I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 816-817

Chapter 816

Lin Yan put down the plan in hand, and then hurriedly walked to her desk, took out a folder from the drawer, and walked over.

Then handed it to Lin Yan with a smile: “In fact, I also considered this aspect before, but they didn’t have such a strong support at the beginning, so it is inevitable that there are some defects in all aspects.”

Sally took a look at the file that Lin Yan handed over, and then smiled: “You are also very good. The situation at that time was able to support the Norman Family. Unexpectedly, you had already developed a copy of the document for the Norman Family plan.”

Lin Yan shrugged and then looked at Sally helplessly: “No way, if I don’t think about Norman’s family, they just keep thinking about me. “

After saying this, she glanced at Ethan somewhat playfully and said, “Isn’t there a saying, the best way to defend is to attack, I can only do this.”

Sally nodded in satisfaction and looked at Lin Yan and said, “Your plan is very good. As long as you wait for the Xichunju project to be released, you can defeat the Norman Family with me after you withdraw the funds.”

This is only part of the matter. In fact, there is another part that is more troublesome, and that is the need to push someone out to show others as the person in charge.

Because Sally had said before that she herself would not be involved in the affairs of the family in Beifu, this requires someone who sits on the bright side and has a reason to be responsible for the Norman Family.

In front of Sally, a young and promising young man with strong abilities, the most important thing is that he has a grudge against the Norman Family and has reasons to target the Norman Family.

People who are perfect in every aspect are undoubtedly the best candidates to put on the bright side, which is one reason why Sally chose the Lin family.

As long as the Lin family, after returning the funds, cooperates with Chen Jingdao’s offensive and empties the Norman Family stock market in an instant, then they can face only two results, get out!

Thinking of this, Sally looked at Lin Yan with two points of satisfaction in her eyes, and then she smiled and said, “You = very good. If you don’t mind in the future, you should also be my assistant, how about?”

Lin Yan knew that Sally did not mean to look down on people by saying this, so she smiled and said, “Forget it, I know you want to test me, but I may not be suitable for such a role.”

For Sally, she likes what she says more, and the people below will follow suit. This makes a leader feel obsessed with loving you during this time.

Although Ethan didn’t say a word while sitting in the corner of the sofa, he couldn’t help feeling a little scared looking at the two Mo Yang whispering in front of him.

It’s no wonder that when the ancients describe women, most of them will say that they are snake-hearted. It seems that the two women in front of them are not only snake-hearted.

Thinking of this, Ethan coughed lightly and stood up, wanting to sneak away, he definitely couldn’t stay here!

Unexpectedly, when Ethan had just got up, Lin Yan turned her head and looked at him. There seemed to be some doubts in her eyes. She didn’t know where she was wrong.

He even looked at Ethan and asked, “Where are you going?”

Ethan touched his nose, then turned around a little embarrassed to look at the two women, Sally and Lin Yan, and smiled: “Um, I’ll go to the toilet, I’ll come out soon, you guys talk!”

After saying this, Ethan hurriedly fled. He worried that if he continued to stay, he might be killed!

Lin Yan chuckled twice as she watched Ethan fleeing in the wild, something interesting seemed to sound.

And Sally was obviously the same, and the two laughed after they looked at each other.

“Sally, why did you suddenly want to target the Norman Family? Didn’t you say that your identity is a bit special and you can’t stand up?”

Sally looked at Lin Yan and smiled and replied: “The reason I targeted the Norman Family is because someone behind the Norman Family started to intervene in these things. This person is called Norman Tianyang. He is even more terrifying than the Norman Wennian father and son.”

Lin Yan muttered to herself twice when she heard the name Norman Tianyang, then looked at Sally with some doubts and asked, “Is this Norman Tianyang also from the Norman Family?”

“You may not know that when the Norman Family was still there, there were 36 disciples under the family. After that, the Norman Family simply divided the 36 people into relatives.”

Having said this, Sally sighed helplessly: “The Norman Family in Beifu, the Norman Family in Hedong, and the Norman Family overseas are all branches of the Norman Family back then.”

Lin Yan had heard of the scenery of the Norman Family back then, but he and she never thought that the person who had been pressing on her turned out to be just another family slave!

Thinking of this, Lin Yan said helplessly: “I thought how strong the people against our Lin family are, it turns out they are just slaves to other people’s families!”

After saying this, Lin Yan gritted her teeth and looked at Harry anxiously and said, “When will this plan start, I can cooperate with you at any time.”

Sally glanced at the two folders on the table and then said: “You still have to deal with everything in your hand first, so that you can better accompany me.”

Sally chuckled and nodded, then looked at the door a little strangely: “No, why Ethan hasn’t come in yet, he didn’t really slip away, right?”

Lin Yan glanced at the door lightly and hummed: “If you don’t come back, it’s not a big deal anyway, and he won’t be able to help with this matter.”

After saying this, Lin Yan looked at the plan in hand for a moment and then raised her head to Sally and said: “The plan is a good plan, but it’s a bit difficult for this person to push someone up to be a brighter.

When Sally heard this, she looked at Lin Yan with apologetic expression: “You are the only person who is the most suitable person at the moment. You have an enemy with the Norman Family. You are a victim.”

After saying this, Sally smiled and said, “If you use this identity to retaliate against the Norman Family, I believe those who will soon be established will be on your side!”

Seeing Sally said so surely, Lin Yan also let go of her worry, and then watched Sally leave.

After Sally was gone, Lin Yan’s face showed a trace of unwillingness this time.

She knew that there was a gap between her identity and Sally, and she was not as beautiful and outstanding as Sally.

But the person who met Ethan for the first time was obviously the right one, so why was he snatched away by Sally?

That’s right, Lin Yan thinks that Ethan was taken away by Sally!

Don’t care how happy she smiled in front of Sally, and don’t even think about how sweet she and Sally looked.

After all, if you didn’t think you were Sally, perhaps Lin Yan had already shot Ethan!


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