I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 839

Chapter 839

Sally looked at Ethan with a smile. Since Ethan noticed something last time, she has been a little resistant to contact Sally.

“Is it easy to open and see what you are carrying?” Sally looked at the box in Ethan’s hand with some curiosity.

And Ethan reluctantly smiled and shook his head and said, “Forget it, it’s not a good thing, it’s just some personal belongings. By the way, what do you want me to do?”

Looking at the reluctant smile on Ethan’s face, Sally felt a little disappointed, but she quickly recovered her senses and said: “It’s nothing, I just think there may be some misunderstandings between us, so I want to talk to you. .”

Hearing this, Ethan snorted, then walked to her and sat down, staring at Sally with his eyes.

“Misunderstanding? I don’t think there is any misunderstanding between us. Did you think that you had misunderstood when you lied to me?”

After saying this, Ethan took a deep breath and poured himself a cup of tea. Then he smiled and said, “When I first met you, you didn’t say these things, but now I’m targeting the Norman Family in Beifu. Don’t say anything, what does Ha Dong mean?”

Regarding the things about the Norman Family in Hedong, Ethan still learned from the old man Lin. If it weren’t for the old man Lin, he might be really stupid thinking that Sally had just set up in Hedong ahead of time.

At this moment, Ethan thought of what Sally had just said, and didn’t feel a little sarcasm in his heart.

“Sally, sometimes I really feel like I can’t see through you. What are you thinking?”

“I didn’t think about anything, why did you suddenly say that, since we realized that I have something against you now?”

Ethan looked at her expression full of innocence, and he couldn’t help but questioned: “Did you let me go to Hedong to get in touch with the Norman Family in Hedong to understand their intentions, or for the Norman Family in Hedong to grasp it? s things?”

After saying this, Ethan looked at Sally with a little disappointment, his mind was full of what Old Man Lin said to him.

The Norman Family of Hedong holds a weapon in their hands, and it is precisely because of it that they can have a say in a place like Hedong.

Sally looked at the angry expression in Ethan’s eyes, took a deep breath, and said in a deep voice, “I admit that when I made this decision, I included some elements in it.”

“What kind of ingredients do you need to explain, or is it the kind of ingredients I imagined?”

Ethan shook his head lightly and then sighed deeply, then said, “I thank you for this matter about the Norman Family in the Beifu, although you did it for yourself, not for me.”

“Ethan! Haven’t you thought about my choice?”

Sitting together between the two, they were pregnant with ghosts in their hearts. Sally had encountered this situation countless times before, but only this time was the most unbearable for her!

“Don’t you really know what I’m doing, haven’t you thought about what I can do?”

Saying this, Sally said helplessly: “Every one of you is like this. You think I can enjoy a lot and master a lot by sitting in this position, but have you ever thought that I can take on more?”

Perhaps it was Ethan’s illusion. For a moment, he suddenly sensed that Sally’s mood seemed to collapse.

It is not clear where the reason came from, but Ethan felt that way, which even reduced his anger towards Sally a lot!

“I don’t know what you think, but you make me feel a little dangerous, you know, Sally, I always thought you were my friend.”

“I am still your friend now, and this has never changed, and even I don’t just want to be a friend, you know?”

After hearing this, Ethan fell silent, then lifted the box in his hand and got up and walked to the door with his back facing Sally.

“I don’t think we are suitable for communication now. Let’s wait for a while and let us calm down for a while.

After saying this, Ethan walked out of the room, leaving only Sally sitting in the room alone.

While sitting on the sofa watching Ethan’s disappearing back, Sally suddenly felt helpless for a moment.

There are many things she needs to do. On the one hand, it is aimed at the committee’s monitoring of herself, on the other hand, it is dealing with some grievances between Ning Kun and Lao Hei.

We still have to make time to deal with the Norman Family in the North House and how to deal with those minions in Norman Tianyang.

But his only ally, even though there is only one person, is better than many people’s ally, Ethan questioned himself, which made Sally feel a sense of powerlessness in her heart!

In fact, what Sally didn’t know was that Ethan was also very unwilling after he walked out of the room. He was unwilling to keep hiding like this.

When Ning Kun said that he was going to reveal his identity, Ethan unexpectedly had a hint of happiness in his heart, and he even looked forward to the expression on Norman Tianyang’s minions when they knew his true identity!

But every time he thinks of what the old man Lin said, Ethan feels pain in his heart. It turns out that Sally and him are not the same.

This made Ethan deeply understand that some things can only rely on himself after all, and if he waits for others to do it, he will always be a chess piece at the mercy of others.

While Ethan was having trouble with Sally here, Sanniang was also having trouble with Norman Wennian here!

“Sanniang, just tell me how long it will take for Norman Tianyang’s support to arrive. Our funds are almost gone. If this continues, I really can’t hold it!”

Sanniang looked helpless at the phone in hand. This was the third time Norman Wennian had actively contacted him to get funds.

But at this time she couldn’t even protect her subordinates, let alone protect Norman Wennian!

In addition, because of her arrival, many people in Beifu have maintained their opinions of resistance, not to mention that she still needs to start work in Beifu!

Thinking of this, Sanniang couldn’t help but feel a bit bigger.

“Norman, don’t worry, our boss’ financial assistance will continue, but things are a little bit troublesome now, and I am not hungry to come out and talk to you.”

After hearing this, Norman Wennian was so angry, what was the condition he had negotiated with Norman Tianyang at the beginning!

As a result, now, the price he should have paid has been paid, and as a result, he did not get what he deserved, which made Norman Wennian feel angry!

“How did you tell me at the beginning, but now, what is it like?!”

After saying this, Norman Wennian took his mobile phone and continued to speak: “Don’t forget what you promised me. If you continue this way, we will finish the game together!”


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