I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 845

Chapter 845

After hearing this, Ning Kun stood up straight, then looked at Ethan weirdly and smiled and said, “Do you know what the chemicals are often stored in it, concentrated sulfuric acid, do you understand what I mean?”

I don’t know why, after hearing this, Ethan shuddered while looking at the weird look on Ning Kun’s face!

At this time, Lao Hei slowly said, “I have stored the map in the warehouse into a microcomputer on your arm. It contains the information you need. In addition, there is an infrared instrument on your helmet to help you observe better. enemy.”

Sally smiled and looked at Lao Hei and gave a thumbs up, knowing that he had taken out the things from the bottom of the box this time.

Armed up to his teeth, Ethan now looks like the male protagonist in a sci-fi movie. He is dressed in black titanium armor, two long knives at his waist, and his feet are even covered by armor.

Ethan looked at himself and said with a dumbfounded cry: “Excuse me, brothers, is this necessary? Don’t you think it is an insult to warriors like me to wear these things?”

Regarding Ethan’s complaint, the three of them stretched out their right hands one after another, and then their ring fingers stood up and pointed at Ethan under God’s will!

Perhaps because he felt the people’s concern for him, Ethan suddenly felt a little red in his eye sockets, and his lips squirmed twice. Considering that there were more people on the other side than himself, he finally held back the fragrant words in his mouth!

“I’m going, you’ll wait for me here, and I’ll talk about the details after I get in!”

After saying this, Ethan disappeared in a flash, and Lao Hei and Ning Kun stared at the place where Ethan stood just now.

“Although the fourth-level martial artist is a bit remarkable, how come I feel a bit too much with such a gameplay?”

After Ning Kun said this, he slowly turned his head and looked at Lao Hei, only to see him staring at him stupidly.

“What happened just now, where did the kid go? I haven’t said anything yet. Why did he run away?!”

Sally looked at the two people in front of her with a helpless sigh, then pointed at Ning Kun and said, “Does he have a combat recorder on his body?”

Ning Kun nodded, and the three of them hurriedly got into the car. Ning Kun turned on the laptop telegram and called out the combat recorder on Ethan.

In fact, Lao Hei hadn’t said a word just now. The micro combat computer he installed on Ethan is also useful to help people outside to observe the situation inside and decide whether to support it.

But since they saw Ethan’s inhuman speed, Lao Hei suddenly felt that there was no need to explain it. At least, if the kid runs away, no one can stop it!

Just as Ethan entered the warehouse area, Sanniang’s men suddenly rushed in, and then looked at Sanniang and said, “Boss, the road outside has been blocked, what shall we do?”

As soon as this person’s voice fell off, another subordinate also intervened: “The communication between Boss Lei in the city has also been cut off, and there is no cell phone signal, etc. You must wait two hours to find a stable frequency. !”

After hearing this, Sanniang looked at the other person and said angrily: “My old lady has raised you for so long, but when something happens, you will be able to do this kind of virtue?”

Hearing what Sanniang said, everyone around lowered their heads and looked at the ground.

Sanniang rubbed her eyebrows with a headache and said, “Since asking for help is not possible and blocked by the other party, what else can I do to fight it out! Do I need to teach you this?”

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from the warehouse gate: “Want to fight out? Of course it is possible, but the difficulty may be a little high. Do you really want to do this?”

Looking at the source of the sound, Sanniang was silent for a while and then whispered, “Have we arranged for manpower at the warehouse door?”

One of the subordinates heard her whisper and whispered: “Four people!”

Four downed in an instant, what kind of strength is this!

Moreover, since they caught the member of the beast camp, and then searched out the crystal element from his body, only more than an hour passed!

In just over an hour, they have made all these preparations, and they can even find someone to deal with them!

Thinking of this, Sanniang looked at the dark place at the gate of the warehouse and said, “The 13 departments are indeed well-deserved. I heard that there are 13 departments in the 13 departments who do their own things. I don’t know which department you belong to?”

Ethan hesitated when he heard this, and it was funny, even though Sally had stated that she wanted to help herself more than once.

But until now Ethan didn’t have a suitable identity, and he hadn’t even contacted anyone in the thirteen subjects except for Sally!

I always heard Sally say that there are 13 subjects in every place, but so far, he doesn’t know how many 13 subjects there are in Beifu.

Sally knew him well, but he only knew Sally that she had a very high status, she was the heir of the next 13 subjects, nothing more.

Thinking of this, Ethan lightly sighed and walked out of the shadows. Everyone looked at him with a twitch on his face.

Then he looked at Sanniang and the others and said in a deep voice, “I am not from the 13th subject, I just came here to help.”

Very plain tone, but it revealed unparalleled self-confidence. This self-confidence made Sally and the others, who were observing the scene through the battle recorder outside, wanted to rub Ethan on the ground!

Ning Kun slapped his face, feeling a bit mad!

Lao Hei looked at the screen on the computer silently, his face stiffened for a long time, and then he spoke: “I admit that this kid is a man, really, he can’t be a man!”

Sally squeezed both hands on the heads of Lao Hei and Ning Kun fiercely and said angrily: “Who does this kid think she is! Quietly, Mimi touched it and did a few more and then came out? Honest?!”

Ning Kun rolled his eyes at Sally’s move towards him, but since he had just joined Sally after all, he could only swallow his anger.

Old Hei turned his head a little awkwardly and glanced at Sally, “Boss, why are you hitting me?”

“Then why do you think Ning Kun has to grab his hair?”

After a moment of silence, Lao Hei thought for a while and replied: “Because, excitement?”

For the first time in her life, Sally suddenly wanted to open Old Hei’s head to see what was in his mind.

And while they were crazy, Ethan walked towards Sanniang step by step.

“One year ago, Buckeye suddenly came to a big man, Norman Tianyang, along with a lot of little ghosts, that is you.”

After hearing these words, Sanniang and the others looked at each other. Everyone smelled a scent that made them uneasy.

“Six months later, during the Battle of Xianyang Valley, Eric Norman led his men to death and Ethan disappeared. At the same time, Buckeye and Norman Tianyang covered the sky with one hand. You little fishes and shrimps have a much better life!”


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