I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 853

Chapter 853

Chen Shilong shouted after hearing this, “Jin Normangwu, the target is outside, and his name is Ethan!”

Upon hearing this, Jin Normangwu found a strange smile on the face of the person who was fighting against him!

So he tentatively smiled and said, “You are Ethan, right?”

Lao Hei looked at Jin Normangwu with a smile and said, “Are you blind or blind, take a good look, who is Ethan!”

While talking, Lao He took advantage of Jin Normangwu’s carelessness, and suddenly punched him in the face, and he just blasted him more than five meters away before stopping!

Zhao Tianzhong, who was fighting Ethan next to him, saw this scene from the corner of his eyes. He was anxious, and quickly retreated two meters to get away from Ethan. Then he rushed to Jin Normangwu and said, “How are you? Right?”

Jin Normangwu wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, shook his head and said, “This guy is a bit difficult to deal with. Or ask the boss to come out. We are here to catch Ethan, not to help Norman Wennian solve his troubles.”

Zhao Tianzhong rolled his eyes helplessly and replied: “Norman Wennian is the boss’s partner. If we don’t care, we will cause trouble for the boss!”

As soon as the voice fell, he turned his head to look at Lao Hei and said solemnly, “Which of you is Ethan, stand up for me!”

Ethan wiped the blood on his body, then looked at Zhao Tianzhong and smiled and said, “I am, why, Norman Tianyang asked you to arrest me?”

After Zhao Tianzhong laughed twice, he took out two daggers from his bag and saw that their sharp edges were a little bluish, obviously they were poisoned!

“Just know, just follow us, everyone will have less trouble, otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless, our boss didn’t say whether to live or die!”

Ethan laughed twice and then glanced at Lao Hei and said in a low voice, “Did you guys bring it? It looks like it’s a bit difficult here today.”

Lao Hei silently took out a box from the corner, then opened it and took out two long knives from the inside and threw it to Ethan.

“Ning Kun is leading people on the way here. Hold on for a while and try to keep these three rascals, otherwise it would seem too impatient for us!”

Ethan smiled and coughed up a bit of bruise, then wiped it on his body and then drew out a long knife and smiled: “In this case, there is no way, go!”

In an instant, there was another shadow of swords and swords in the courtyard, and Jin Normangwu and Zhao Tianzhong faced Ethan and Lao Hei respectively.

Sally sat behind Lao Hei and Ethan and looked at them quietly, with cold sweat in her palms.

When the fighting between the two sides was fierce, the gate of the Norman Family collapsed. Ning Kun held two spears in his hand and pointed at everyone in the yard and shouted angrily: “Stop your hands!”

Thirty beast guards filed in behind Ning Kun and quickly surrounded Jin Normangwu, Zhao Tianzhong and the others, and Norman Wennian and Chen Shilong, who had managed to solve the 20 beast guards in the room, saw the scene behind them through the window.

Norman Wennian looked anxiously at Chen Shilong and said, “What to do, I don’t have much anger anymore!”

At this time, Chen Shilong also felt a little irritable. If it weren’t for coming to Norman Wennian to ask about Ethan’s whereabouts, they wouldn’t have met someone from the 13th subject!

Thinking of this, Chen Shilong replied in a bad tone; “You ask me, I ask who will go!”

Ning Kun watched everyone stop their hands, and hurriedly called out, “Old Hei, Ethan stepped back, boss is okay?

Sally walked out of the corner slowly and looked at Ning Kun with a smile: “Nothing.”

Then she pointed to Zhao Tianzhong in the yard and spoke to Jin Normangwu: “These two people are Norman Tianyang’s subordinates. Take it. There is one in the room, and Norman Wennian is also in it.”

Ning Kun grinned twice and then pointed the two guns at Jin Normangwu and Zhao Tianzhong: “Are you more sensible by yourself, or do you need me to help you?”

Jin Normangwu and Zhao Tianzhong looked at each other. Zhao Tianzhong walked out and looked at Ning Kun proudly and said, “Within ten steps, I am fast. Outside ten steps, you are fast. You see how far we are.”

Ning Kun laughed and yelled, and the surrounding beast guards immediately surrounded him!

In an instant, Zhao Tianzhong and Jin Normangwu fell into the siege of thirty beast guards!

When Chen Shilong saw such a scene, he brought Norman Wennian out of the room and screamed, “Go!”

After looking at each other with Ethan, Lao Hei gritted his teeth and joined the battle group. While Chen Shilong was taking Zhao Tianzhong away, he slammed into Jin Normangwu’s waist!

Seeing that his good brother was stabbed in the stomach by Ethan, Zhao Tianzhong turned around and shouted, “No!”

Ning Kun deliberately wanted to keep everyone behind, but after all he could not stop Chen Shilong from taking Norman Wennian and Zhao Tianzhong away.

Jin Normangwu knelt on one knee, bleeding from the corner of his mouth, watching Ethan smile with Lao Hei and fell to the ground.

Sally walked up slowly and took a look. Ning Kun looked at Sally apologetically and said, “I’m sorry, this time I am negligent. I didn’t expect Norman Tianyang to send someone over.”

Sally shook her head and whispered softly: “It’s nothing to do with you. No one thought it would happen. Clean up here and go back, and prevent them from coming back soon.”

After hearing this, Ning Kun nodded and helped Lao Hei and Ethan, and then counted the beast guards, and found that they had lost 20 beast guards in this battle!

Such a huge loss made Sally’s heart bleed. The point is that they have not caught Norman Wennian, and even Norman Qingshu has escaped. This is where Sally is most angry!

After returning to the villa, Sally looked at the list of deaths in her hand and closed her eyes in agony. Ning Kun stood in front of Sally with her head down, anxious, and looked up at her from time to time.

After a while, Sally said, “Go down and send the list to the headquarters. In addition, I will inform the fourth and fifth divisions. Norman Tianyang’s attack on the 13th division, and the Buckeye branch has a traitor. Report together!”

Ning Kun hesitated for a while and replied in a low voice, “A traitor has happened in the Buckeye branch. Didn’t we check it ourselves?”

They had discovered this matter a long time ago. At first, Sally handed the matter to the thirteenth department, saying that it was handed over to the first department for investigation.

But time has passed for so long without a single letter, and this incident today made Sally furious!

“Since the people in the first department can’t do this thing well, let the people at the headquarters do it. I don’t believe that Norman Tianyang can be so crazy in Buckeye!”

The death of 20 beast guards directly stimulated Sally. At this time, she was like a tiger who chose to eat. If anyone sang her against this joint, she could crush the opponent’s head!

After Ning Kun glanced at Sally’s gloomy face, he nodded quickly and stepped back, and by the way, let someone help the prisoner.


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