I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 801

Chapter 801 Beautiful Woman (first more)

Looking at the number on the check, Ning Kun nodded with satisfaction and smiled: “If you can talk, you can talk, as long as you have money, you can talk about anything!”

Sanniang smiled helplessly and took a sip from the back of the cup, then deliberately or unintentionally said, “Money is easy to get, but if things are not handled well, you may not be able to bear the consequences.”

“There are many people in Beifu who ask me to do things, and the top ten is not a clean thing. You see that I can live so well now. I don’t need to talk about my signature, right?”

After saying this, Ning Kun smiled and took out a notebook, and then continued to speak: “Who do you want to find, your previous name, identity, and information, I need to use it.”

Hearing Ning Kun’s words, San Niang’s eyes flashed slightly: “Yes, people are quite smart, how do you know that the other party has changed their name?”

Seeing Sanniang’s somewhat puzzled look, Ning Kun spoke with disdain: “Does it still need to be thought of? The person you are looking at is definitely the person who is being followed by the overseas Norman Family. If you don’t change your name, there is still a way to survive. ?”

After saying this, Ning Kun pretended to meditate: “And among the recently wanted people from the Norman Family overseas, the most famous is undoubtedly a figure named Ethan from Buckeye.”

Having said this, Ning Kun pretended to be surprised and looked at Sanniang and said, “Do you need the person I am looking for, this is the legendary Ethan?”

Sanniang looked at Ning Kun for a moment, then burst into laughter!

“Sure enough, people who are greedy for money are capable people. It seems that this sentence is very true. Although your kid looks a little bit stunned, your mind is really easy to use!”

Then Sanniang looked at Ning Kun with a smile and nodded: “Yes, the person I want to find is Ethan, how about it, are you still confident now?”

A wry smile appeared on Ning Kun’s face. He looked at Sanniang and shrugged slightly and said, “Things are a bit troublesome. Although we are not in a circle, I happen to know some of the circumstances.”

Hearing this, Sanniang glanced at Ning Kun’s pocket intentionally or unintentionally, and then whispered: “You have already accepted the money, don’t you want to regret it with me?”

Seeing Ning Kun a little embarrassed, Sanniang’s mouth opened with a sullen smile: “Since you said your sign is good, let me see how good it is?”

Ning Kun gave a bitterly helpless smile, then he muttered for a moment and said, “All right, but the ugly thing is up front. Since I have accepted the money, I will give you the message.”

After a slight pause, Ning Kun looked at Sanniang and continued, “But you can’t track me down during this period, and you can’t send someone to follow me, otherwise you won’t get any information even if you kill me.”

It’s not the first time Sanniang has dealt with people like Ning Kun. After hearing this request, she nodded slightly and signaled that she had agreed.

Then they were sent to send Ning Kun away, and when he was sent out, she looked thoughtful at Ning Kun’s back.

A staff member around looked at Sanniang in thought and whispered, “Is this person really trustworthy? Would you like me to follow?”

Sanniang shook his head in silence and said, “No, I think he is quite dripping. He should have two skills in his hands, so forget it.”

After saying this, she turned around and went back to her room. After all, she was a little tired after all the way.

Ning Kun, who walked out of Sanniang’s residence, removed the disguise on his face, and then carefully waited for about half an hour to make sure that no one was following him, then satisfactorily took the check and drove back to Tianzhu Villa.

At the moment Sally was sitting in the office quietly looking at the files. These things seemed to have become her life, even if she wanted to refuse, she couldn’t refuse.

Ning Kun, who had just returned to the villa, saw Lao Hei, so Lao Hei grabbed Ning Kun and asked, “Do you know what the situation is now, and you disappeared suddenly to scare me to death, right?”

Ning Kun looked at Lao Hei and smiled helplessly, then pulled away Lao Hei’s hand to tidy up his collar and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not so stunned. This is something rare. Live me.”

Seeing Lao Hei rolling his eyes at him, Ning Kun smiled and asked, “Is the boss in the office? I have something to talk to her about.”

Lao Hei nodded slightly and then replied, “People are here, but you’d better hurry up. I just came out of her office, and she was in a bad mood.”

Ning Kun smiled and nodded, then walked straight to Sally’s office, stood at the door and knocked on the door. He then pushed in after hearing Sally’s voice.

“The plan has already begun. I just went out to meet with those people. I didn’t expect that the third-level leader of the team turned out to be a woman, who looks pretty pretty.”

Sally frowned slightly when she heard this, then stopped her hand movement and looked at Ning Kun: “You just went out and got in touch with the other person? Do you know what you are doing? What about the fish, what do you do if you run into each other?”

There are more than one hundred people in a small yard, and every one of these more than one hundred people may remember his appearance and figure.

If he is still cast out to make a fish in the future, every one of those people may see him through!

It’s not that Ning Kun doesn’t understand this kind of risk, but suddenly he feels a little bearish, and is no longer as scared as before.

After shook his head with a wry smile, Ning Kun looked at Sally and smiled: “It doesn’t matter, I pretended to be when I went, and this time I was cheated of a little money, 100,000 yuan!”

Seeing Ning Kun playing with treasures, Sally sighed a little helplessly. She suddenly felt that she seemed to be several years old during this time!

I used to be a little bit confused about those people, why they would be sad when they just simply do something, and never smile a day.

Now that she took this position, she understood why those people didn’t like to laugh at the beginning.

It’s just a few ordinary things that are already annoying, plus a person who plays tricks with you all day long, it’s weird to be able to laugh!

After sighing lightly, Sally looked at Ning Kun and said solemnly, “Well, the money is yours. Tell me about the other party’s information.”

Ning Kun nodded and reduced the smile on his face, and said solemnly: “More than 100 people from the other side are now living in Sanhezhuang in the west of the city, but there are not many people around, and they seem to have dispersed.”

Sally nodded slightly and said coldly, “Have the other party contacted the Norman Family in Beifu?”

Hearing this, Ning Kun took out a small notebook from her body, and then respectfully handed it to Sally and said, “This is from the people on the street. It seems that they have already been to Norman’s house. “


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