I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 814

Chapter 814 One Person Gives A Million A Second More

After hearing this, Old Man Lin smiled and nodded to Sally: “If this is the case, I can easily ask what you plan to do. You know that the Norman Family in Beifu is not just a pure family now. There is another person behind him. “

Hearing this, Ethan couldn’t help squeezing his hand for a few minutes. He also hoped that Norman Tianyang could come in person.

It’s a pity that the old thing was too scared to die, otherwise Ethan might take this opportunity to see the old dog Norman Tianyang again and then bury him!

Sally also smiled and shook her head at Old Man Lin, “That’s why I’m looking for you. After all, the Norman Family can’t be eaten by me alone.”

After saying this, Sally took out a file folder from her bag and handed it to Old Man Lin.

“This is a plan drawn up by my subordinates. It describes in detail what methods we need to use and how to go in order to save the power to the greatest extent and defeat the Norman Family.”

After hearing this, Old Man Lin picked up the file folder and looked at it. He waited until he finished reading it and said with concern: “The plan is very good, but there is a problem in this plan, that is, the funds required are really It’s too big.”

Any business has a risky element, and Mr. Lin has already seen this through, so he always pays attention to risk assessment when he often does business.

The plan in Sally’s hand looks very promising, but there is a link in it that is too important to imagine. It can be said that as long as this link is not well coordinated, the whole plan will fall short!

On the way Sally came, she had already thought of what Old Man Lin would react. At this time, after seeing the other’s attitude, her heart was basically settled.

Old Man Lin seemed to have a great idea about destroying the Norman Family, but was worried about her own funds, so Sally was silent for a moment.

Looking at Old Man Lin, he said: “The Xichunju project has invested more than four billion yuan in it. It has already been built into the first villa area in Beifu, so I don’t think you need to worry about the funding.”

After hearing this, the old man Lin looked at Sally with a little surprise and said, “You mean to let me take out Xichunju in exchange for money, and then attack the Norman Family with you?”

Sally nodded and whispered softly: “Of course, the last time you asked Dr. Norman to hand over a bank card to Mr. Chen Jingdao, I still know. I don’t believe that the three of us can’t defeat the Norman Family in the northern province.

Hearing this, Old Man Lin glanced at Ethan and then nodded: “If that’s the case, then I’ll be the one for this time, but regarding the Xichunju project, I still have to see if Yaner can agree to it. “

It’s just like what Old Man Lin said before. Since he retired, he hasn’t taken care of these things for a long time, and he has even begun to lose control of the company.

Sally shrugged and said, “It’s okay. I believe Miss Lin Yan will agree to it by then. Just tell her directly.”

After saying this, Sally stood up and nodded to Old Man Lin, before turning around and leaving.

Ethan glanced at Sally helplessly, and then stood up, just as he was about to salute.

Elder Lin suddenly looked at Sally and smiled: “Miss Sally, don’t you mind if I have a few words about my condition with Dr. Norman alone?”

Lin Yan smiled after hearing this, then nodded and left the yard, leaving only Ethan and Old Man Lin sitting facing each other.

As soon as the killing was gone, Old Man Lin immediately put away the smile on his face, looked at Ethan angrily and said, “You kid, okay, when did you have a leg with Tianzhu Villa?”

Ethan looked at the old man Lin in front of him, and he was immediately stunned. Is this the old Mr. Lin in his memory? !

“No, it’s not right. When did I have a kick with the people in Tianzhu Villa? You don’t know if she is my friend!”

After hearing this, Mr. Lin coldly snorted, then let go of Ethan’s collar and said, “I know she is your friend, and I also know what you did for our Lin family!”

After saying this, Mr. Lin pointed at the gate and smiled: “If I hadn’t remembered these things, you thought you could really go in and out of these gates at will, wishful thinking!”

Ethan spoke with his ears and didn’t take the words of Old Man Lin to his heart at all, but smiled: “Reassured, there will be no problems. Suddenly, why do you want to stay with me?”

With Gao Ethan’s words, the slightly angry Old Man Lin came to his senses, and then looked at Ethan and smiled: “How about I marry my daughter to you? As long as you marry my daughter, the Lin Group is yours. .”

Ethan looked at Old Man Lin in surprise, and for a moment he couldn’t understand why the other party did this!

After pondering for a moment, Ethan suddenly stretched out his hand to put his hand on Old Man Lin’s veins, the more he pulsed, the more his brows wrinkled!

“No, you are not in a lot of physical condition, why is it like this!”

After saying this, Ethan looked at Old Man Lin in surprise, seeing a wry smile on his face, and asked, “What the hell is going on, why is your body like this!”

Old man Lin knew that Ethan was sick last time, but after he was cured, he never took care of it anymore, and even Mr. Lin let go of the matter.

But afterwards, because of an accident, Old Man Lin seemed to have taken the wrong packet of medicine, and the consequences became more and more serious, and the internal organs had begun to shrink gradually.

If it weren’t for this, wouldn’t it be good for him to eat meat every day? Why should he keep drinking tea?

“No, it seems that my body can’t hold it for long, Norman Yan, you should marry Yan’er, so that I can walk more easily.”

After saying this, Old Man Lin looked at Ethan with confidence and smiled: “I may not believe in others, but I can still hear a few words about what your kid promised.”

Ethan looked at Old Man Lin’s expression and shook his head after being silent for a long time: “No, if I did this, it might be even more impossible for you to survive this level!”

Hearing this, Old Man Lin sneered and replied: “I know my own body, and I know whether it can survive it, so remember what I said.”

After saying this, Ian passed out into a coma, but Ethan hurriedly stepped forward to straighten his body.

When several people passing by around saw this, they shook their heads and walked up. They couldn’t even look at Ethan, and let Old Man Lin wake up.

“What happened to me just now? Did I get sick again?”

Ethan nodded gratefully when he looked at the subordinates, and then took out the money from the bag. It meant that one person gave a few hundred!


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