I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 821-822

Chapter 821

Norman Tianyang on the other side of the phone hesitated for a while after hearing this, and then asked about the situation of the various families on the Beifu side, and then said: “If you don’t give it to him for the time being, you can’t meet his request at once.”

Have an appetite for everyone, so that the other party can do things better for him, this is the only way for Norman Tianyang to impose!

Sanniang originally wanted to say something good for Norman Wennian, because then she might be able to extract some benefits from Norman Wennian, but looking at Norman Tianyang’s attitude right now, it seems that whether she says good things or not, the consequences are the same.

Thinking of this, Sanniang nodded and replied: “Okay, I know the boss, I will be watching Beifu during this time.”

After the phone call ended, Sanniang sat at the table and began to think carefully. She knew that her identity was a bit conspicuous.

After all, not everyone can become a capable officer of Norman Tianyang’s subordinates, and since Norman Tianyang has gained a firm foothold in Buckeye, many people have taken him seriously.

Don’t say it was him, even some of his wrong actions would be watched by those people, and then used as an excuse to attack him.

Sanniang couldn’t be the same as those who had been used before, because they had only one end, and that was completely disappeared, even the reason they used to attack Norman Tianyang also disappeared.

At present, not many people in Beifu have noticed the reason for her coming, so she must make good use of this time in advance, and must find Ethan.

No matter how many people are willing or unwilling, Sanniang still finds Ethan, but the new year is here.

Sally sat in the villa quietly looking at the snowflakes outside the window. She couldn’t remember how many times this was the first time she celebrated by herself. Even Lao Hei would go and play with someone in a quiet night.

Thinking that she was the only one here, Sally couldn’t help but smile twice, then walked to the desk and turned on the computer and looked at it.

Lin Yan’s affairs about Xichunju have almost proceeded. With her help, the progress has been very fast, and she helped the Lin family get a lot of money in a short time.

At present, the important conditions for the Norman Family in Beifu have been half met. Now it is up to the Norman Family to stand up and give Lin Yan a chance, and then announce to join the Chen Jingdao camp and declare war on the Norman Family.

And Ning Kun seemed to be crazy during this time, staying in the room all the time, holding the map of Hedong in his hand and reading some information.

In his words. No matter it’s not a new year, the life that should be lived is still to be lived, and the things that should be done still have to be done.

Instead of wasting all these things on fun, he might as well think more about what he would face when he went to Hedong and what he needed to do.

The few people selected by Lao Hei who were going to go to Hedong with Ethan and Ning Kun in private also followed Ning Kun’s madness in reading information about Hedong.

As a result, they were always out at night during this period, and there were a few light shadows in the villa at night. If the heart is not good, they might be scared to death.

Thinking of this, Sally couldn’t help but chuckle twice. It seemed that everyone was working hard, and she couldn’t be too behind.

Turning on the computer and looking at the stock index of companies under the name of Chen Jingdao and the Norman Family in Beifu, the Norman Family is still receiving help from Norman Tianyang, which can be seen from their increasingly stable index.

And behind Chen Jingdao there was an old man Lin, in fact, if it weren’t for the card that Ethan had handed over to Chen Jingdao that day.

Sally wouldn’t have thought of letting Mr. Lin stand up and target the Norman Family so quickly, and then try to kill the chicken by herself.

Let some people know who is in Beifu, so that the other party dare not continue to be so presumptuous.

For people in 13 subjects, some things may be tolerable, as long as the other party does not do too much.

For the safety of the environment, they are not incapable of stepping back.

But for Sally, some things are her bottom line, for example, Beifu is her bottom line.

No matter who it is, as long as she wants to stretch her hands and feet, she will let the other person know what the consequences will be, without hesitation at all.

Thinking of this, Sally’s eyes turned a little bit cold when she looked at the Norman Family. Since Norman Wennian dared to contact Norman Tianyang, he must be prepared to bear the corresponding consequences.

At this time, on the other side of the villa, Ethan was sitting on the balcony sipping his own wine, because this period also made him feel a little confused.

But soon this lost thought disappeared. Forget the time, after the new year is a new beginning, this is true for Beifu, and it is the same for Sally and herself.

Right now, the plan for the Norman Family in Beifu is almost done. Now it’s up to Sally when she thinks it is right and when she can start.

Ethan knew that Sally had acted on the Norman Family in the North House to protect her dignity on the one hand, and to warn Norman Tianyang on the other.

This made him understand that Sally did not seem to be his enemy, but she was definitely not a friend in the same camp.

Lao Hei told him before that the attitude of the 13th branch headquarters to him has always been very ambiguous, and seems to be thinking about choosing between him and Norman Tianyang, and then helping them to regroup the 36 branches of the Norman Family. .

Although it is said to be a help in name, the other party is really very thoughtful. Ethan is not a fool, he doesn’t like being a puppet.

Especially when he looked at Sally’s eyes, he was even more reluctant to be her puppet, so Ethan would rather choose not to rely on Sally, than relying on 13 subjects.

Doing things with his own hands in this way might make him happier.

Thinking of this, Ethan twitched the corners of his mouth, shook his head and laughed bitterly, then took a sip of wine to himself, and then his eyes gradually became blurred when he watched the night.

In previous New Years, Ethan would always chat with a group of friends around Buckeye for dinner, but this year’s New Year.

Ethan looked at the wine bottle in his hand, and he didn’t know why he suddenly felt a bit sore in his eyes. Maybe he thought of some people.

“I’m still looking for where you are, after all, is it appropriate for you to drink here alone this New Year’s Eve?”

The voice of a man behind him awakened Ethan from the memory, and then he wiped the corners of his eyes without looking back.

“What’s wrong, isn’t your boss also staying in the room alone.”

The man lit a cigarette for himself, then walked calmly over and stood beside Ethan, watching the snow falling outside the window.

“The boss is basically the same during the New Year. Either he is not in Beifu, or he is locked up in the room alone, and then it passes.”


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