I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 809

Chapter 809

After taking two deep breaths, Ethan looked at Sally with a wry smile, and then said: “You guys, I’ll go out first.”

Sally looked at Ethan and rolled her eyes, knowing that the other party was a little embarrassed to look at herself, so she snorted and watched Ethan leave.

When Lao Hei and Ethan passed by, they both smiled knowingly, and they saw some embarrassing emotions in each other’s eyes.

After Ethan left, Lao Hei coughed and looked at Sally and said, “I think you may need to submit a proposal to the boss at the headquarters.”

Sally sneered and replied: “I know what you are talking about, but it’s not the time yet. I will naturally do this when the time comes. By the way, I heard that there seems to be something going on in Hedong recently.”

Lao Hei nodded slightly. Hedong is a city with a distance of more than 500 kilometers from Beifu, with a population of about 30 million.

After seeing Lao Hei nodding, Sally thought for a moment. She has a friend in Hedong, and Shisan Corey also has a branch in Hedong.

However, because the situation in Hedong is very special, they have not been able to develop well in Hedong, which has become Sally’s heart disease.

After all, she will inherit 13 subjects in the future, so now she has already started to cultivate her own power.

After a long silence, Sally sat in a chair, closed her eyes and meditated for a moment, and said, “If this is the case, can you pick a few of the people we have selected and send to Hedong.”

Lai He nodded and said, “Yes, yes, but I am a little worried that they may not be comfortable with the situation in Hedong after they pass. After all, the most chaotic city in the east is Hedong.”

Sally glanced at Lao Hei faintly when she heard the words, with some disdain in her eyes.

“If it weren’t for this reason, would I deliberately select them? Since they can’t do this, then there is no use for me to raise them.”

Facing the suddenly sharp-edged Sally, Lao Hei was silent for a long time before he felt a little embarrassed: “Okay, I will go down later and let those people make preparations, but there seems to be a Norman Family in Hedong, what do you plan to do? “

The Norman Family in Beifu hasn’t settled it yet, and now she is facing the Norman Family in Hedong again. Sally feels her head hurts when she thinks of this.

After slightly shook her hand, Sally said, “Hedong’s Norman Family has always been low-key, even when the Norman Family was beautiful, so I am not sure which side he is on.”

The people of the Norman Family can basically be regarded as the pride of the heavens, and the clutter-free style is definitely not what they are willing to do, so the position of the Norman Family in Hedong made Sally a little uncertain.

They neither interacted with Norman Tianyang, who is the strongest right now, nor communicated with anyone from the Norman Family branch in private, and they seemed to be completely independent of everyone.

But the more this happened, the more Sally couldn’t understand what the other party was thinking.

There is only one household in Beifu that often travels to and from Hedong, and that is the Xue family, because the ancestors of the Xue family have been in business for generations.

They never focus on the current development and management, but pay more attention to the traditional form of business, and use an open eye to discover the soil full of gold.

Thinking of this, Sally looked at Lao Hei and said, “Let’s see if you can get in touch with the Xue family and use their network to send people to Hedong. I don’t want them to have accidents on the road.”

Lao Hei smiled sadly and then suddenly said, “Besides, do you want to send some good players to follow them? The new season’s shadow guards have been selected, and they have no mission yet.”

Sally shook her head in silence. The Shadow Guard is her own security force, which is different from the bodyguards in the yard who wear black suits and sunglasses, who look like agents.

Shadow Guards prefer to execute assassination orders. They are born without sunlight and hide in darkness all their lives.

After a long silence, Sally got up and walked to the balcony. Looking at the sunny sun outside the window, she felt a chill in her heart.

A traitor appeared in Buckeye, which brought a bad sign to the thirteen subjects as a whole. If the people of the three subjects cannot handle this matter well, there will be more and more such things in the future.

This is not the situation that Sally hopes to see, because if it develops in this situation, the 13 subjects will soon lose control of Buckeye.

And Norman Tianyang, who is based overseas, can also use the Buckeye area to gradually develop and strengthen his own power. It will be too late to think about suppressing him at that time.

Thinking of this, Sally looked at Lao Hei after a moment of contemplation, and said, “Are there any trustworthy people in Buckeye? I hope they can pick a few people out for me to use, and prepare cloths in some important places in Buckeye. .”

Lao He was silent for a long time before he spoke, “This is not uncommon, but the relationship is a bit complicated, including two people who have been in contact with Ethan.”

“Who is it? Let me see if I can use it. I can’t take care of that much right now, so I just use it reluctantly.”

Lao Hei coughed lightly when he saw it, and then said, “These two people are under the hands of the old man who shopped money for 30 li on the outskirts of Buckeye. If you need to use it, wait two days for me to pass one. Here are the details.”

Sally nodded lightly and then pondered for a moment: “Is this old man Qian just having to choose to retire last time because of some special reasons?”

Old Heiyan nodded deeply and said, “Indeed, but if you want to use him, boss, I am afraid it will cause a lot of trouble. There are many people staring at him now.”

“I know, Norman Tianyang is included, right? I have read the report on how Ethan came to Beifu.”

After saying this, Sally turned to look at the old black who was standing in the room and smiled: “But you don’t think that it is this kind of person that should be used to let Norman Tianyang know that our 13 subjects are not what he wants It’s all about it, isn’t it?”

Hearing this, Lao Hei meditated, and took advantage of Qian Lao’s previous violent relationship with Norman Tianyang, and then sent a signal to Norman Tianyang.

This method is not impossible, but it may be a burden to Mr. Qian.

Thinking of this, the old black heart disagrees with Sally’s doing this, because if Sally’s plan is followed, the consequences will be too heavy.

If anything happens to Qian Lao then, Sally, as the initiator of this incident, will be unforgivable!

“I don’t think, boss, we don’t have to take this risk, right?”

After saying this, Old Hei said in a deep voice, “Now that Norman Tianyang has a lot of power in the Beifu, if he pushes Qian Lao to stand up, it will probably bring him danger.”


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