I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 847

Chapter 847 Body Overdraft Third

Old Hei knew that it was because too much blood coagulated after it came out.

The people in the beast camp were used to such scenes, so after frowning, they began to prepare to clean up.

Lao Hei walked forward a little bit along the blood stains, and at the same time, he was prepared to make a plot if anyone did not die.

When he walked to the innermost part of the warehouse, he looked at Ethan lying on the ground with a hint of complicated meaning in his eyes.

This may also be the first time Lao Hei saw Ethan’s true face. He looked like he was only twenty-two or three-year-old, but he was bearing hatred that he shouldn’t bear!

After shook his head slightly, Old Hei looked at a woman lying in front of Ethan, turned her over to compare her appearance, and confirmed that she was Sanniang. Old Hei quickly let Ethan and Sanniang take her. Got out.

Ning Kun watched Ethan being carried out, a trace of worry flashed in his eyes, and he hurriedly leaned forward and asked, “How is it, is this person okay?”

A member of the animal camp simply checked Ethan and said in a deep voice: “There is no trauma. It may be due to excessive physical exhaustion. In addition, it is caused by a nervous state. He needs to rest for three to five days.”

After hearing this, Ning Kun turned his head and gestured to the worried Sally, then watched the members of the animal camp send Ethan back to the villa.

The other three Sanniang didn’t have that good luck, they were locked in a cage and pulled back to the villa.

Seeing that the matter here has been resolved, Ning Kun walked up to Sally and said awkwardly, “Can I go back first? I’m afraid I won’t be needed here next time?”

Sally looked at Ning Kun with a bitter smile and nodded: “Okay, you go back to your rental house first, I will call you when something happens.”

Ning Kun nodded and drove away. After tidying up the messy warehouse, Old Hei walked out of the warehouse with people carrying bags.

Then he washed his hands vigorously before speaking in front of Sally: “The matter has been resolved. Only the third wife survived. In addition, we also found a mobile phone fragment with three fingerprints on it. Mother.”

Sally looked at Lao Hei in silence for a moment, and then whispered softly: “Okay, you can send back all the things you collected. I’ll go back and see how Ethan is.”

Although she said so, the main reason for Sally was that she couldn’t bear the hell-like picture.

Lao Hei watched Sally leave without saying anything, and then returned to the warehouse to start cleaning after she left completely.

It’s not that simple to completely erase a person’s track. Old Hei still has a lot to do, and he doesn’t have time to go back to the villa to accompany Ethan.

On the other hand, Norman Tianyang, who was in Buckeye, was sitting in his office, looking at the mobile phone in his hand, silent, and he kept thinking of Ethan’s words in his mind.

He will come back, he will come back to find himself.

Gradually, Norman Tianyang suddenly burst into laughter. A secretary outside the door heard the laughter and quickly walked in, then lowered his head and said, “Boss, what’s the matter?”

Norman Tianyang turned his back to the secretary and looked out the window and said in a deep voice, “It’s okay, you can go out, and also call Chen Shilong, Zhao Tianzhong and Jin Normangwu over and say I have something to talk to them.”

The secretary was silent for a while and then nodded slightly and then retreated. He didn’t know why the boss wanted to see these new guys.

But now that the boss ordered, he had no choice but to do something, so he left the office and called several of them.

Soon, the three rushed together and walked into Norman Tianyang’s office under the leadership of the secretary.

Norman Tianyang sighed with his back to the three of them, then turned his chair to look at the three of them.

“Chen Shilong, Zhao Tianzhong, Jin Normangwu, this seems to be the third time we have met, right?”

After saying these words, Norman Tianyang lit a cigar for himself and took a deep breath, and Norman Tianyang stared at the three of them like a wolf in the green smoke curling around.

The three of them had no stage fright in the eyes of Norman Tianyang. Chen Shilong, who was 1.85 meters tall, stood up to look at Norman Tianyang and nodded: “What is the boss’ order?”

Norman Tianyang was silent for a while and then whispered: “I heard that although the three of you are all third-level martial artists, if you work together, you can deal with a fourth-level martial artist, right? “

After Chen Shilong looked at each other with the other two, a smug expression flashed in his eyes and said: “Back to the boss, although our three brothers have different surnames, we have the same brothers and sisters, and we have a good understanding of each other!”

Norman Tianyang looked at Chen Shilong with a slight smile and nodded, “Okay, then I think you should also know that I have been looking for someone, his name is Ethan!”

Chen Shilong walked to Norman Tianyang’s desk, then picked up the note on the desk and said, “Ethan? Is this his picture?”

Norman Tianyang nodded lightly and looked at Chen Shilong with a grinning smile: “I don’t care what you use, I don’t want anything, I only want his head! Just his head! “

Chen Shilong looked at Norman Tianyang and nodded and was silent for a while, then he said, “What about Hedong?”

After hearing this, Norman Tianyang fell silent, thinking of the Norman Family in Hedong, Norman Tianyang was full of feelings.

“Hedong’s Norman Family’s affairs will be slowed down first. I want you to catch this person. You must catch him for me!”

Upon hearing this, Chen Shilong took the two of them and left Norman Tianyang’s office, and soon got on the special car to Beifu.

At this time, in the Tianzhu Villa, Sally was sitting quietly beside Ethan’s bed, watching him frowning and sleeping.

For some reason, Sally felt a little distressed suddenly.

She and Ethan’s identities are so similar, but the experience between the two is very different.

Thinking of the words Ethan said in the warehouse, Sally’s heart surged with pain. As the only blood of the Norman Family, he still has a long way to go.

After finishing the work, Lao Hei returned to the villa, walked to Sally’s office and saw no one, only then came to Ethan’s room.

Looking at Ethan, who was not awake, Old Hei was silent for a while and said, “How is his health now?”

“The doctor said that I still need to rest for a while, the physical strength is severely overdrawn, and the mental state is also very poor.”

After saying this, Sally sighed and shook her head: “Have you done all the aftercare?”

Lao Hei nodded and said solemnly, “Basically everything is done, but there is one more thing waiting for you. What about that woman?”

A strange color flashed in Sally’s eyes when she heard this, she immediately got up and walked out of Ethan’s room and said, “Go, go and meet that woman first, I want to see how amazing she is, and dare to touch me!”

Old Hei smiled sadly and followed Sally to the dungeon below the villa.


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