty of the Norman Family overseas, but if the other party comes to Beifu, who might rely on whom.

After pondering for a while, Norman Qingshu looked at his father as if to understand, and said: “I did get some information before, but this information was from someone who had nothing to do with that matter. “

Norman Wennian frowned and nodded slightly and said, “Who said it, let me listen.”

While saying this, Norman Qingshu carefully told Norman Wennian the cause and effect of the incident.

Among them was that when he brought Ethan back that day, he repeated what he said to Ethan when he was tortured and told Norman Wennian carefully.

After listening to his son, Norman Wennian pondered for a moment and said, “You mean, this Norman Yan might be related to Chen Mingang’s death?”

Norman Qingshu nodded slightly, sorted out the files on the desktop, and then said in a deep voice: “It is very possible, but there is a problem with this matter. Now Norman Yan seems to have taken refuge in Sally.”

“Huh, what about the people in her Tianzhu Villa? She is so lucky that this girl has only come to Beifu for three years. I don’t believe how much storm she can rise.”

Although Norman Wennian didn’t put Sally in his eyes, he still had some guilty conscience when thinking of Sally’s background.

I don’t know why, as soon as many people in power in the North House caused Sally’s body, everyone turned off the fire, as if Sally were their fire extinguisher.

Norman Qingshu closed his eyes and thought about Ethan’s performance that day. The more he thought about it, the more he thought that Chen Mingang’s death was related to Ethan.

After shook his head slightly, Norman Qingshu simply got up and looked at his dad and said, “Dad, give me a little time in these two days. I want to investigate Chen Mingang’s death carefully.”

After saying this, Norman Qingshu took the initiative to express his own views to avoid Norman Wennian’s disagreement.

If they don’t find out about Chen Mingang, Chen Jingdao’s old dog has been staring at them, and they don’t want to do anything smoothly.

I think that although Chen Jingdao was not a rich man in the North House at the beginning, but with his people alone, if he wants to do something, there are really countless people who are willing to help!

This time their Norman Family rushed to declare war with Chen Jingdao, leaving aside the consequences for the time being, in case Chen Jingdao said something that caused others’ unhappiness.

Even if their Norman Family wins this war, I’m afraid the lintel will not be able to keep it!

Norman Wennian nodded in embarrassment after pondering for a moment: “It’s okay to let you check it, but if this matter is really done by the person at Tianzhu Villa, I am afraid that even if you check it, you won’t find any results.

At this point, Norman Wennian was very confident, after all, how could the people in the Beifu not know Sally’s subordinates.

Although Lao He looks like a bodyguard, he is equivalent to Sally’s spokesperson in the city, and he is responsible for handling many things.

Not only that, let alone find out the identity of Sally, even the identity of the old black Norman Family has not been able to find out.

This is also the reason why no one in Beifu is willing to be an enemy of Sally, even the Norman Family can’t find out their details, who dares to make a haste.

Norman Qingshu closed his eyes and shook his head slightly and said, “If there is really no evidence, maybe we can create some evidence. Anyway, we have to seal off those who want to help Chen Jingdao.”

Listening to the meaning of Norman Qing’s book, he wanted to forge some evidence to prove that he had nothing to do with Chen Mingang’s death by investigating this title.

Although in fact he did not have a relationship, but now everyone in Beifu believes that Chen Minggang was killed by their Norman Family.

As a result, Chen Jingdao’s current position of a white-haired man sending a black-haired man has won the sympathy of many people.

At that time, if he spread the message that the Norman Family declared war on him, I am afraid that the Norman Family lintel would be completely destroyed before it started!

Thinking of this, Norman Wennian nodded and asked in a deep voice: “Are you sure, if not, it’s better not to do this.”

Norman Qingshu smiled slightly at these words, turned around and left.

Looking at his son’s back, Norman Wennian’s eyes flashed with relief. No matter what, his son has grown up and is already able to take on some things.

Just as the Norman Family was preparing to act, Chen Jingdao was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows with his back to Ning Kun in the office of the president of Xincheng Group.

Chapter 779 See Through (Third)

“Mr. Chen, why did the Norman Family suddenly declare war on the Xincheng Group? Hasn’t Xincheng already handed it over to me?”

Although Ning Kun had already planned to leave, the play that should be performed had to be finished, and there had to be a beginning and an end to do things without arousing suspicion.

What Ning Kun had expected was that Chen Jingdao did apologize to Ning Kun in this matter.

After hearing Ning Kun’s words, Chen Jingdao turned around and looked at Ning Kun, with a trace of fatigue in his expression.

“Ning Kun, you are a good boy. I can rest assured that Xincheng will hand it over to you, but this time the Norman Family declared war on Xincheng not for you, but for me.”

Ning Kun looked at Chen Jingdao with a plain expression, nodded at what he said, but didn’t comment too much. After all, everyone knew the ending.

Sure enough, Chen Jingdao waved his hand and soon someone walked in outside the door.

Chen Jingdao looked at the visitor and nodded and said, “This is my master’s son. He will take your place. This time I will treat you as a bad old man and be sorry for you.”

After saying this, Chen Jingdao looked at the young man standing beside him and said, “Ran Normang, let’s get to know Ning Kun. He has taken care of Xincheng very well during this period. You have to learn more from him. .”

Ran Normang is the son of Chen Jingdao’s early master. He has been a manager of Xincheng Investment Department before.

Regarding Chen Jingdao, who raised himself and his mother since he was a child, Ran Normang would not hesitate even to die for him, let alone go to war with the Norman Family.

After hearing Chen Jingdao’s words, he nodded slightly and walked forward to Ning Kun and stretched out his hand and said in a deep voice, “I know that you have also sorted out some of the contradictions within Xincheng during this period.”

Ning Kun looked at Ran Normang and nodded slightly. In many cases, just a handshake can tell what kind of abilities the other party has and whether they are good.

In just a moment, Rising Normang even gave Ning Kun a slight sense of threat!

This caused Ning Kun to lose sight of Chen Jingdao for a while, and while keeping him by his side, he also put down such a powerful figure in the company.

Chen Jingdao looked at Ning Kun and nodded, then said: “Okay, Ran Normang, go down and prepare first, I’ll look for you later.”

Ran Normang turned his head and nodded to Chen Jingdao before leaving, leaving only Chen Jingdao and Ning Kun in the president’s office.

Seeing Ning Kun’s calm expression, Chen Jingdao’s eyes flashed with admiration, and then he sat on the sofa and watched him open his mouth and said, “I have always admired you. The most important thing is your calm and calm temperament.

Ning Kun smiled helplessly at Chen Jingdao: “Now I am dismissed, right? Then I don’t need to hold back anything in front of you.”

After a burst of laughter, Chen Jingdao nodded to Ning Kun and said, “In fact, you don’t need to be reserved in front of me from the beginning. I like capable people.”

“Since you are so smart, you shouldn’t go to war with the Norman Family. You know that this is not the best time, especially now that the Xue family is still tied to the Norman Family.”

Of course, now is not the best time. If Ning Kun’s idea is to wait at least another three months, then it will be better to kill!

Chen Jingdao wasn’t a fool either, and Shang Hai had been up and down for nearly 50 years, so he didn’t know.

But he has no time, some things only she knows, such as his physical condition.

Some are born noble, some are born poor and humble, but one thing has not changed, that is a mockery of fate.

It seems to be so fair to everyone, regardless of differences in status, fate will always fall on people.

Thinking of this, Chen Jingdao reluctantly shook his head and looked at Ning Kun with a wry smile. Cancer is always hard to tell.

“Actually, I don’t want to act on the Norman Family now, but I have run out of time, and the cancer is terminal. You probably don’t know. I started chemotherapy a month ago.”

There was silence in the room for a long time, Ning Kun looked at Chen Jingdao’s eyes with shock!

He never thought that such a powerful character would be defeated by a cancer!

“Well, when did this matter, why do I not know at all?”

Frankly speaking, although Ning Kun is a pawn scattered by the headquarters next to Chen Jingdao, he has already developed an inexplicable favor for Chen Jingdao after so many years of lurking.

This kind of feeling is equivalent to being a teacher and a friend. Although he is very good, he is still confused when facing some things.

At such times, Chen Jingdao would stand up like a master, and then slowly wake up Ning Kun with his own experience.

When Chen Ming just died, he looked at Chen Jingdao’s sad expression.

If it weren’t for a strong mentality, he might not be able to help but tell him the truth about Chen Mingang.

Chen Jingdao looked at the shock in Ning Kun’s eyes and smiled slightly, as if he didn’t take this matter to heart.

“I am over 70 years old this year. Even if I don’t have this disease, I don’t have much life left.”

After saying this, Chen Jingdao shook his head slightly, then took out a card from his body and placed it on the table.

“There are more than 80 million in the card. It’s not that I don’t want to give it, but the company also needs to shrink funds during this period. It’s a little compensation for you.

Can more than 80 million buy the position of president of Xincheng Group? Of course it is impossible! This is almost like a joke!

But Ning Kun looked at the bank card on the desktop, as if he was looking at an old man’s last request.

“I think the most important thing for you now is to go to the hospital, not to fight the Norman Family!”

After saying this, Ning Kun looked up at Chen Jingdao and continued, “If you are really worried, I will help you with this matter!”

Chen Jingdao shook his head slightly when he heard the words. He had known long ago that Ning Kun and himself were not the same.

This is why he will stay in the company to assist his son and bring Ning Kun with him.

Now that things have reached this point and he has lost value, if Ning Kun is allowed to stay, this Xincheng will really change hands to others.

“Take it, as my compensation to you, there are some things we don’t need to say too clearly, do they?”

Ning Kun fell silent when he heard this. Some things seemed to be concealed after all. He also knew that Chen Jingdao had already seen his identity.

After shaking his head with a wry smile, Ning Kun couldn’t help but ask, “When did you see through?”

He did not choose to answer Ning Kun’s question, but closed his eyes slightly, as if there was no one in front of him.

Chapter 780

If you don’t talk about some things, everyone can get along well, but once you talk about it, you will never have the chance to meet again in the future.

Chen Jingdao didn’t know if he could see Ning Kun again, so he had this question about him.

Perhaps out of a good yearning in his heart, he refused to answer, but remained silent until Ning Kun walked out of the office.

Ran Normang stood outside the office door watching Ning Kun walk out, and after looking up and down Ning Kun slightly, a trace of regret flashed in his eyes.

“Actually, I know you are stronger than me. This time the trouble is so troublesome, I really can’t handle it alone. If it wasn’t for my uncle’s insistence, I really hope you can stay.”

There is nothing proud of being a superior person in these words of Ran Normang, there is only one word between the lines, that is sincerity.

Ning Kun looked at Ran Normang and smiled. The young man in front of him who gave him a sense of threat was definitely not that simple.

Coupled with the other’s humble attitude, I’m afraid there are more things hidden in his hands, maybe just like myself, who has no secrets.

Thinking of this, Ning Kun stretched out his hand and patted the rising shoulder and smiled: “It doesn’t matter, I believe you can do well, maybe we will meet again in another way in the future.”

After saying this, Ning Kun smiled and left. His character has been completed, and this is no longer where he needs to stay.

After walking out of the door of Xincheng Company, Ning Kun took out his mobile phone and called Sally.

Sally, who was sitting in the office as usual, answered the phone, while looking at the computer while wearing headphones and whispered, “Hey, what’s wrong.”

“I was fired from the Xincheng Group, and the Norman Family declared war on the Xincheng Group. The person who succeeded me is Normang Normang. You should know this person.”

After hearing this, Sally nodded slightly, then looked at the computer and said solemnly: “Well, the son left by Master Chen Jingdao back then should be a good young man. I have a copy of his information here.”

Ning Kun shrugged, then got into a taxi and smiled: “But he didn’t wait in vain. Mr. Chen gave me 80 million when he left, which is a little compensation for me.”

Eighty million is not a small amount. For a person like Ning Kun who is in his twenties and close to his thirties, this money is enough for him to be smart for several years.

Sally couldn’t help but feel a little shocked when she heard this number. You must know that Xincheng Group is now doing everything possible to save money and is preparing to fight a capital war with the Norman Family.

“It looks like Mr. Chen has already seen you through, has your identity been exposed.”

Hearing Sally’s words, Ning Kun fell into a short silence, and then smiled bitterly and said: “If it is not unexpected, it should be exposed, but he doesn’t seem to know where I am.”

While saying this, Ning Kun felt a trace of fortune, because if he revealed his identity before the task was completed.

After returning home, he will face many punishments, but since the task has been completed, the identity of this thing becomes irrelevant.

Sally also felt lucky for Ning Kun at this time. After chuckling twice, she said, “If this is the case, you don’t want to go back to the headquarters. Come to me, I have a task for you.

After the two chatted briefly, Sally ended the phone call, then looked at the computer and fell into contemplation.

In just one morning, the shares of Norman Group and Xincheng Group have changed several times. This situation is like a miracle.

Because these two companies are big stocks in Beifu, if you want to make such a big change, the amount of funds flowing in a short period of time is simply an astronomical figure.

Looking at the information, Sally gave a wry smile and calculated in her heart.

I’m afraid that since the Norman Family announced their war with Chen Jingdao last night, they had already begun to encircle Xincheng Group in the stock market.

After shook her head slightly, Sally closed the computer and closed her eyes and started thinking.

It’s just that if the money is earned, I am afraid that both Chen Jingdao and Norman Wennian will hate himself.

Just as Sally was lost in thought, Ethan walked over slowly, still holding two cups of coffee in her hand.

Seeing Sally’s frowning face, he couldn’t help but smile slightly, “What’s wrong, what’s going on? It looks like you are a little uncomfortable.”

Sally took the coffee Ethan handed over with a wry smile and said, “What do you think, it’s just too torture to see the feeling of being rich but not making money.”

Ethan almost spit out a sip of coffee when he heard this, and looking at Sally who wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to laugh, it was like a comedy.

“You just said that you can’t make money, why I don’t quite understand?”

Sally looked at Ethan’s surprised expression and curled her lips, then pointed to her mobile phone and said, “You can search for the stock changes of Norman Group and Xincheng Group from yesterday to today on your mobile phone.”

Ethan walked to the sofa and took off the charging mobile phone and took a look. In just about 20 hours, the two parties have gone through three rounds of ups and downs. This situation is equivalent to a miracle!

“No way, it seems that the Norman Family’s shot is quite ruthless this time, Norman Qingshu is okay.”

Sally shrugged and got up and walked out of the desk, then walked out of the office and stood on the balcony with her back facing Ethan, enjoying the warm sun.

They came back late last night, and the cold wind blew for a while.

In addition, the warm sun in winter always makes people feel comfortable, perhaps because of Ethan, now Sally is not sitting in front of her desk every day.

Seeing that Sally did not answer, Ethan got up and walked to the balcony to look at Sally and said, “What’s the situation?”

Sally chuckled and said, “What else is going on? The two families are now pinching up. We just sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight. This scene has nothing to do with us.”

Ethan shrugged slightly and looked at Sally indifferently and couldn’t help complaining: “I was the person who should have pinched the Norman Family the most. Why suddenly I became the old man Chen Jingdao.”

Sally glanced at Ethan and saw that he seemed a little dissatisfied, so she smiled wryly and shook her head.

“The specific message will be sent soon. Ning Kun has been fired by Chen Jingdao. Now Xincheng Group is back in Chen Jingdao’s hands.”

When she said this, Sally couldn’t help but feel a little confused, why Chen Jingdao would drive Ning Kun away at this time.

At this moment, didn’t he happen to need talents like Ning Kun most? With him, many things would become easier.


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