I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 831

Chapter 831

Sally chuckled lightly after saying this, and then said, “Forget it, you don’t need to worry about this. I think Ethan will ask me by himself. I will naturally know how to deal with him. .”

After saying this, Sally was silent for a moment and then said: “Didn’t you go to the Lin’s house? Did Mr. Lin tell you something?”

Lao Hei nodded and then said in a deep voice, “Master Lin doesn’t look particularly stupid. Although he didn’t say anything on the surface, he seems to have a mirror in his heart that can illuminate people’s hearts.”

There are very few people who can get such an evaluation from Old Hei, but in this place of Beifu, only Mr. Lin has got such an evaluation from Old Hei.

When Sally came to Beifu for the first time, Lao Hei said that anyone in Beifu can provoke them. If the people of Weidu Norman Family and Lin family do not provoke them, they should try not to provoke them.

Because one of them has a very strong relationship in the mall, it only takes one sentence to make a company on the verge of bankruptcy.

And there is another thing that just needs one sentence just like them. They don’t think about doing anything in Beifu, all requests will be sent back to the palace.

This is why Sally put herself out of the way when she came to Beifu, only in this way can she quietly see these people more clearly, just like the tiger before the predation.

They usually take a closer look at their prey first, make sure they won’t hurt or hurt them too badly, then rush up, and then swallow the other side fiercely!

Thinking of Ethan’s situation, Sally sighed in her heart. She didn’t know how to explain to Ethan to make him understand that the Norman Family was already in the past, and there was no need to continue to indulge in the toughness of the past.

If you can’t store yourself well to protect yourself, let alone the Norman Family back then, he is likely to face extinction at any time now!

This means that her Sally is guarding Ethan in the North Mansion. Otherwise, as long as Norman Tianyang’s subordinates find out the specific position, Ethan can get only one fate, and that is death!

After closing her eyes and meditating for a while, Sally took out her mobile phone and called Ethan. The ringtone rang several times, but Ethan did not answer it. It seemed that the other party had already begun to disbelieve herself.

This made Sally feel a little angry in her heart, but she couldn’t blame Ethan. After all, in the strict sense, Ethan was not her subordinate.

At this time, Ethan was walking aimlessly on the street, he didn’t know where to go, or at this moment, he was filled with hesitation.

Although Sally is good to him, but Sally herself has some different intentions, that’s not it, Sally’s 13 subjects behind it are even more true.

As for Lin Yan, he was thinking about the family, as long as it was for the family, Lin Yan could even sacrifice his life. This was not what Ethan wanted to see.

If it was Lin Yan, Ethan wouldn’t mind taking her away, and then live a life of peace and prosperity. After all, this kind of life looks good.

But after all, Lin Yan chose the family, which disappointed Ethan, but also seemed to see Lin Yan clearly. There was an iron chain tied to her feet and a heavy iron ball connected.

And Linda made Ethan not know what to say. So many feelings in the past disappeared at the moment when she lost her memory. So far Linda hasn’t remembered the little bit of it.

Thinking that I have walked so many roads until now, there is not even a woman I can trust by my side, Ethan can’t help but feel a little desolate in his heart.

Then he squatted down on the side of the road, then took out a cigarette and lighted himself a cigarette and smoked quietly.

Old Hei did not catch up to prove that he had contacted Sally, perhaps it was Sally who wanted to be quiet.

Thinking of this, Ethan couldn’t help but chuckle. Sally at least knew to let herself be quiet before talking to herself.

After taking out the phone and taking a look, Ethan was silent for a long while looking at a missed call on the phone. After all, he couldn’t help but dial.

Sally just rang the phone and quickly connected, but both of them were silent while holding the phone, and neither wanted to speak first.

For some reason, Sally felt guilty towards Ethan for the first time with her mobile phone. She didn’t know how to explain something.

As for Ethan, Ethan said that he hadn’t cared about these things anymore. He already knew Sally’s inner plan, or guessed it.

Sally just wanted to use herself to contact the Norman Family in Hedong, and then she would come forward and take the weapons she had done from the Norman Family in Hedong.

That was something thrilling that was in the hands of the Norman Family.

“Ethan, I don’t know what you are thinking, but can you listen to me?”

“I didn’t think about anything, I just don’t know how to face you a little bit. Don’t worry, it’s really fine.”

Hearing this, the expression on Sally’s face in the office became a little excited: “What do you mean, don’t know how to face me? Did Sally do something sorry for you?”

Perhaps it was because of the guessing idea just now, so Ethan was still a little defensive towards Sally after all.

“I don’t know, but I hope you will try not to do this in the future. You know what I’m talking about, right?”

After a moment of silence, Ethan gently shook his head and said a little irritably: “Don’t talk about this matter, let’s talk about the next step. I have already practiced at the Lin family. Do you want to go and see? Chen Jingdao?”

Seeing that Ethan was reluctant to talk about this, Sally nodded slightly and said solemnly, “Okay, if you have time, you can go to Chen Jingdao to have a look. I think he should be waiting for you now.”

Hearing this, Ethan was a little strange, so he asked directly: “No, why would Chen Jingdao wait for me to pass? Is it because the people in Beifu now know that I am doing something for you?”

Sally sneered after hearing this: “Otherwise, what do you think, if this is not the case, why should they give you face? Do you think that the identity of a doctor can really reach so many people?”

Having said this, Sally continued to speak after being silent for a while: “But don’t worry when you go. I want to see how much Chen Jingdao will pay to crush the Norman Family.”

Ethan couldn’t help rolling his eyes at Sally, he can see the true face of this woman now!

I didn’t say anything about the pit, and used the other party to deal with his opponent, and after the matter was finished, I even thought about how to dig another one from the other party!


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