I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 786-790

Chapter 786 Opportunity (first more)

Perhaps Ning Kun has his own intelligence channels, and soon he knocked on Sally’s office door with a file.

Lao Hei turned his head to look at Ning Kun who was standing at the door, with a complicated expression in his eyes.

He originally hoped that Ning Kun could stay with him to assist Sally, because Sally will become a true leader in the near future.

Moreover, she will not only lead a small Beifu, even Buckeye and other places will be placed in the area where Sally is responsible.

But what Lao Hei didn’t expect was that Ning Kun could still refuse Sally in such a good future, which made him think more.

Ning Kun just smiled when facing Lao Hei’s complicated eyes, walked into the office blindly and placed the file in front of Sally.

“I received a message from Buckeye that more than a hundred second-level martial artists have come over, including a third-level team leader who is from Norman Tianyang.”

Sally nodded calmly and said solemnly, “Well, these people came to relieve the Norman Family in the Beifu. It seems that Norman Wennian has bowed to Norman Tianyang.”

After receiving such an answer, Ning Kun frowned and said, “This is the first time Norman Tianyang has let Norman’s branch bow his head. It seems that his ambition is not small.”

Sally obviously has such speculations, but she didn’t say it.

Another reason is that the attitude towards Norman Tianyang at the headquarters is also a bit ambiguous. Thinking of the order for them to protect Ethan, it seems that someone in the headquarters is also making some ideas.

After Sally raised her head and glanced at Ning Kun, she saw the same idea in the other’s eyes.

After everyone was silent for a while, Sally said flatly to Ning Kun, “What do you think about Ethan?”

Ning Kun shrugged, leaned on the desk and looked at Lao Hei before he said in a deep voice, “My suggestion is to tell Ethan the truth, and then see what he will do.”

Having said that, he hesitated for a moment, and then said in a deep voice: “Three days ago I received some reports from the Beifu about Norman Tianyang, and there was also a key figure, Eric Norman.”

Sally closed her eyes and pondered for a long while and then nodded: “Eric Norman, the people of the Norman Family begged Norman Tianyang for mercy before they were able to save their lives. Later, they fought in Xieyang Valley and died to protect Ethan. Am I right? ?”

Ning Kun looked at Sally in surprise, and didn’t understand how Sally could say so in detail when she just said a name!

Lao Hei smiled slightly at Ning Kun’s surprise, and then said, “You may think you are very smart, but I tell you that the boss had the nickname of a personal computer before.”

Sally chuckled twice and then said with some doubts: “There is no need to say this. I ask you Ning Kun, what is the reason you plan to tell Ethan the truth?”

Seeing a trace of chill flashing in Sally’s eyes, Ning Kun shuddered unconsciously.

For a moment, Ning Kun seemed to see a tiger in Sally’s eyes.

“Before Eric Norman died, many people were still missing. I think there was a woman among them. I think you all remember it. It is attached to the information.”

Sally frowned and thought for a while and nodded: “Well, I have read this report. A woman who worked for Eric Norman is unknown in age, appearance, strength, and whereabouts.”

After saying these words, Sally smiled bitterly, “I don’t know what the people on Buckeye do. I don’t seem to have any information about this woman.”

Ning Kun shook his head and said solemnly, “It’s not that there is no information, but the information has been tampered with or deleted. This is the reason why I want to tell Ethan the truth.”

After looking at each other, Lao Hei and Sally were shocked in each other’s eyes. You must know that although the security of Beifu is not better than that of the headquarters, it is also a very important stronghold!

If you want to tamper with and delete such important information there, it is like a foolish dream!

Ning Kun obviously didn’t care about Sally and Lao Hei’s shock. He just chuckled and said, “You can choose not to believe me, but you must believe my findings.”

When he said this, he took out two more files and a USB flash drive, then pointed to something and said, “This is the original record. I retrieved it from the headquarters backup overnight, and Buckeye’s record. totally different.”

“You mean that you want to use Ethan’s identity to find out if anyone is hiding inside us?”

Lao Hei frowned when he watched Ning Kun. They were from Beifu after all, not from Buckeye.

If you do this, it is likely to offend the person in charge of Buckeye.

Sally obviously had the same idea, but she was interrupted by Ning Kun before she could speak.

“No, there is another reason. I want to capture the hidden capital chain of Eric Norman. Think about it, it will be a big gain!”

Although Eric Norman did not live well afterwards, how could the people of Norman’s sect surrender so simply.

While saying this, Ning Kun put his hands on the desk and stared at Sally: “This is not a small number, it allows many people to do a lot of things.”

“I’m afraid what you want most, or want to know what the headquarters are about Ethan, right?”

Sally was not fooled by Ning Kun. Although the property left by Eric Norman must be amazing, it is not something that can be obtained casually, and they don’t have so much time to do some useless things.

If you think about it the other way round, if you tell Ethan the truth, he will definitely do something more extraordinary because of his personality.

At this juncture, Ning Kun had no choice but to reveal a little bit of wind to Norman Tianyang’s men. Based on Norman Tianyang’s principle of never letting go, Ethan would definitely be in big trouble.

At that time, the order issued from the headquarters can infer what the headquarters think of Ethan.

After being silent for a long time, Lao He looked at Ning Kunhan and said, “Do you know what you are doing? There are some things you should never try. This is Beifu!”

Sally also looked at Ning Kun indifferently: “I can accept your rejection of me, but I can’t accept your misbehavior on my site. There is no room for negotiation on this matter!”

Ning Kun seemed quite surprised by Sally’s reaction!

“If you think about it clearly, if we know the headquarters’ attitude towards Ethan in advance, we might be able to support him first!”

Ning Kun’s idea is as simple as that, he doesn’t want to play with balance power, that is not something he can consider.

If the people at the headquarters do not give him a chance to be in position, it doesn’t matter, he can make some preparations in advance, and then fight for the chance to be in position by himself!

Chapter 787 Miss Lin Family (second more)

“Ning Kun, are you crazy? This is not a place for you to play some conspiracy, get out of here!”

While she was speaking, Sally couldn’t help being a little angry. Seeing Ning Kun’s face gradually became distorted, she suddenly felt that Ning Kun was so disgusting.

Lao Hei is obviously the same as Sally, quite dissatisfied with what Ning Kun did!

“Maybe I’ve missed it. Your thoughts are not only an insult to the headquarters, but also to us!”

To Ning Kun, the attitude of Sally and Lao Hei was like a basin of cold water, instantly extinguishing all the heat in his heart.

After a short silence, Ning Kun lowered his head, if it wasn’t for his lack of strength, he would slap Sally on the face!

This world is a world where the weak and the strong eat the strong. If people like him don’t think of a way to work hard, they will have to wait for him after this matter is over!

He has had enough of these tasks, he has had enough, every day he gets up to ask who he is and where he is!

He was fed up with the dangers all the time and the eyes that looked at him everywhere!

As long as there is a slight carelessness, what is waiting for him will be an abyss that will never be restored!

Lao Hei and Sally had never experienced this from the beginning. Perhaps because of Sally, Lao Hei directly followed Sally to help her with some trivial matters.

Otherwise, his fate would be different from his own, and he would be thrown out as an undercover by those old men in the headquarters.

Thinking of this, Ning Kun couldn’t help but smiled sadly, they would never understand what they had experienced.

After taking two deep breaths, he looked up at Sally and smiled at Old Hei: “Okay, I’m sorry, my thoughts are a bit dirty, you continue, I will go out first.”

Sally looked at the desolation flashing in Ning Kun’s eyes when she turned around, she couldn’t help being taken aback, as if she had reacted to something.

“Ning Kun, which department did you belong to before?”

Lao Hei stood on the side and looked at Sally with a plain expression: “After graduation, I was assigned to the second division, and then he was thrown out by the old man.”

After hearing this, Sally looked at the old black in surprise and said: “In other words, he has been making seeds outside since the beginning? “

After hearing Sally’s words, Old Hei fell silent, nodded slightly, and said nothing.

Seed is a joking term, describing it as Ning Kun’s previous work.

It was sown as seeds by those in the headquarters, and then germinated and bloomed at an appropriate time, and then brought back the fruit. This was Ning Kun’s previous job.

After a long silence, Sally waved the old black to leave the office, and then sat in a daze in a chair by herself.

No one in this world is easy, she suddenly thought that perhaps Ning Kun wanted to climb so hard, the most fundamental reason was that she didn’t want to go to the days when she was scared every day.

Perhaps he didn’t resist at first, but when Mr. Chen Jingdao saw through him and still didn’t say a word, he realized how dangerous it is to do this kind of thing.

Just as Sally was thinking about these things, the old black who walked out of the room looked at Ning Kun who was sitting on the grass field smoking a cigarette.

Then he walked over with a complicated expression and sat down beside him.

“You shouldn’t have said those things in the office just now. You want to climb up, but what do you mean to the boss.”

Ning Kun turned his head to look at the old black who was sitting next to him, and then smiled mockingly: “Why, worry that I have said what you all think?”

Old Hei shook his head slightly. Although he hadn’t experienced what Ning Kun had experienced, he still knew a little bit about his thoughts.

Since Ning Kun came back and said that he had been seen through by Chen Jingdao a long time ago, his whole person became a little weird.

“You know, if this mission is not lurking beside Mr. Chen, I am afraid now you can only smoke at my tombstone.”

Old Hei smiled slightly when he heard the words, “Everything is over. You don’t need to be as nervous as you are now, you will all get better.”

“No wonder if I get better, I’m fed up with the life I am now!”

Having said this, Ning Kun smiled at the person running naked on the grass field with snowflakes, “I would rather be like these little bunnies. I just need to wait for orders every day. I don’t want to go back and continue my mission! “

These people from the beast camp are very simple, the only thing they need to think about every day is how to perform the task, and they don’t need to think about anything else.

Ning Kun had lived the same life as before, as he said, if Chen Jingdao was replaced by another person.

He might not even be able to find where the body is now. This is definitely not a joke.

He stood up in silence and patted Ning Kun on the shoulder: “Maybe some things are terrible, but someone has to do it. If you can’t do it, then I will go.”

After saying this, Old Hei lighted himself a cigarette and took a deep breath.

“Similarly, if I fail one day, I hope you can stand up and step on my corpse to assist the boss to continue walking.”

Then Lao He turned around and left without doing anything extra.

What does the human heart think, the old black is unable to change.

Those who say that they can understand each other and have the same feelings are just a bunch of liars.

Everyone is different. Who can really understand each other and experience the feelings in the other’s heart?

No one knows what Ning Kun thinks in his heart, but the only thing he can do is to try his best, because now Ning Kun is very dangerous.

If he is not careful, he may go astray, which can be seen from his preparation to test the headquarters.

If this matter is known to the people at the headquarters, I am afraid Ning Kun will never think about coming back again. The worst result is that there will never be a person named Ning Kun in this world.

At this time, Ethan, who had just seen the last patient in the hospital, was lying on his desk quite tired.

Nurse Xiaoli brought a cup of tea and put it in front of Ethan with a smile: “Thanks for your hard work, Dr. Jiang, how have you been with Miss Lin?”

Ethan picked up the cup and was about to drink water, when he suddenly heard Xiaoli’s words, he almost squirted it out!

“Ahem, no, what did you just say? What happened to Miss Lin and I?”

Xiaoli blinked her big eyes twice and said innocently: “People in the hospital know that you are in a relationship with Miss Lin Family!”

Ethan rolled his eyes helplessly, and didn’t bother to explain.

Seeing that Ethan didn’t speak, Xiao Li continued to ask, “Just tell me, that’s Miss Lin’s family!”

Chapter 788

Seeing Xiaoli’s gossip, Ethan shook his head somewhat dubiously.

He just got closer to Lin Yan, how could it be said that he was in love with Miss Lin’s family.

After shook his head slightly, Ethan said, “You are also a big man, how come you are like a kid, you believe what others say?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Dr. Ren knocked on the door of Ethan’s office, then stood at the door and looked at Ethan with a smile: “Dr. Norman, Miss Lin is here to look for you. Ask me to call you.”

Xiao Li looked at Ethan and snorted lightly, “Some people swear by their lips, but in the end, does this hurt you?”

Ethan opened his eyes and looked at Doctor Ren with a smirk, then looked at Xiaoli, rolled his eyes and walked out in despair.

When Ethan walked to the entrance of the hospital, he found that Lin Yan was leaning on the body and wearing a white dress playing with her mobile phone.

Slowly walking to her, Ethan looked up and down Lin Yan and said helplessly: “Don’t look at what season it is. You still wear a skirt, isn’t it cold?”

Lin Yan was startled when Ethan suddenly spoke, and the phone almost fell to the ground.

Seeing Ethan’s helpless look, she chuckled twice and then asked: “What’s the matter, I came to you, are you still not happy?”

Ethan might be very happy if he came here another time, but if he came now, Ethan would not be happy.

After a light sigh, he looked at Lin Yan and said, “Let’s talk about it, is there something wrong with me when you come over?”

Lin Yan shrugged and opened the car door and sat in, then looked at Ethan and said, “Get in the car, it’s not that I want to see you today, it’s my grandpa who wants to see you. It seems that I have something to tell you. God talks about it. of.”

Ethan frowned. It would be nice to say if Lin Yan asked for himself, but if Old Man Lin asked for himself, then I’m afraid something really happened.

So he opened the door of the car, sat up, and said, “How come Grandpa Lin suddenly thought of looking for me, do you know what to order?”

Lin Yan shook her head slightly, and while driving the car, she said, “I don’t know, grandpa suddenly asked me to come to you this morning, saying that there is something important to talk to you, and then he asked me to pick you up. “

After being silent for a while, Ethan nodded and said, “Well, anyway, I’m done with things today, so I’m going to visit your house, hahaha.”

Although the smile on his face was very relaxed, Ethan didn’t relax at all.

There is basically no secret between him and Old Man Lin, the only thing there is only one thing, and that is about Chen Mingang.

At the moment, the old man Lin suddenly hurried to find himself, and Ethan couldn’t tolerate it.

After the two reached Lin Yan’s house during the conversation, Lin Yan watched Ethan get out of the car and smiled: “My mission is completed, and there are a lot of things waiting for me in the company. Just go in by yourself.”

After coming to the Lin family more often, Ethan has become a little familiar, and he will never run into the two ineffective things of the Lin family.

Since Chen Minggang’s incident last time, the old grandmother has rushed the two incompetent things to the subsidiary, and even if they send them some pocket money every month, she never intends to let them come back.

At the moment, Lin Yan is taking care of the Lin Group very well. After Chen Minggang’s affairs, the old grandmother can be regarded as looking away from Lin Yan.

Walking into the inner house, before Ethan had time to call someone, he saw Old Man Lin walking over in a white robe.

“Little Norman is here, come here, come in and sit down. It’s not the first time I have come anyway, why are you so restrained?”

While saying this, Old Man Lin opened the door of the room and invited Ethan to walk in before closing the door.

As a result, as soon as the door was closed, Old Man Lin looked at Ethan with a serious face and said, “Did you get followed by someone when you came today?”

Ethan, IE and IE shook their heads, and I couldn’t figure out what Elder Lin was doing.

So he said tentatively: “What’s wrong, is something wrong?”

Old Man Lin shook his head, walked to the table and sat down, poured two cups of tea, frowned and said, “Sit down and talk. I’m afraid things are a bit troublesome.”

Seeing that Old Man Lin was so cautious, Ethan stepped forward and sat down and took a sip from his teacup. Then he said, “What is going on, Mr. Lin, don’t hang me.”

“This matter is a bit troublesome. Norman Qingshu continued to investigate Chen Minggang’s death in private. Moreover, I came in and learned about something through some friends. The Norman Family suddenly got a lot of external funds.”

Ethan closed his eyes and pondered for a moment, and suddenly the words Xue Chongli had said to him that day sounded.

So he looked at Mr. Lin and said solemnly, “I heard people say that the Norman Family in Beifu seems to have something to do with the Norman Family overseas. I wonder if it is true?”

Listening to Ethan’s sudden words, Old Man Lin was taken aback and couldn’t help but coughed twice and said, “You, cough cough cough, where did you hear this message?”

Ethan did not answer, but looked at Old Man Lin firmly.

Through his reaction, Ethan had already determined the truth of this matter in his heart at this time.

Old Man Lin nodded slightly and wiped the corners of his mouth, then put the quilt on the table.

“This matter is not a secret. I heard that the Norman Family in Beifu and the overseas Norman Family seem to have the same origin. Although they have not seen how they walked through, it should help if something like this happens.”

After saying this, Mr. Lin fell silent and continued: “Now it seems that the funds that the Norman Family suddenly released are most likely to have been given to them by overseas Norman Family assistance, otherwise there is no reason to explain this matter.”

Ethan sneered twice in his heart. He had already gone to Beifu, but he didn’t expect to meet his enemies.

The same ancestry has deepened Ethan’s thoughts about the Norman Family in Beifu, and the Norman Family in Beifu also has contact with Norman Tianyang.

At this time, Ethan could basically conclude that the Norman Family in Beifu was also his enemy.

“If this is the case, will Mr. Chen Jingdao not be able to survive?”

Elder Lin shook his head gently: “You still have the heart to care about Chen Jingdao? Let’s weigh yourself first. If Norman Qingshu finds out something, it’s not their Norman Family that is unlucky.”

After talking about Hu, Old Man Lin looked at Ethan and sighed deeply.

Speaking of which, if it wasn’t for Ethan to rescue Lin Yan, he wouldn’t be in the muddy water!

But Ethan didn’t take this matter to heart. He smiled and said, “It’s okay, I believe someone will handle it with Norman Qingshu.”

Chapter 789 51% (first more)

The reason why Ethan would say so naturally has his reason, because Sally will never sit back and watch.

In fact, this is true for Sally too. When Norman Qingshu just started investigating, she had already created many problems for Norman Qingshu.

Among them, Ning Kun was asked to respond to Norman Qingshu’s investigation, trying to intercept him back.

At this time in the Xincheng Group, Chen Jingdao was sitting quietly in the president’s office and drinking tea, while Ran Normang looked at the computer with a pair of flat glasses, and said something from time to time.

“The Norman Family invested more than 200 million yuan in the stock market at once. It looks like they have already invited foreign aid. What should I do?”

Ran Normang couldn’t help frowning when he looked at the big data on the computer. Although Xincheng Group still has a large part of its internal funds, if it turns into a protracted battle, it will give the Norman Family a chance to breathe.

The consequence is that the respite of Norman’s family will use their huge flow of funds, and then the Xincheng Group will be destroyed in one go. This is a game of money.

Chen Jingdao paused slightly when he picked up the tea cup, and then said in a deep voice, “Don’t worry about it for now, continue to follow the original rhythm.”

After hearing this, Ran Normang nodded slightly, picked up the landline on the desk and called someone, then took off his glasses and rubbed them tiredly.

“Uncle Chen, if we continue like this, I’m afraid we will soon be defeated. Someone said just now that the Norman Family in the Beifu has already asked the Norman Family overseas for help.”

Chen Jingdao nodded and smiled: “I know, hold on for a while, if I expected it well, someone will come forward soon.”

The reason why no one dared to resist some of the things that the Norman Family did before in the Beifu was because there was no one to lead them.

Chen Jingdao is confident that he can be a leader. As long as he can sustain it, then the rest of the people will definitely follow. He only needs to hold on for a while.

Ran Normang looked at his uncle who brought him up and was taken aback. At this time, Chen Jingdao looked like an old man sitting firmly on the Diaoyutai.

No one knows why Chen Jingdao is so confident, thinking that as long as he keeps on going, someone will help.

But things turned so fast. Just when Ran Normang was worried about funds, an unexpected guest suddenly arrived and broke the deadlock.

The landline on the desk rang, and when Ran Normang connected, he agreed. The call came from the front desk downstairs.

There was only one sentence.

“A person who claims to be an old black wants to say to the president’s office. Is it convenient for the manager now?”

Chen Jingdao seemed to have anticipated everything, and turned his head to look at Ran Normang and smiled slightly: “Look, isn’t someone here?”

When Lao Hei walked into the office, Ran Normang was sitting calmly at the desk, while Chen Jingdao was sitting quietly on the sofa drinking tea.

Lao Hei first looked at Ran Normang carefully and said, “Well, I haven’t paid much attention to it before, but now it seems that I am a bit clumsy. I didn’t expect Mr. Ran to be so talented.”

Ran Normang chuckled at Lao Hei, nodded and smiled: “No, no, you are a little polite.”

Chen Jingdao looked at the old black standing at the door and laughed: “Just come in and talk about it. Don’t make people think that I am neglecting the guests.”

After saying this, Chen Jingdao poured a cup of tea for Lao Hei, and then stretched out his hand to signal Lao Hei to sit down.

After Lao Hei took his seat, he said softly, “Are you here today?”

“I have received some messages here. The overseas Norman Family has assisted the Norman Family in Beifu with more than 2 billion funds as a temporary emergency, so I think you may need some help here.”

Hearing this, Chen Jingdao and Ran Normang couldn’t help but jump in their hearts, especially when a hanging rock in their hearts finally fell.

And Chen Jingdao calmly looked at Lao Hei and smiled: “Really, how are you going to help me? I’m afraid I will be more familiar with the overseas Norman Family than you.”

The reason why he said this is mainly because after he handed over the Xincheng Group to his son before, in order to lay a solid foundation for Chen Ming, he went directly to the Norman Family overseas.

Lao Hei obviously knew this, so he smiled slightly and said, “Of course I have a way to help. It just depends on whether Mr. Chen will mind.”

A cold light flashed in Chen Jingdao’s eyes, and he looked at the unhappy or sad expression on Lao Hei’s face and said, “Tell me, maybe I will accept your opinion.”

“Our boss will provide financial assistance to you, and we will cooperate with you to continue to block the flow of funds from the Norman Family.”

“What is the price? I don’t believe your bosses will stand up and help for no reason.”

Chen Jingdao has always followed the principle that there is no free lunch in the world, especially when you, as a businessman, face the apparent generosity of another businessman, be more careful.

Because there is only one reason for the other party to be generous, and that is that he wants far more than you think.

Sure enough, after hearing Chen Jingdao’s words, Lao He only chuckled and said, “The price is simple. No matter whether this happens or not, we will have 51% of Xincheng Group’s shares!”

After hearing this, Ran Normang patted his hand directly on the table, and looked at the old gangster in shock, “Impossible. Isn’t this just surrendering the company to you?”

Facing the rising frightened expression, the old black head did not turn back, but continued to look at Chen Jingdao with a pensive expression.

“Mr. Chen may wish to consider it. As long as you agree to this condition, we don’t even need you to sign any contract. Just verbally agree, we will take action!”

Chen Jingdao took a deep breath and smiled at Lao Hei: “So I underestimated the girl, 51% of the shares. Isn’t this just for the decision-making power of our company.”

After two wry smiles, Chen Jingdao shook his head and lit a cigarette for himself.

After taking a deep breath, he looked at the old gangster with a vague look in his eyes: “I started to prosper at the age of twenty-eight, Chen Jingdao, and created Xincheng at the age of 45. What hasn’t been experienced in so many years?”

The old black looked at the old black who was shrouded in smoke and smiled: “If this is the case, what should be done, please Mr. Chen to express.”

“I agreed to this condition, but there is one thing. As long as I live in this world for one day, Xincheng will belong to Chen Jingdao.”

He paused when he said this. Then he smiled bitterly: “You see that this bad old man of mine can’t live long. I don’t think you would mind this condition, right?”

Lao Hei smiled bitterly and shook his head: “You are planning to empty the gloved white wolf rhythm, so it will be difficult for me to go back.”

Although Lao Hei said so, he was already happy in his heart. They only needed to take advantage of Chen Jingdao’s identity to make a move, not really wanting Xincheng.

Chapter 790 A Little Meaning (Second)

Although that is said, the money is actually invested, even if Sally is the person in charge of the North House!

After communicating with Chen Jingdao carefully about the next cooperation matters, Lao He got up and planned to leave.

Before leaving, Chen Jingdao looked deeply at Lao Hei and asked him a creepy question.

“Regarding the death of my son, I don’t know if your boss has any different messages. If there is, please tell me directly, okay?”

If it weren’t for years of reading experience, I am afraid that when he asked this sentence, the movement of his eyes would be directly exposed.

After taking a couple of deep breaths, the old black stabilized his mind and looked at Chen Jingdao with a smile and said, “If I can, I will definitely ask the person above me and I will give you a message at that time.”

Chen Jingdao smiled and nodded, then watched Lao Hei leave.

As soon as the old black walked out of the office, Ran Normang said anxiously, “Uncle Chen, why do you agree to the fat man’s terms? This matter is not as simple as it seems on the surface.”

Chen Jingdao sat back on the sofa, then picked up a cup of tea and took a sip, then replied: “There are some things you have to see in private. Now you can’t see through it, just because you don’t have that place.”

Faced with this sentence, Ran Normang looked confused, indicating that he did not quite understand.

And Chen Jingdao quickly pointed to the desktop and laughed: “The Norman Family in Beifu and the Norman Family overseas are of the same origin. I think you should know this information?”

“Well, I know, this message is basically a tacit secret from the upper levels of the Beifu, but what does it have to do with the Tianzhu Villa?”

After hearing this, Chen Jingdao smiled faintly: “This relationship is big. The main reason why the person at Tianzhu Villa is so uncomfortable is that they are not businessmen themselves.”

If Chen Jingdao said outside that Sally was not a businessman, he would definitely be able to reap a lot of saliva.

Since Sally came to Beifu, although she has not intervened in the affairs of the upper class in Beifu, her ability to make money has to be admired.

The tactics on the market are also very vicious. At first, some people tried to knock some blood from the newcomer Sally, but the result was a bit horrible.

Ran Normang looked at Uncle Chen, who raised him since he was a child, and his eyes couldn’t help but be a little confused. Is this really the person who has been teaching him?

“Don’t be joking, the man in Tianzhu Villa is not a businessman. Such a joke is not something to be said now.”

Chen Jingdao also knew that if he said something, it would definitely make many people feel disdainful.

So he sighed lightly and then smiled: “They are actually an organized person. Of course, you don’t need to know this, just let time slowly pass by.”

Hearing this, Ran Normang looked slightly stunned, and suddenly remembered something.

He had heard a message many years ago. In the beginning, no matter it was in Beifu or somewhere, there was an unaffected existence in the heads of many people, that is, the Norman Family sect.

This can be seen from the branches of the Norman clan left over now, they are all leaders!

And standing on the heads of these elites, the Norman Family’s clan is even more powerful.

Although what his uncle said at this time didn’t seem to have any connection, but Ran Normang didn’t know why he thought of something about the Norman Family.

“Uncle Chen, you mean that the person in Tianzhu Villa is hostile to the overseas Norman Family?”

Chen Jingdao smiled and looked at the ups and downs of tea in the cup and said, “I just figured out about this, but I have to wait for the details. They are just a leader.”

Just as Chen Jingdao was about to breathe a sigh of relief, Lao Hei respectfully stood in front of Sally and bowed his head after returning to the Tianzhu Villa.

“I have already spoken to Mr. Chen Jingdao according to your instructions, and now I am almost ready for funding.”

Sally nodded slightly, and stood in front of the French window looking at the scenery outside and said solemnly: “What is Ning Kun’s state now? He needs to play soon. I don’t want him to play under pressure.”

Lao He hesitated for a moment when he heard this, and then continued to speak: “He is in a bit of a bad state, but it shouldn’t affect things. After all, there are fifty people in the beast camp.”

Sally looked a little tired after hearing this, maybe she didn’t understand Ning Kun, so she thought that the other party’s idea of ​​climbing up was wrong.

Later, after Sally thought about Ning Kun’s history carefully, she actually understood in her heart why he wanted to climb up.

Thinking of this, Sally sighed and said; “Maybe we put too much pressure on him, so he would do this, old black, do you think I did it right or wrong?”

Lao He was silent for a while and did not speak, after all, Sally was sitting right or wrong, and he had no right to judge.

After taking a deep breath, Sally looked at the gloomy sky outside and whispered, “Help me meet Ethan. I plan to have a showdown with him. I’m afraid Ethan’s help is needed for this matter.”

Lao Hei nodded in silence and then exited the office, and then made a call to Ethan who was in a close conversation with the Lin family.

Looking at the phone number in his hand, Ethan chuckled lightly and nodded to Old Man Lin, then connected and said, “Hey, old black, what’s the matter?”

“The boss wants to see you, don’t say I didn’t tell you in advance, she is in a bad mood now.”

After listening, Ethan nodded slightly and replied, “I see. Give me half an hour. I’ll be here soon.”

After saying this, Ethan ended the call, then looked at Old Man Lin and said, “Look, there are some things that don’t require me to be responsible. In fact, someone is already stopping Norman Qingshu.”

Seeing the confident look on Ethan’s face, Old Man Lin smiled and nodded and then put down the big rock in his heart.

“This is the best. If this is the case, I can safely hand over the money to you.”

“Money? What money?”

Hearing this, Ethan was slightly startled, why did Mr. Lin give himself money?

As a result, the idea just emerged, and Old Man Lin smiled heartily: “Of course it was for you to help Chen Jingdao that old thing, hahaha.”

Speaking of this, the smile on Old Man Lin’s face gradually stopped, and then he sighed and said, “The old man is a good man, but the son is really ineffective. This little meaning is my share. Be mindful.”


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