I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 824

Chapter 824

The two hurriedly turned around in a panic, as if they couldn’t understand why it happened just now.

Fortunately, Ning Kun did not notice the ambiguous smell in the air. Seeing that the two of them were not looking at each other, he asked strangely, “What were you doing just now?”

For the first time in his life, Ethan had the urge to kill people. If Ning Kun came in a little later, he might not come in directly, and things might turn out differently.

But Sally was ashamed and angry in her heart at this moment. If resentment can kill people, Ning Kun is already battered at this moment.

Ethan is a man. He coughed and concealed the embarrassing expression on his face after hearing Ning Kun’s words: “Isn’t this the New Year? I’m discussing with Sally how to launch plans against the Norman Family after New Year’s Eve.”

Sally took two deep breaths when she heard this, and then suppressed the shy expression on her face, pretending to be flat and said, “Well, do you think I can relax at any time just like you?”

As soon as the voice fell, a somewhat thick voice suddenly came from the door: “Miss, it’s been a long time since I saw you, I almost miss you!”

Following the voice came in there was a chubby Roshan, and the person who came in turned out to be Fatty Fu who hadn’t seen him in a long time!

Ethan was still a little happy to see Fatty Fu. If it hadn’t been for this fat man to haunt him back then, perhaps he might not have known Sally until now.

Just when Ethan wanted to say hello to Fatty Fu, Sally’s face turned dark, and she yelled, “Fatty Fu, you kneel down on me!”

thump! It’s hard to imagine how funny it is to pay for the fat man’s tonnage, with a sudden brake and kneeling on the knees and sliding three or four meters.

Before Ethan laughed out, Ning Kun laughed and pointed at Fat Fu and said, “I said, you will definitely suffer when you come back this time, now you know!”

Sally gave Ning Kun a white glance, and Ethan, who was sitting next to her, stunned by her little daughter’s demeanor.

“If you don’t say anything, don’t let your fart go, it will last three or four months after you leave. Tell me, why did you give me this time?”

Sitting on the sofa, Sally looked at Fatty Fu who was crawling on her feet. Although there was anger in her eyes, Ethan could still see a trace of worry.

She didn’t seem to be as overbearing as she seemed, maybe she was just worried about paying the fat man’s safety.

Coupled with Ning Kun’s reaction, it seemed that Sally’s attitude towards Fu Fatty seemed to make everyone used to it.

Ethan’s guess is not wrong. In fact, this is not the first time. As for how many times he paid the fat man, I don’t even remember it.

I only know that my kneeling begging for forgiveness is getting more and more skilled, and it can be said that it has become a habit!

“Well, the eldest, calm down, the younger one recommended a talent for you, so thinking that there is nothing wrong with me, so he went abroad for a walk.”

“Do I need to turn off my mobile phone when I go abroad? Do I need to turn off positioning when I go abroad? Do I need to stop all communication channels when going abroad?”

After saying this, Sally sneered twice and looked at Fatty Fu and said, “Do you know what the situation is in Beifu? Do you know how many people are staring at me in secret? How will I be responsible if something happens to you? !”

Hearing these words, Fu Fatty, who was in his thirties, knelt down in front of Sally like a child and did not dare to speak.

Ning Kun took two deep breaths while watching Sally look frightened, and then exhorted, “Isn’t this coming back, and Brother Fu brought back a lot of information this time.”

Sally gasped for two breaths, and said impatiently: “Every time I make a mistake, follow me with this trick. Don’t hurry up!”

Fatty Fu stood up quickly, and then stood in front of Sally with his hands anxiously like a pupil who made a mistake.

“Tell me about the gains you have lost for a few months this time. If I am a little dissatisfied, be careful of your skin!”

After hearing this, Fatty Fu nodded quickly and smiled: “Don’t worry, you must be satisfied. First of all, it is about the Norman Family. The main message is that Norman Tianyang has secretly sent three people to contact the Norman branch of the year.”

Having said that, Fatty Fu took out the diary he carried with him and handed it to Sally.

At the same time, he said: “These three people contacted the Norman Family in Hedong, the Norman Family in Qucheng, and the Norman Family in Jingwan. These three people in Norman Tianyang have contacted for the first time.”

Sally glanced at Ethan unconsciously when she heard this, and then said solemnly, “How long did the people from the Norman Family in Hedong go?”

“More than a month ago, it seemed that Norman Tianyang was well prepared for the inland entry this time, but you can rest assured that I have used my power to stop all three people.”

Having said this, Fatty Fu glanced at Ethan unconsciously, and smiled at the same time: “I didn’t expect that the person who saved me back then was a big man.”

Maybe others will only find it funny when they see Fatty Fu, but for the first time, Ethan actually feels a little bit disheartened at this shameless fat man in front of him.

What he holds in his hand means to others, it is simply unimaginable!

It’s just such a fat man. Every time he disappears, he brings back more information than Ning Kun lurks for a year and a half. It is no wonder that Ning Kunai is close to him.

Thinking of this, Ethan looked at Fatty Fu and said with a smile: “Brother Fu, what you said is too much, what a big person is, I’m just a petty man.”

Sally looked at Ethan and Fu Fatty’s eyes clashing, which seemed quite interesting.

After shook his head slightly, he still said, “Take it all. I want to ask about what kind of contacts the Hedong Norman Family is currently operating. Have you checked it out, Uncle Fu.”

I don’t know if it was Ethan’s illusion. After hearing Sally’s call to Uncle Fu, Fatty Fu looked at Sally as if he was looking at his own daughter!

“It’s been checked a long time ago. After the incident from the Norman Family in the past two decades, the Norman Family in Hedong has been acting low-key this year, and the business transactions on hand are also very clean.”

Ning Kun curled his lips and sat aside and said, “A ghost place like Hedong, his Hedong Norman Family will be clean on hand? Lie you!”

Sally glanced at Ning Kun with a bit of dissatisfaction: “If you don’t know the situation, go and read the dossier yourself. If you haven’t read the dossier, don’t interrupt.”

Ning Kun wanted to protest, but was suppressed by Fu Fatty’s eyes!

“Among the 36 families of the Norman Family, the reason why the Norman Family of Hedong chose to settle in Hedong was to control Hedong well.”

When Fatty Fu said this, he took a deep look at Ethan and continued, “If it weren’t for Hedong Norman’s house, I am afraid that Hedong would be even more chaotic now!”

Ethan didn’t know why, after hearing this, there was a warm current in his heart!


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