I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 818

Chapter 818

Since ancient times, fame, wealth and rights have been a very powerful force, especially for businessmen who have worked hard for their own interests all their lives.

Money is not only a number, but also a means. When the right time is right, they will never pity the money in their hands.

If the Lin family really jumped over the wall in a hurry, the consequences would not be affordable by the Norman Family.

Norman Wennian looked at his son who had already begun to take over the company, and a trace of disappointment flashed in his eyes, because he only found out now.

It seems that my precious son is not as perfect as I imagined, and he will still be dizzy when facing some things.

Perhaps it was because he had supported Norman Qingshu to that position too early, that’s why he became like this, holding a mindset of giving me someone else in everything.

“You should settle down with me during this period of time. The reason why the Lin family has fallen into trouble like this is definitely more than just helping Chen Jingdao on the surface.”

After saying this, Norman Wennian meditated for a moment and then said: “You can ask someone to find out how many people have been with Chen Jingdao during this period. It’s best to see if they provide help to Chen Jingdao.”

Norman Qingshu looked at his father, hesitated for a moment, shook his head and replied: “This is probably hard to find out at the moment, because Xincheng Group itself has managed many aspects of things. During this time, they have begun to shrink funds.”

Having said that, Norman Qingshu paused slightly before continuing to speak: “I am afraid it is difficult for us to make a fuss on Chen Jingdao’s account, and it is also difficult to find out if anyone is behind him to support him.”

Chen Jingdao had a high reputation in Beifu in his early years, because among the many businessmen in Beifu, he was regarded as the most loving and righteous one.

And it’s not just for being affectionate and righteous to one’s own people, even if it’s for competitors, they never get into trouble.

Since Chen Minggang died, many people in the Beifu looked at Chen Jingdao with a hint of pity and sympathy in their eyes, so that they looked at the Norman Family with some indignation.

That’s fine, the point is that even Norman Tianyang seems to be a little dissatisfied with the Norman Family of the Beifu because of this incident, thinking that they have done a little too much.

After all, although Chen Jingdao was only beside Norman Tianyang for a short time, the things he did were real, and there was absolutely no dragging effect.

While this satisfied Norman Tianyang, he couldn’t help but become interested in this old man. This made Chen Jingdao’s status under Norman Tianyang’s door ever soaring!

To put it mildly, if the person who called Norman Tianyang in the first place was not the Norman Family in Beifu, I am afraid that after Norman Tianyang learns about this matter, he will take full control of him if he doesn’t say anything.

Then feed Chen Jingdao to get rid of those obtrusive nails, so that he can come back again and continue to work for himself!

But the person who called Norman Tianyang was Norman Wennian, and Norman Wennian was willing to pay such a high price, so he had to help the Norman Family a little bit.

While suspending the appetite of Norman Wennian of the Norman Family in Beifu, he was also waiting for Chen Jingdao’s meaning.

Whoever has a higher price, then who is eligible to get the final result from him, this is Norman Tianyang’s idea.

Although Norman Wennian also knew exactly what Norman Tianyang thought, he really had no other way to do this in this situation, let alone the Lin family who provided so much help to Chen Jingdao!

After taking two deep breaths, Norman Wennian got up and walked to the door, looking at the snowy picture outside, his heart was as cold as snowflakes.

He really couldn’t figure out how he got to this point, was it because of his son, or was someone watching and planning all this in secret?

Seeing his father’s frown, Norman Qingshu also felt a little distressed in his heart, so he reached out and took a coat and walked to the door, then said in a deep voice, “Dad, go in, it’s cold outside.”

“You said, how did we become what we are now? It is clear that everything is fine, why did we become what we are now?”

After Norman Wennian spoke without turning back, he squatted down and looked at the snowflakes at his feet with a smile: “Is it true that if you do too many bad things, you will get retribution, but why can’t the retribution be on the victim? It’s on me.”

After saying this with a wry smile, Norman Wennian took a deep breath and left slowly toward the door.

Norman Qingshu stood in the study and looked at his father’s back. He wanted to stop him, but thinking that the pressure on everyone was not small these days, he had to give up.

Then according to Norman Wennian’s idea, he was called to inform his subordinates and tried his best to find out some information about Chen Jingdao’s accounts!

While he was doing all this, at this time, in Chen Jingdao’s office, a woman was sitting quietly on the sofa watching the old man making tea.

“Mr. Chen, I respect you as a senior, so I want to show you this plan. If you think it is feasible, I hope you can participate.”

After speaking, Sally quietly threw the folder on Chen Jingdao’s desktop again, and saw him still making tea with a calm expression.

So Sally chuckled and yelled and said, “You want to be clear, I am the only person in the entire North Mansion who can wrestle with the Norman Family. The others are basically incompetent guys. What’s the point of doing this? Does it make sense?”

Perhaps persistence can earn people respect, but purposeless persistence like Chen Jingdao has no effect at all!

Chen Jingdao’s character is like a lone wolf in the desert. He fancy the prey and save it and keep killing him without letting go, chasing the opponent tightly.

The Norman Family became Chen Jingdao’s prey at this moment. Perhaps it was because Norman Qingshu was the first to hurt him, so he would cling to the opponent regardless of it!

At this time, Chen Jingdao picked up the file on Sally’s desktop and looked at it, then slightly nodded and said, “The plan is very good, but I’m afraid what will you do with the Norman Family?”

To be honest, Sally didn’t think about dealing with the Norman Family, she just wanted to completely destroy the Norman Family in Beifu!

As long as the Norman Family in Beifu collapsed, then Norman Tianyang would no longer be able to tear a hole in Beifu, which would try to avoid the situation like Buckeye.

Send a person out for a while, the other person will start to doubt, and then directly exclude that person from the power circle of the Norman Family.

Thinking of this, Sally sighed helplessly: “If it wasn’t for Buckeye that there was a problem and the person who communicated with us was not there, do you think I really must come to you?”

After hearing this, Chen Jingdao smiled slightly, and then said: “Since you came here today, then I ask you, if it is your old man, what can you do if you encounter a profiteer?”


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