I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 833

Chapter 833 Sally’s First Shot

I don’t know since when, Sally gradually fell in love with someone sitting on the balcony basking in the warm sun.

Perhaps it was because the things she had been exposed to during this time were a bit too dark. Many people competed for fame and fortune, without knowing that they would eventually become others’ pawns.

The Norman Wennian father and son of the Norman Family in Beifu should not have shot against the Lin family from the beginning, but considering what happened after Chen Minggang’s death, they would be completely blamed for what they are now.

Or it should be said that this is the result of Ethan accidentally spilling things on it, and Norman Qingshu has never explained Chen Minggang’s death positively, making Chen Jingdao feel that his guess was correct from the beginning!

As for Fatty Fu, thinking of the look on Sally’s face on his face became a little complicated, without him, because Fatty Fu was the person who had been with her the longest time.

The internal discipline of the thirteen divisions is very strict. Every rudder master outside will have a chess piece next to it. These chess pieces all belong to another department outside the thirteen division.

They are afraid that people outside will sooner or later forget who they are and what responsibilities they shoulder.

But I don’t know that the more this is, the easier it is to make people feel rebellious, not to mention that Sally will inherit the thirteen subjects in the future.

In fact, from the very beginning, Sally still believed in dealing with the fat man, because his appearance seemed to be accidental, and there was nothing wrong with it.

But since Fatty Fu went to Hedong, Sally investigated Fu Fatty’s whereabouts privately with some people in Hedong, only to realize that his back was not entirely that simple.

Thinking of this, Sally sighed slightly while sitting on the balcony.

There are many things that everyone is involuntarily, and if they do something wrong, they will suffer the corresponding consequences, no matter how unbearable she is in her heart, she wants to pay the fat man a decent end.

But she has to do what she should do, otherwise she won’t be able to do anything like that in the future.

She will inherit the thirteen subjects in the future, and she shouldn’t mess up her future because of her unbearable moments. She still understands the principle of not being a soldier.

Sally’s eyes became a little bewildered when he thought of what Old Hei asked herself.

Right now Ethan also began to doubt the truth about his concern for the Norman Family in Hedong.

Perhaps what Ethan would think of is not as simple as it is now!

Sally shook her head slightly, then got up and took out her mobile phone to make a call. On the other end of the phone was an old hand she had arranged in Hedong.

It has long been known that Sally will inherit the thirteen subjects in the future, and all parts of the rudder are also very good for Sally.

Although he knew what this person was, no one complained to the Thirteen Division Headquarters, which also proved from the side that Sally had begun to develop her own power.

“What is the Norman Family in Hedong now? When will the detailed information be passed on?”

The person on the other end of the phone was silent for a moment and then hurriedly said: “So far, the results of the investigation have just been carried out. The information available is basically not of much value. Are you sure you want it now?”

Sally nodded and then replied: “Yes, you will send me the information as soon as possible. Things in the North House should be settled soon. I will pass this information to the people who come to meet you. “

The other party was silent for a long time before agreeing, and then Sally’s phone showed that an email was received.

After she finished the phone call and looked at the email, a smile appeared on her face, and then the email was transferred to the computer and printed out, leaving Ethan and Ning Kun to prepare for those who are going to Hedong in the future.

After Sally got some information from the Norman Family in Hedong, Ethan was sitting in Chen Jingdao’s office at this time.

The nearly 100-storey building shows that Chen Jingdao still possesses great strength in Beifu!

He is not like other families in Beifu, as long as he has a little money, he will hide, or hide himself from his name, so as to save trouble.

Chen Jingdao’s style is to show all he has to others, and when others want to do something, it is best to think more about whether he has the ability to do unwise things!

This also made Chen Jingdao carry a good name on his shoulders, and at the same time bear the infamy of many people. From this point, many people think that Chen Jingdao is too arrogant!

At this time Chen Jingdao was sitting in his office, and his nephew was quietly looking at the computer, as if he had not seen Ethan and others.

After Ethan and Lao Hei looked at each other, Lao He took off the sunglasses on his face first, and then looked at Chen Jing and said, “Mr. Chen, regarding the cooperation between our boss and you, I have already sent it by email. I gave it to you, I don’t know if you have seen it.”

Chen Jingdao smiled and poured a cup of tea for Ethan and Lao Hei, and then raised his head and smiled: “I have seen the cooperation, it is perfect, and your boss has not treated me badly. This makes me very satisfied.”

Lao Hei followed Chen Jingdao and smiled, and suddenly smiled on his serious face, not knowing why he always gave people a smirk.

“Then you see when it is convenient to sign the contract, and we will be able to inject capital for you soon. On the other hand, we will also find ways to cut off the capital chain from the Norman Family to Buckeye.”

When Ethan heard this, he glanced at Lao Hei unexpectedly, knowing that cutting off the other party’s capital chain is not that simple. It involves many aspects.

If everything was as simple as what the old black said, then Ethan would have trampled on the Norman Family in Beifu a long time ago, and things would not develop to the present level!

At this time, Chen Jingdao’s heart was almost the same as Ethan’s thoughts, but he did not doubt whether Sally had the ability to cut off the other party’s capital chain, but was suspicious of the other party’s intention to do so.

The upper e-mail said that Beifu is Sally’s back garden, and she will not allow anyone to intervene in it, not even Norman Tianyang!

And Chen Jingdao had dealt with Norman Tianyang before, he was domineering and cruel!

In fact, he had already had a plan in his mind since he started targeting the Norman Family in Beifu. If nothing can be done, he would rather give all of his company’s property to Sally.

She also asked her to take action, and then turned the Norman Family in Beifu into a piece of history!

But happiness came so quickly, before she fell to that point, Sally had already begun to take action, and she was not the only one!

This made Chen Jingdao extremely happy, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but raise a faint thought about Sally.

The Norman Family in the Beifu has been domineering for so many years, and he would not believe that if he killed him, it was because the other party had contact with Norman Tianyang, so Sally would take such a reason!


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