I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 836

Chapter 836 Ning Kun’s Means Fourth

On the other hand, after the implementation of the Ning Kun plan, more than 20 Norman Tianyang’s men were caught in a short time.

Although he was not a high-level person, it was enough to let Ning Kun know some information about their activities in Beifu at the moment.

After referring to what they said, Ning Kun was quite sure that their main purpose in coming to Beifu was to find Ethan, and there was only one representative figure, and that was Sanniang.

After learning that Sanniang’s interpersonal relationship was a bit chaotic, Ning Kun stroked his chin. He likes to do things like this latently!

After taking two deep breaths, it was determined that the other party really didn’t have the energy to lie anymore, and after taking out everyone’s confessions, Ning Kun believed that they were telling the truth.

So he picked up the file folder and walked to Sally’s office. After knocking on the door, she heard Sally’s cold voice in the room.

“Report! I have successfully pried out information from Norman Tianyang’s hands. This time the situation may be a bit complicated.

Sally looked at Ning Kun, and after a long silence, she suddenly clapped her hands, and then a masked man knelt in front of Ning Kun on one knee.

“Sha, set it up a little bit. I don’t want to be heard by others.”

After Sally said this, the masked man nodded and opened his hands, and a curtain room made of sand was completed!

Ning Kun looked at Sha in amazement and said, “Who is this person, I have only seen this time for such a long time, so few appearances!”

Seeing Ning Kun’s curious look, Sally chuckled twice and said, “When you can sit in my position, I will watch it again. Maybe I will reward you when I am happy! “

After Ning Kun looked at the sand carefully, he shivered fiercely. He really didn’t know why.

Once he got close to the place where the sand was, the surrounding air seemed to become a little gloomy and cold, which made Ning Kun feel a little bit chilly unconsciously.

“Okay, no one can hear the sound now, just say it, let me see if there is anything that needs to be added.”

Sha nodded slightly and then said, “From what we have caught from the mouth of the person we are catching, Norman Tianyang shouldn’t be aware of Ethan’s true identity.”

When Sally heard this, she rolled her eyes unconsciously: “You are not talking nonsense. If they knew Ethan’s true identity, they would have gone straight to arrest people long ago, and would they be walking around the city all day?”

After saying this, she frowned and said solemnly, “I don’t have time to waste my tongue with you.”

“Yes, a total of more than a hundred people came this time, and more than ten of them have already returned to their lives. In other words, the total number of people staying in Beifu is about one hundred.”

After saying this, Ning Kun said solemnly: “In addition to the 20 people we have caught, there are still 80 people left, including the head of the woman named Sanniang.”

Sally frowned and looked at the information in her hand and said, “This Sanniang is the woman under Norman Tianyang who is responsible for communicating with Norman Wennian?”

Ning Kun nodded, then took out a picture and smiled: “This is a picture of her, a very beautiful woman, but also very scheming.”

Sally closed her eyes and thought for a moment, then suddenly stood up and walked to the corner of the office.

There was a city map of Beifu hanging on the wall there. She pointed to the map and said, “Show me where you caught people.”

Ning Kun quickly pointed out a few locations on the map of Beifu, and Sally couldn’t help but feel a little bloated after looking at it.

In fact, Ning Kun had already made some calculations before coming to this result.

“The places where they walked are very scattered. It seems that if there is a need to contact each other, I am afraid there will be special contact methods. We have not had time to examine this.”

Sally waved her hand and said, “No need to interrogate, let those people disappear. There are too many people in Beifu to tolerate these little mice.”

After saying this, Sally stared at the map and looked closely, while Ning Kun cautiously lowered her head to look at the ground behind her.

“Since they are so scattered, the so-called Sanniang must be among them. You can investigate Norman Wennian’s travel records and routes recently. Let me see.”

Ning Kun nodded slightly when he heard this, then held the remote control and pressed it, and soon a projector came out.

“I’ve done this work before I came here. Norman Wennian’s itinerary during this time is very different from before, so we can conclude that he went out to meet this Sanniang.”

Of course, many things are known, but if you want to grab a thread from it, it’s harder than going to heaven!

After frowning slightly, Sally waved her hand and said, “In this case, assess their strength, and then divide the people in the beast camp into two groups, into twenty-five groups, so that you can bring a little.”

In fact, Ning Kun had already ordered this matter to go down before he came here. After all, the strength of these people who came over was still not very good, and they could easily be brought down.

Among them, they also lack a certain amount of exercise, after all, they are people who just came out of the beast camp.

More importantly, Ning Kun was worried that these people would have too much self-esteem, and if they let it go, they might cause a lot of trouble.

Sally saw that Ning Kun was standing behind her and her uncle was not blooming, so she started a little curiously and said, “You are not going to do things, why are you standing here stupidly?”

“There is something I want to know, boss, can you tell me?”

Sally looked at Ning Kun in silence for a moment and then nodded: “Yes, but hurry.”

“I want to know why you are so anxious to erase Fu Fatty, he is an old man who has been following you for so long!”

Seeing the look on Ning Kun’s face, Sally sighed softly in her heart. It seemed that Old Hei didn’t tell him his true purpose!

So Sally sighed and shouted, “Do you know that Fu Fatty went to Hedong before?”

After being silent for a long time, Ning Kun nodded and smiled: “I know, what’s wrong, does it have anything to do with whether or not to erase the fat man?”

“It does matter, because I can’t believe him anymore, and he showed his feet when he was in Beifu.”

At this point, Sally felt a little embarrassed, but it passed quickly.

Seeing Ning Kun’s reluctance to say more, Sally sighed and said, “Fatty has done a lot of wrong things in Hedong during this period. If he rushes to pick him up, he is likely to be involved.”

Although Sally was a little reluctant in her heart, she still obeyed Ning Kun’s words. At this time, she seemed to have such amorous feelings.

Ning Kun glanced at the map coldly, then nodded silently: “What can the coward, Fu Fatty do, do not grow at all!


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