I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 793

Chapter 793 Courage (first more)

Ethan watched Ning Kun remain silent for a long time, and while smoking a cigarette, he said, “According to what you said, I became your bait?”

Ning Kun nodded and smiled: “You should know that Norman Tianyang is the only one who wants to be the only one. Apart from that, I can’t think of anything else that can make him move.”

After the two were silent for a while, Ethan nodded slightly, then looked at Ning Kun and said, “Do you know my true identity?”

Ning Kun Ethan’s question was a bit silent. In fact, it was Sally who discovered Ethan’s true identity first, and he also learned about it later.

After taking two deep breaths, perhaps because he was worried that Ethan might misunderstand him, Ning Kun smiled bitterly and said, “You have to be clear about one thing. I am not standing on the opposite side of you, just to avoid recurrence like Buckeye. Something like that.”

Thinking of this, Ning Kun turned around and walked away.

His conditions have been laid out, and the plan has been fully told to Ethan. What to do next is Ethan’s business, which has nothing to do with him.

Sally walked to the balcony in the office, quietly watching the scenery outside.

After she opened up the relationship of identity this time, she suddenly felt that she didn’t know how to get along with Ethan.

If Ethan is really just an ordinary person, Sally doesn’t mind being with him, but Ethan’s identity problem makes her a little confused.

Ethan looked at Sally with his back to him, then looked at Ning Kun again, and then he was silent for a while and said, “Okay, call me when you think the time is right, I will go.”

After saying this, Ethan turned around and left with a trace of loss in his eyes. He didn’t expect that Sally would keep hiding from herself.

Ning Kun looked at Ethan and nodded with a smile, watched him leave Sally’s office and walked to the balcony to light a cigarette.

“I thought you would never tell him. I didn’t expect you to break the matter with him in only two days.”

Sally smiled bitterly and nodded: “If I don’t do this, I’m afraid you will take the initiative to break things with him soon, right?”

Ning Kun responded to Sally’s words only for a while, because some things made no sense if they said too much.

By doing so, Sally also released a signal to herself that the last time she had misunderstood her had been eliminated, which gave Ning Kun a trace of comfort.

“Actually I am grateful for your choice, because I am indeed a little too tired, and I don’t want to continue to be too tired as before.”

Ning Kun took a deep cigarette, and then continued with a wry smile: “I have been thinking about a question many times. If I continue walking, I may sooner or later not even know where I am buried.”

This end is not a joke, because Sally has seen too much.

Hearing Ning Kun’s words like this, a mocking look suddenly appeared on Sally’s face.

“I’m very curious, since you are so worried about your death now, why did you choose to accept such a task in the first place? There are two truths, I believe you will not understand.”

Ning Kun lowered his head and breathed a deep breath of smoke, then put the cigarette butt into a small bottle he carried with him and smiled: “At the beginning, I was young and energetic, but now it is a little ups and downs. It has passed. Thank you.”

After saying this, Ning Kun also quit Sally’s office. After all, he might be the busiest person next.

All the people who sent the body like that were left behind. He made this plan from the beginning, and Sally just agreed.

He is responsible for all the actions and problems of the plan. If it succeeds, it will be a great achievement, but if it fails, he is also responsible.

In order not to be sent out to make a fish again in the future, Ning Kun felt that he could take such a risk. He was really tired.

Lao Hei stood outside the office and watched the two leave one after another. The different expressions on their faces made Lao Hei’s heart sink.

When I walked into the office, I saw that Sally was still standing on the balcony with her back facing herself, so Old Hei stepped forward and stood three steps behind Sally and said in a deep voice, “Boss, have you finished talking about things?”

Sally hummed slightly and said without looking back, “Go down and take a look. If there is anything that can help Ning Kun, you can help.”

Having said this, Sally paused slightly, then turned to look at the old black.

“Although he is unwilling to work for me, I can’t bear to see him be destroyed like this.”

Old Hei nodded silently and then quit. He didn’t forget to close the door when he left. Only Sally was left in the huge office.

She may have been accustomed to such loneliness, no matter how many people are with her, she can only believe in herself.

This is the sadness of the superior, and it is also something she must get used to.

Some people say why the emperor’s dragon chair is so wide and so big?

Because this is to let the emperor know that he has no reliance, only on himself!

After leaving the Tianzhu Villa, Ethan felt a little depressed. He had always thought that he was hiding well, but he didn’t expect that he would be discovered by Sally after all.

Thinking of this, Ethan felt a little dull, but Ethan knew what Sally thought about him.

But the issue of Sally’s identity worries Ethan a little. Intuition tells him that Sally’s identity is not simple, or even so simple that he does not want to explore the truth behind Sally.

After hearing what Ning Kun had said to him, Ethan gently pulled out a slightly gloomy smile.

“I have already retreated here, you dare to catch up, and you have to push me step by step! If this is the case, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Having said this, Ethan turned his head and looked at the scenery outside the car window. This should be his second gift to Norman Tianyang.

At this time, Norman Wennian’s expression was a little embarrassed in the Norman Family of the North House, because although Norman Tianyang promised to help himself, the price he paid was not small.

Norman Qingshu looked at his father sitting on the chair as if he was ten times older, and couldn’t help but start talking with some worry, “Dad, what’s the matter with you?”

“The head of the Norman Family overseas, Norman Tianyang, has promised to help us. The money is on the way, and they will send people over.”

Norman Qingshu nodded silently when he heard this. He knew that his family might have to pay a heavy price next, so he didn’t ask this question with interest.

Norman Wennian looked at his son and smiled with some relief: “Qing Shu, I know the arrogance in your heart, because that is what I cultivated for you since I was a child, but this is not a reason not to bow my head.”

People always need to bow their heads to live in this world, even the most powerful people will eventually.

But the question is, after you lowered your head for the first time, do you have the courage to raise it again!


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