I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 819

Chapter 819 Norman Family’s Millet Third

After Chen Jingdao finished speaking, he saw Sally’s speechless expression with a knowing smile, then got up and walked to the window with his back facing Sally.

“I have never wanted to break some personal affair. I believe you can see this. No matter it is facing anyone, I always stay a line.”

Hearing this, Sally looked helplessly at Chen Jingdao and spoke for a moment in silence: “Since you are like this, why can’t you turn the other side?”

Chen Jingdao smiled upon hearing the words, and seemed to feel that Sally’s question was a bit stupid!

So I smiled and said, “I don’t want to be unwilling to target them, but I just feel that your methods are not ruthless enough. It’s just that it’s easy to simply destroy them, but I want them to survive!

Chen Jingdao is a good person. This is basically recognized in Beifu. What he did is a word of mouth among the older generation!

So at this moment Chen Jingdao actually said that the plan made by Sally was not ruthless enough, which made Sally look at him in a little surprise!

And Chen Jingdao seemed to be surprised by Sally’s reaction, smiled after seeing her astonished, and said, “I know who you are, and why you are in Beifu.”

After saying this, Chen Jingdao laughed a little self-deprecatingly and said: “I didn’t think about it before, or did I learn about these things when I went to Norman Tianyang’s staff later.”

The reason why Sally has been reluctant to contact these people in Beifu is because she is worried that her identity will be seen by them.

But she didn’t expect that Chen Jingdao had already known her identity, which made Sally couldn’t help being silent.

“Where did you learn it? I think Norman Tianyang should not have any information about me.”

After saying this, Sally sorted out the expressions on her face, and then looked at Chen Jingdao with a smile on her face.

Chen Jingdao nodded and smiled at Gentleman Sally: “In fact, you don’t need to pay much attention to this. Norman Tianyang has always been very accurate about your identity.”

Someone once said that the enemy who knows herself best is often the enemy. Today, Sally has seen it here!

After giving your head with a slightly bitter smile, Sally didn’t conceal it anymore, putting away the smile on her face and looking at Chen Jingdao.

“Since you already know, then I think you should be very clear about one thing. I can help your son.”

Although not a professional, Chen Jingdao understood what Sally meant. The other party was not only the first organization in the inland, but also a person with the means to connect with each other.

If Sally really wants to do anything, I am afraid that both the Norman Family and Chen Jingdao, who is now known as a mad dog, can only watch and dare not do anything.

“Your goal is to destroy the Norman Family, and then prevent Norman Tianyang from invading the Beifu, causing the Beifu to be like the next Buckeye, right?”

Sally sank for a while and then nodded slightly. She really didn’t want to waste time with Chen Jingdao.

She has taken out all the choices, and if Chen Jingdao still does not accept it, she has no other way.

I don’t know when the next opportunity will be. If I don’t lay the foundation now.

No matter how strong you play in the future, it will be just one dish!

Thinking of this, Sally looked at Chen Jing and said, “I will give you three counts. You must give me an answer to this matter, otherwise I can only regard you as someone standing with the Norman Family.”

After a long period of silence, Chen Jingdao said in a dry voice, “I can accept your plan, but the Norman Family and his son must hand it over to me.”

Sally has met someone like Chen Jingdao who was dazzled by hatred for the second time, and the first time was Ethan.

She had never seen such a deep hatred in others. Fortunately, Chen Jingdao finally agreed to this matter, together with the help of the Lin family.

If both of them go according to plan, then they will basically have no problems, and the Norman Family is probably about to disappear after the new year?

After finishing these things, Sally chuckled and stood up to look at Chen Jing and said, “If this is the case, then I leave this to you. I hope you are well.”

Excuse me for pressing this, Sally shook hands with Chen Jingdao and then turned and left, during which Sally hesitated a bit.

It was not until she walked out the door that she mustered up the courage to take out her phone and call Ethan.

After the phone rang few times, Ethan quickly connected the phone and said, “Hey, Sally, is something wrong?”

Sally listened to Ethan’s deep anxiety, and smiled and said, “It’s okay, but I just finished the negotiation, so I want to ask you to come out and have something to eat.”

Ethan pondered for a moment and then nodded and said, “Okay, give me a place, and I will contact you when the time comes.”

Seeing that Ethan had agreed to this matter, Sally took out her mobile phone and booked a spot, and then quietly waited for Ethan’s arrival.

At this time, Ethan’s heart was also meaninglessly complicated. He had always thought that Lin Yan just felt a little better for him, but he had never touched the other party to such an extent.

So after shook their heads a little helplessly, the two of them finally left.

When Ethan drove to the door of Xincheng Group, he could see Sally standing outside wearing a white skirt.

The Beifu at night was a bit cold. After seeing Ethan driving, Sally got in the car and picked up the blanket in the back seat to pass herself.

“You, why are you here now? Do you know how cold I am? I’m almost freezing to death!”

After hearing Sally’s complaint, Ethan sighed helplessly: “I’m already fast. You have to think about what time it is now. At this time, there were some problems with traffic in the city.”

After saying this, Ethan looked at Sally through the rearview mirror and said, “Well, did Mr. Chen Jingdao agree to our plan?”

Sally shook her head helplessly and said, “Everything else is fine. Mr. Chen also agreed to our plan, but there is one problem that might be troublesome.”

After listening to Ethan, he said with some curiosity, “Oh? What kind of problem, it makes you feel a little troublesome, it seems very difficult.”

“Yes, because Mr. Chen Jingdao agreed to the Norman Family’s millet, and I don’t know what he wants to do.”

After saying this, Sally looked at Ethan and smiled bitterly: “You said, can I agree to a question like this? Just thinking about it with your feet can tell if they will bury something in their home.

This is their habit, and if they can agree to it, it’s basically fine.


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