I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 806

Chapter 806

After getting in the car, Ethan looked curiously at Lao Hei and said, “Why are you here today? Didn’t Ning Kun inform me of the message?”

Old Hei shook his head, and then smiled while driving the car: “Your information has not been revealed yet, because the boss suddenly changed her mind. She may want to take a moment to relax.”

Facing the sudden change, Ethan looked at the old black in a daze, not knowing the truth of this matter for a while.

Because Sally gave him the feeling that it was a sophisticated machine, as long as everything was programmed, she would continue to execute it without a little drag.

But now the sudden change has disrupted everyone’s pace. Thinking of this, Ethan looked at Lao Hei and said, “Does Ning Kun know about Sally’s change of her mind?”

Old Hei shook his head and said: “He doesn’t know that this matter has changed for the time being, because the boss wants to wait any longer, maybe he can wait for a bigger fish.”

After hearing this, Ethan fell silent, and after a while, he said, “I heard Ning Kun say that my identity has become a problem for you now, right?”

This matter should have been concealed from Ethan, but seeing the look on Ethan’s face, he suddenly fell silent.

Then he nodded lightly and said, “Yes, because Corey’s policy is to maintain peace, but because you have caused too many things, the attitude towards you at the headquarters is also somewhat blurred.”

After saying this, Lao Hei sighed without waiting for Ethan to speak: “You don’t have to worry too much. No matter how much Corey quarrels about you, he won’t attack you. Don’t worry about that.”

Although this is the case, the meaning revealed in the words is a bit confusing.

Listening to what Lao He said, it seems that there are many capable people and strangers in the thirteen subjects. Isn’t he a fourth-level warrior not enough?

Thinking of this, Ethan shook his head and smiled bitterly: “Why the longer I have been in contact with you, the more unreliable in my heart, I always feel that there is some gap between me and you.”

The old black smiled happily and replied: “It’s not that there is a gap between you and us, but because you haven’t got the proper guidance at all.”

Speaking of this, Lao Hei actually regarded Ethan very seriously.

After all, without the guidance of many people, Ethan can still cultivate into a fourth-level martial artist, which is already a great improvement!

Many people may only be able to wander at the first level in their poor life, which is why even the backbone of Norman Tianyang’s men is only the second level.

Thinking of this, Old Hei sighed and looked at shoulder-high and smiled: “You don’t need to be too anxious. In fact, you don’t need to think about these things. You just need to do it right now.”

After hearing this, Ethan was silent for a while and suddenly said, “I know what you mean, but if this goes on, where will my power come from to avenge Norman Tianyang.”

Hearing this, Old Hei suddenly stepped on the brake, then stopped the car and turned to look at Ethan.

“Are you still thinking about revenge? I tell you, Norman Tianyang has already laid a net in Buckeye, and the people in Buckeye may have rebelled!”

Originally, this incident was considered a family scandal of the Thirteenth Division, but in order to prevent Ethan from going back to seek death, Lao Hei still said it.

Sure enough, Ethan, who heard this, looked at Lao He in surprise, quite like he had known him for the first time.

After all, this message is really explosive, and even the 13 subjects have been drawn to Norman Tianyang, so what else can he not do?

Looking at Ethan’s shock, Lao Hei suddenly shook his head and said, “Forget it, you should ask the boss yourself about this matter. I am only responsible for sending you to the villa today. The rest is up to you. .

Hearing the words, Ethan nodded slightly, closed his eyes and started thinking.

Time slowly passed, after the old black took Ethan to the villa, Sally was standing on the balcony with her arms folded, watching the two get out of the car.

Ethan seemed to perceive Sally’s gaze, and after looking up at her, he waved with a smile on his face.

However, Sally looked at him silently, as if she hadn’t seen him saying hello.

After Ethan walked into Sally’s office, she was still standing on the balcony, seeming to be thinking about something.

Lao Hei gently opened the door to let Ethan enter, and then backed out. This is a habit he has only developed recently.

Whenever he met Ethan and Sally alone, he would always guard the door, not allowing ordinary people to enter at will.

Entering the office, Ethan walked gently behind Sally, and then said solemnly, “What’s wrong, what are you thinking about?”

The sudden sound pulled Sally out of her thoughts. She turned her head and glanced at Ethan in confusion.

Then slowly returned to his senses and smiled: “It’s nothing, just thinking about a little thing, how do you feel?”

Ethan nodded. This was the first time Sally had spoken to herself in a polite tone.

After being silent for a while, Ethan looked at Sally and said, “I heard that your headquarters’ attitude towards me is a bit vague. This has caused you a lot of trouble, right?”

Sally fell silent after hearing this. She didn’t know why Lao Hei told Ethan about this, but now it seems that she can’t hide it anymore.

So he coughed slightly and said, “Well, things are a little bit troublesome, so I want you to stay here with me as much as possible during this time.”

“As for Ning Kun, he has already made a plan and has contacted Norman Tianyang’s subordinates, so he just gave up?”

Faced with Sally’s attitude, Ethan also had the idea of ​​taking the plunge, and straightforwardly pointed out everything.

Sally looked at Ethan with a complicated expression. After a long silence, she said in a hoarse voice: “I don’t plan to do this for the time being. Anyway, I haven’t leaked your information now. They should not be able to find it for a while. your turn.”

Faced with such an answer, Ethan said with some fullness: “Sooner or later, I will find it. I don’t understand what caused you to temporarily terminate this plan.”

After a deep sigh, Sally turned back to the office, and poured herself a cup of tea, as if she wanted to pretend that she didn’t hear Ethan’s question.

And Ethan was even more confused when he saw Sally’s abnormal behavior.

It was the first time she spoke to herself in a polite tone, and this was the first time she avoided her own question, even without a simple perfunctory sentence.

This made Ethan’s heart at this time, can’t help but feel a bad feeling.


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