I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 803

The only one of the thirteen subjects in the 803 chapter (third more)

Thinking of this, Ethan felt helpless. After all, he was not a god. Facing these problems, he was more concerned with what the other party would do.

Now it seems that Ning Kun and Sally are using themselves to seek merit, and they are targeting people in Norman Tianyang. On the surface, they are mutually beneficial.

But Ethan actually had a complicated feeling for Sally. Such feelings are like yesterday’s friends, and today they have become their own opponents.

Just thinking of this, the door outside the rental room was knocked on by Ning Kun, Ethan got up and walked to the door to see through the cat’s eyes.

Ning Kun was standing at the door in a very casual dress, waving at Ethan.

“What’s wrong, I came to see you today but I have something to discuss. Is it convenient to open the door and let me in?”

Ethan nodded helplessly, then opened the door and looked at Ning Kun and said, “Why are you here? Is there anything wrong?”

Ning Kun walked into the door and changed his shoes, then went into the house and lay down on the sofa with a smile: “You can’t come over and see if you have nothing to do. I found this place for you at the beginning. Don’t kill the donkey.”

I don’t know what’s going on. The longer I get along with Ning Kun, the more casual I feel with him, and the two gradually abandon the relationship of identity.

Ethan looked at Ning Kun and smiled and then said, “Let’s talk about it, if you are here today, are there any personal affair you want to tell me, otherwise, why would you come so early?”

Having said this, Ethan took out a can of drink from the refrigerator and threw it to Ning Kun.

Ning Kun lay on the sofa and took the drink that Ethan handed over, and then started to take a sip, “Don’t tell me, today there is something to discuss with you, and it has something to do with the Norman Family.”

For things that can be related to the Norman Family and need to be discussed with him, Ethan smiled slightly and then replied, “Are you referring to the people of Norman Tianyang?”

Ning Kun nodded and looked at Ethan in a deep voice, “Yes, the person headed by Norman Tianyang’s staff is called Sanniang. I don’t know if you know him or not, and I don’t have her information.”

After hearing this, Ethan was silent for a long time, seeming to be thinking, but he also shook his head in confusion.

Norman Tianyang has been in charge of the Norman Family overseas for so many years, and there are many capable people and strangers under him, and Ethan only met one or two when he was in Buckeye.

Thinking of this, Ethan looked at Ning Kun and said, “Why, the other party is very troublesome? What level is it?”

“The level is definitely not as high as you. There is only a third level. I am just wondering if I can pry out something we need through this Sanniang’s mouth.”

When she said this, Ning Kun looked at Ethan with a smirk, as if she was talking about where to go to have fun tonight.

After Ethan was silent for a while, he understood Ning Kun’s thoughts, so he looked at Ning Kun with a smirk and said, “This is not possible. You have a rule that you can’t treat people this way.”

Ning Kun raised his middle finger at Ethan. He only knew what Ethan said. He must have understood his thoughts.

So he said with a smirk: “No kidding, I think this person must have a lot of things in his hands. If we don’t do it, others will do it too.”

Ethan took a sip of the drink, then looked at Ning Kun a little senselessly, “The plan has already started, are you still worried that this person is not yours?”

After saying this, Ethan got up and walked to the window, and then watched the pedestrians coming and going under the floor.

“If you want me to say these things, you don’t need to worry. After all, Sanniang is just an errand runner. No matter how much you master, it won’t have a crucial effect.”

Ning Kun lied down on the sofa and laughed disdainfully when he heard Ethan’s words, because he was not in this business, so naturally he didn’t understand.

In the industry, Ning Kun’s nose is like a dog. As long as he sniffs a little trace, he can keep on catching it.

In fact, the reason why he was so obsessed with Sanniang was for nothing else. The main reason was to find out from Sanniang who on earth was Buckeye who voted for Norman Tianyang!

The last time the information was tampered with, no matter to Ning Kun or Sally, it seemed to have cast a shadow in my heart!

As long as this person was not caught for a day, Ning Kun and Sally would always feel as if there was something staring behind them.

Thinking of this, Ning Kun sighed a little helplessly, then lit a cigarette for himself and said, “You might not know, I might go to Buckeye next time.”

After hearing this, Ethan’s hand trembled unconsciously, then turned his head and looked at Ning Kun and said, “What are you doing in Buckeye? Is there anything to do?”

Ning Kun nodded slightly, and then said in a deep voice, “It seems that someone from Buckeye has cast into Norman Tianyang’s door. A document was deliberately tampered with before, and the consequences were a bit serious.”

Although Ethan didn’t know what organization Ning Kun and Sally were, but looking at Ning Kun’s appearance, this incident must have had a deep impact on them, otherwise Ning Kun would not have such an expression on his face.

After being silent for a while, Ethan nodded slightly, deliberately wanting Ning Kun to help him track down his friend’s whereabouts, but he couldn’t say it for some reason.

Ning Kun smiled at Ethan’s uncomfortable look, and then sat up and said, “If you have anything to say, I will say it for you.”

Seeing Ning Kun’s weird look, Ethan smiled, and then he said contemplatively: “When you go to investigate today, please also check where Norman Tianyang kept my friend. I believe you should know who my friend is. .”

Ning Kun shrugged when he heard this. After all, judging by Norman Tianyang’s dedication to Ethan, this matter is not just troublesome.

“Your kid always makes trouble for me, no, this time I have to charge for the benefit. Otherwise, I will do it for you like this, it feels a bit uneconomical.”

After smiling pretentiously, Ning Kun was silent for a while, and then suddenly said quietly, “Seriously, I hope you can think about it.”

Ethan turned his head and looked at Ning Kun for a moment: “What are you thinking about?”

“Considering a relationship with Sally, you may not know Sally’s true identity yet, right?”

After saying this, Ning Kun looked at Ethan and gave a smirk. He suddenly felt that if he matched Sally and Ethan, perhaps something extraordinary would appear in the future!

The only bloodline of the Norman Family and the only heir to their thirteen subjects, how powerful this combination would be, Ning Kun felt trembling all over just thinking about it!


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