I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 811

Chapter 811

Ethan looked at Ning Kun and was silent for a while, then shook his head slightly.

In fact, he knew what Sally was going to talk to the Lin family, but Ning Kun’s current state, he worried that after telling Ning Kun it might cause some changes.

So he simply shook his head and said, “Don’t bother with this matter. Once we have made all the preparations, we will act with you.”

Even though the long wait made Ning Kun a little anxious, he didn’t know what to do in this situation, so he nodded.

When he fell silent, Sally suddenly walked out of the office, then gave Ethan a faint look and smiled, “Can you please accompany me to go shopping?”

Ethan looked at Sally wearing a white dress and a furry coat, his eyes lit up!

At this moment, Sally does not have the strong sense of oppression in the office just now, but makes people feel like a little princess!

“Very happy, if you don’t mind, please allow me to let you hold my left hand, okay?”

Sally looked at Ethan pretending to be a gentleman and couldn’t help but chuckled twice, then nodded playfully and said, “I agree, Lord Knight.”

Sally and Ethan got goosebumps on Ning Kun. Watching the two of them quickly rolled their eyes and said, “Okay, let’s go, you guys go, I’ll go back to the house and sleep for a while, call me if something happens. “

Sally looked at Ning Kun, her eyes flashed with apology, and then she spoke to Ethan: “Norman Yan, you should go out and wait for me for a while. I’ll come out and call you later.”

Ethan shrugged, then glanced at the wine road on the table; “This wine is delicious, how much is a bottle, don’t you mind if I take it?”

Sally glanced at Ethan helplessly, saying nothing, she was not a stingy person, even if she was not stingy to Ethan.

Seeing that Sally looked helpless, Ethan laughed a few times and then picked up the red wine on the table and walked out.

Ning Kun looked at Sally awkwardly, then lowered his head, not knowing why.

Every time Ning Kun faced Sally alone, perhaps because of the instinct he had trained all the year round, he felt like he was facing a tiger sniffing the rose.

“I know you have paid a lot for your plan during this period, and you are also very haggard.”

After saying this, Sally walked gently to Ning Kun and sat down, and then said lightly: “But you should know that for the greater good, some things must be waited for.”

Ning Kun lowered his head and heard this, and said with some dissatisfaction: “But if you continue to wait like this, there may be some changes. What if the plan cannot keep up with the changes?”

There are opportunities to start a preparatory plan, but Ning Kun has already planned perfectly for this matter, and he can’t think of other backup plans.

Sally glanced at Ning Kun lightly, and then said: “You have to be clear about one thing. The most threatening person at the moment is not the mere hundred people sent by Norman Tianyang, but Norman Tianyang himself.”

After saying this, Sally continued with some helplessness: “Buckeye has lost part of its control ability. I have to find a way to choke Norman Tianyang’s forces on Buckeye, and I can’t let him continue to develop.”

Ning Kun fell silent, and finally relieved after hearing Sally’s words.

For him, as long as Sally tells him the reason for anything, he is also willing to cooperate with Sally.

What I was afraid of was that she didn’t say anything here, and she was ready for everything again. Seeing that she was about to act, she suddenly came to stop.

It’s like watching the cooked duck fly. It is not only the cause of frustration, but also part of the suspicion of Sally.

Now that she heard what Sally said, Ning Kun reacted, and then she was silent for a moment and said, “So, what are you going to do?”

“You don’t need to worry about how to do it. Old Hei is already in charge of this matter. In addition, I have one more thing, I want to ask you.

Ning Kun looked at Sally’s serious expression, nodded and said, “You said, I must do what I can.”

“Hedong, you should know that it is a city with a permanent population of over 30 million and a crime rate of 38%.”

Ning Kun glanced at Sally with some suspicion and nodded: “I know, I know, this city is a bit dirty. Before, my instructor asked me to deliberately deliberately understand it. It’s social practice.

Sally nodded slightly and then said solemnly: “There is also a Norman Family in Hedong, and it seems that they have no contact with Norman Tianyang at the moment, but in that environment, I can hardly believe that they are clean.”

“Are you worried that the Norman Family on the Hedong side will unite with Norman Tianyang, and then slowly cannibalize our circle of influence?”

Sally nodded and turned back: “Although it seems that there is no such sign now, I must take precautions. The Norman Family in Beifu is no longer necessary. This is a warning to Norman Tianyang.”

“The more than a hundred people sent by Norman Tianyang, what do you mean by this?”

“Of course it’s all taken care of. Let’s take care of it with the Norman Family in the Northern Palace. Norman Tianyang must be told that no one can deal with him.”

Seeing Sally’s indifferent expression determine the lives of a family and hundreds of people, Ning Kun has to admit that Sally in front of her has become more and more of a heroic temperament.

After the two of them were silent for a long time, Ning Kun suppressed the excitement in his heart and said, “Okay, I will immediately proceed with this matter. When the matter here is over, I will follow your arrangements and rush to Hedong. .”

Sally nodded in satisfaction, Ning Kun was like a goshawk flying in the sky.

If he can’t be convinced, even if he says he is self-serving, but what he would actually do is another matter.

I have to admit that Ning Kun is very good, but he also has a shortcoming, that is, he lacks a big picture.

Perhaps this is not his shortcoming, but because of his training. From the beginning, he doesn’t need to have a big picture, only he can complete the task well.

Sally is different from Ning Kun. The education she has received since childhood is the overall view. The more unclear the situation, the more she can show her abilities.

It’s like what the emperor learned in ancient times, something that a leader must learn!

Seeing that she had made Ning Kun through, Sally took a sigh of relief, knowing that now Ning Kun would not have any grudges anymore.

So he chuckled and nodded his head and said, “Okay, then I will go shopping first. You can rest well. When will you start waiting for my message?”

Ning Kun nodded slightly and watched Sally leave, his eyes really flashed with a look of old black looking at her, that was respect!


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