I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 813

Chapter 813

Sally and Ethan looked at each other and then stepped forward, and then said solemnly to Mr. Lin, who is more tasting tea, “Hello, Mr. Lin.”

Old Man Lin opened his eyes and glanced at Ethan and Sally, and then stretched out his hand to signal: “Sit down and talk, and taste the tea that I recently recovered.”

Old man Lin had never heard of the name he loves tea before in Beifu, but Ethan knew it. This was all because of the cup of tea he invited himself to drink the last time Ethan came to ask Mr. Lin to do something. .

After watching Mr. Lin nodded, Ethan took a cup of tea and sent it to the entrance. After a few aftertastes with his eyes closed, Ethan opened his eyes and smiled: “Good tea, I guess it cost him a lot of money. Right?”

Sally herself is also a tea drinker. She picked up the cup and tasted it and nodded and said, “Well, top grade, Mr. Lin will really enjoy it. It seems that you have almost completely ignored the company’s affairs now?”

When Mr. Lin heard this, he smiled bitterly. In fact, he wanted to manage the company’s affairs, but as long as he intervened, Lin Yan would not stand up and object.

But no one can accept that when he is doing something, there is always such a pair of worried eyes looking at him faintly.

Thinking of this, Old Man Lin sighed helplessly: “Now that the Lin Group has handed it over to Yan’er, I haven’t been to the company for a long time.”

After saying this, Old Man Lin nodded to Sally, then looked at Ethan and smiled: “How did your kid think of me today, I heard that you quit your job in the Chinese Medicine Hospital?”

Ethan felt a little embarrassed when he touched his nose. Wasn’t he thinking about cooperating with Ning Kun’s plan, so he simply quit his job in the Chinese Medicine Hospital to make time.

As a result, he did not expect that when Sally spoke, the whole plan was called to a halt. Now when I think about it, he feels like a stupid pig!

“Uh, there was a little problem, so I just quit. I have been resting and playing around during this period.”

After saying this, Ethan touched his head and said embarrassingly: “After all, I haven’t had any fun since I came to Beifu for so long!”

Old man Lin looked at Ethan’s embarrassment on his face and laughed a lot, then said without anyone else: “Boy, do you want to come to my company for fun, I will give you a position with a monthly salary of 50,000 yuan.”

After hearing this, Ethan looked at Mr. Lin in surprise, then laughed and nodded: “Okay, Mr. Lin, don’t blame me for eating and sleeping all day, and everything will be done!”

Old Man Lin smiled and nodded and said, “It’s okay. You only need to play chess and chat with me when you have time. In this huge courtyard, no one can get along with me.”

Thinking of this, Old Man Lin shook his head sadly, it seemed that no matter what he did, the people in these yards thought he just wanted to hold his hands with all his strength.

Only Lin Yan knew that she just really hoped that one person could stand up and pass on the business in this family safely.

Sally looked at the somewhat uncomfortable look on Old Man Lin’s face and couldn’t help but worry: “I heard that the Lin Group’s recent Xichunju project has been completed, haven’t you?”

Although Mr. Lin didn’t take care of those trivial matters, he still treasured his family’s wealth.

After hearing Sally’s words, Mr. Lin nodded and said, “In fact, it has already started. Yan’er is planning to sell during this period. What’s wrong?”

Sally smiled and nodded when she heard this, and then glanced at Ethan who was sitting next to her. Ethan smiled and nodded and then lowered her head to make tea.

“Once the Xichunju project is launched, you will soon be able to ease from your current state. Has Mr. Lin thought about doing anything by then?”

After hearing this, Old Man Lin looked at Sally with some doubts: “I haven’t thought about this yet. Why, did Miss Sally come to talk to me for business today?”

Sally nodded slightly and then said, “Yes, I came here today to discuss a big deal with Mr. Lin!”

Elder Lin looked at Sally deeply. He heard a few words from an old friend about Sally’s identity.

Although his friend is not a high-ranking authority, he still has a certain amount of weight in the North House.

Even so, when the other party faced Sally, he was still in awe. From this, one can imagine how surprising Sally’s identity is.

Right now, they are about to start doing business with themselves. Thinking of this, Old Man Lin nodded after he indulged for a moment: “Okay, tell me, let me hear what kind of business it is.”

After getting such an answer, Sally quickly said, “Regarding the business of the Norman Family and the business of the first house in Beifu, see if you plan to do it next.”

After faintly uttering this sentence, Sally sneered and picked up a cup of tea, hesitated and drank it.

Then he continued to speak: “If you are not confident about what to do next, I will treat you as if I haven’t been here today.”

At this time, Old Man Lin could not see anything on the surface, but his expression in his heart was already shocked!

It wasn’t that he had never thought that Sally would attack the Norman Family, because the Norman Family in front of him was already devastated.

Not to mention in other places, just in these few things in Beifu, the role played by the Norman Family was not very good. This is much thanks to Norman Qingshu’s nonsense!

If Norman Qingshu can be regarded as the proud son of the Beifu family, then perhaps he has developed arrogance since he was a child.

Facing no one, he never lowered his head too much, which also caused Norman Qingshu to offend many people.

Enthusiastically now that old mad dog of Chen Jingdao has been staring at the Norman Family all day long, as long as the Norman Family wants to do something, he is definitely the first to stand up and get in the way.

If he can get a certain amount of profit, that’s fine. The point is that Chen Jingdao’s old mad dog often stands up at all costs and never considers profit!

Thinking of this, Old Man Lin nodded his head after a moment of deep thought: “Things like the Xue family won’t stand up. Although they seem to be a little uncomfortable with the Norman Family, they won’t be in their early days.”

Sally looked at Mr. Lin and smiled, but did not answer.

After Ethan heard this, the action of making tea in his hand paused, but he quickly concealed the past.

“Although Chen Jingdao’s words are in their early days, but doing things so irrespective of the cost, it is estimated that even if he defeats Norman Shi, he will not last long.”

Sally nodded in satisfaction and looked at Old Man Lin with a smile: “So the problem is here. The most suitable partner in this Northern Mansion is you.”


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