I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 835

Chapter 835

Hearing this, Ethan nodded and said: “I know, you have already told me about this before, what’s wrong?”

“The wrong place is here. How can someone like him who have reached this level say to give up and give up? There must be something in it!”

After saying this, Lao Hei closed his eyes and fell into silence. He hadn’t figured out what was wrong with him for a long time.

However, Ethan smiled and watched Lao Hei frowning. After a long time, he couldn’t help but say, “Can’t you just use your head?”

Ethan sighed lightly and shook his head, “I think Mr. Chen is older this year. I think you have to know better than me. After the incident of the Norman Family is over, do you think he still needs to stay in Beifu again?”

Mr. Chen has basically no nostalgia in his life. If he settles the matter of the Norman Family in Beifu, he may find a place to live in seclusion in the future.

Thinking of this, Ethan chuckled and lowered his head.

It’s no wonder Mr. Chen would say that if he is not Sally’s person, he can go and sit down if he has the opportunity.

Because to him he is not a special person, just a junior he likes.

Thinking of this, Ethan looked up at the city outside the elevator, and there were a lot of people on the busy streets.

Each of them has their own identity, and their identity may not be distinguished and noble, but for some people, they are all special.

Lao Hei suddenly picked up the phone and called Sally, and then briefly reported the matter to Sally.

After learning that Chen Jingdao had agreed to the cooperation, Sally was obviously relieved, so she hurriedly began to prepare for the injection of funds into Xincheng Group, and at the same time arranged Ning Kun to prepare the manpower for Sanniang.

Ning Kun received Sally’s message, and immediately began to block the entrance and exit of the entire Beifu with the people from the beast camp, and at the same time greeted the place!

Such a big change could not be concealed by some interested people in Beifu City. After they noticed that things had changed, they quickly found a place to hide.

Among them was Sanniang, who was one of the first to notice something was wrong!

She still knows how many people she sent out to look for Ethan’s whereabouts, and once they came back, how many people couldn’t match up, it proved that there was a problem!

Perceiving some changes in Beifu, Sanniang contacted Norman Tianyang in the first place.

After receiving the call, Norman Tianyang thought for a while, and then contacted Norman Wennian of the Norman Family in Beifu.

However, because he had defeated Norman Wennian, who had worked with his ancestors, he originally had a grudge against Norman Tianyang.

What I said was very good at the beginning. Everyone was one of the 36 families of the Norman Family and would not do anything to take advantage of the fire.

As a result, it was not only taking advantage of the fire to rob, but also a gangster, quite like a bandit!

This made Norman Wennian himself very displeased with Norman Tianyang, but Norman Tianyang even called and asked him to find his subordinates!

Such a thing may be common to Norman Tianyang, but to Norman Wennian, who has always been above 10,000 people in Beifu, it seems to be an insult!

After finishing the phone call, Norman Wennian dropped everything in the entire room as much as it could. The noise was so loud that Norman Qingshu naturally knew about it.

At this time, Norman Qingshu was under a lot of pressure. On the one hand, he needed to control the company’s affairs, and on the other hand, he had to make time to comfort his father as much as possible.

After hearing that Norman Wennian had a temper tantrum in the room, Norman Qingshu hurried over. It happened that Norman Wennian was tired from a fall and was sitting in a chair to rest.

So Norman Qingshu stepped forward and looked at the messy room and said solemnly, “What is going on, what has happened to make you so angry?”

“Norman Tianyang’s subordinate has disappeared. He just called and asked me to find him for him. What do you mean by that!”

After saying this, Norman Wennian poured himself a sip of wine and angrily said: “Is Norman Wennian taking me as his subordinates? You are really not welcome at all!”

After hearing this, Norman Qingshu frowned. Whether or not his family’s inheritance can save it now depends on what Norman Tianyang means.

If Sanniang really had some accidents, then they would stop thinking about Norman Tianyang’s help.

After a moment of contemplation, Norman Qingshu sat down and looked at Norman Wennian and said, “Father, did Norman Tianyang say what people are who disappeared and what are their names?”

When Norman Wennian heard this, he looked at his son in surprise. You must know that Norman Qingshu has always been proud since he was a child!

It is very rare to be able to lower his head to beg Norman Tianyang’s top leader, but he didn’t expect his son to put down his figure and find someone to help Norman Tianyang!

Thinking of this, Norman Wennian looked at his son in surprise and said, “Why, are you really planning to help him find it?”

Norman Qingshu sighed softly, then lowered his head and turned back: “Is there any way, all our efforts now depend on Norman Tianyang’s help. If he cuts off our funds, then this ancestral business will be ruined!”

After saying this, Norman Qingshu simply said nothing, he didn’t want to do such a thing either.

I think Norman Qingshu has been the proud son of heaven since he was a child. Even if he is not the Supreme Emperor, he is also a first-rate figure in the prince. Has he ever become someone else’s subordinate?

Even now Norman Tianyang still treats them as a group of errands, which makes Norman Qingshu a little unbearable!

Had it not been for keeping the family business, Norman Qingshu had already severed relations with Norman Tianyang at this time!

Looking at the helpless look on his son’s face, Norman Wennian felt more guilty in his heart.

“Son, you should take a good look at the company. I will do this. Don’t worry.”

After saying this, Norman Wennian walked into his bedroom, and after about ten minutes, he changed into a sports suit and walked out.

When Norman Qingshu looked at his father’s pale hair in a short time, his eyes were a little red.

“Why do you bother? It’s just to help him find some subordinates. Wouldn’t it be enough for our people to find them? Why bother you so tired.”

Norman Wennian smiled comfortedly at him and said, “You don’t understand this. I believe these people in the city should still be in contact with Norman Tianyang. If he is seen by his men, maybe he will be more next time. Give me something.”

After saying this, Norman Wennian sighed deeply and continued: “I’m old, you don’t care about my dignity, as long as you can create a future for you, in the future, he may ask whom Norman Tianyang will ask for!”

Norman Qingshu looked at his father’s slightly croaking back, and didn’t know what to say for a while.


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