I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 854

Chapter 854

What happened to the Norman Family not only alarmed Beifu, but also caused Chen Jingdao and other bigwigs to look at him.

After all, such a big thing happened in Beifu within two days, how could it be possible to hide from these local snakes!

However, Chen Jingdao was very happy about this incident. For him, it was someone who helped him get revenge. He also happily accepted some of the Norman Family’s property in Beifu.

Some people who followed Chen Jingdao also joined the ranks of cakes, some of which were specially arranged by Sally.

Anyway, the Norman Family in Beifu is over, and with the mentality of waste utilization, there should be part of Sally in the leftover property.

Although the old man Lin was a little wondering why Sally had just begun to take action, the Norman Family disappeared inexplicably.

But after thinking about it carefully and adding the taciturn Lin Yan, Old Man Lin finally put aside his thoughts of seeking the truth.

Sometimes, the so-called truth is not really important. For them, there is only one thing that really matters, and that is enough benefits.

The fall of the Norman Family is a major event for Beifu, which means the end of an era in Beifu, a feast for the rich.

Not only the people led by Chen Jingdao, but even Old Man Lin and others also joined the feast.

At this time, while Chen Jingdao was enjoying the fruits of victory, the atmosphere in Buckeye’s Norman Tianyang office gradually became gloomy.

Chen Shilong was standing in front of Norman Tianyang with a look of guilt, and besides Norman Wennian, Zhao Tianzhong was standing beside him.

Norman Tianyang looked at the two men standing in front of him with a sneer. Three level three martial artists went to the Beifu, only one returned, and he also brought back a waste!

That’s right, Norman Wennian, who lost the Norman Family in Beifu, is a waste to Norman Tianyang!

If it weren’t for his power in the Beifu, Norman Tianyang wouldn’t have spent so much money to help Norman Wennian, which is not good now.

Not to mention Norman Wennian’s downfall, the money he spent was also lost, and he also lost a third-level warrior subordinate!

It was level three, not a Chinese cabbage, and he had already lost a Sanniang before that, and this blow was a bit of a wound for Norman Tianyang!

Norman Wennian lowered his head and stood in front of Norman Tianyang. He knew very well what he meant to Norman Tianyang, and also knew what would happen if he lost the Norman Family in Beifu.

After the two sides were silent for a while, Norman Tianyang looked at Chen Shilong and said coldly: “A total of three people went to Beifu, but that’s how you came back? Where is the head I want?”

Chen Shilong lowered his head when he heard this, a trace of anger flashed across Zhao Tianzhong’s face!

The intelligence only said that the target’s strength should be around level three, but it didn’t say that the target was to be with 13 subjects, and there were a full fifty beast guards!

What is the 13th subject, that is the first organization in the inland!

Don’t mention the three of them. It’s good to go back to the three of them alive, because they ran fast and escaped the rapid response department of the thirteen subjects. in!

Norman Wennian looked at Norman Tianyang with an angry look, a wry smile flashed across his face.

This obviously refers to the bald head and scolded the bald man, so Norman Wennian came out and sat down and said, “This time it was my fault. I didn’t expect that they would dare to take someone to the door!”

Seeing the emotional look on Norman Wennian’s face, Norman Tianyang sneered and asked, “Why didn’t you come with your ineffective son?”

Hearing this, Norman Wennian’s hand trembled slightly.

The tunnels under his study were connected to some of the air defense passages in Beifu back then. Each of these passages could lead to the outside, but the inside was intricate and complicated, and he was likely to get lost inside, let alone Norman Qingshu!

Thinking of this, Norman Wennian said sadly: “If you are lucky, he should have come out now. If you are a little bit unlucky, I’m afraid I will have to return to Beifu soon.”

When Chen Shilong heard this, he looked at Norman Wennian in surprise, “Are you crazy? Why would I save you if I knew you were thinking this way? How about saving my brother!”

Norman Tianyang glanced coldly at Empress Chen Shilong, Chen Shilong quickly lowered his head and closed his mouth, as if he had never spoken.

Although Zhao Tianzhong was indignant on his face, he did not dare to show the slightest sign in front of Norman Tianyang!

“In this case, do you need me to help you prepare something? After all, we are both branches of the Norman Family. I will still help with this little favor.”

After saying this, Norman Tianyang looked at Norman Wennian graciously and lighted himself a cigarette, and the faint smell of tobacco instantly filled the room.

Norman Wennian looked at Norman Tianyang through some misty smoke: “Give me ten people. I will definitely find my son. From then on, I am willing to sign a contract with you to help you do something!”

After seeing his body hear his words like that, a look of disdain flashed across his face, Norman Wennian knew that he was bad!

So he hurriedly put the package on his body, and then opened a bottle of wine and placed it in front of Norman Wennian.

“He is my son no matter what, I don’t want to get him back no matter what it is, otherwise my father is negligent!”

Norman Tianyang picked up the wine on the table and smiled: “It’s good, but what guarantee do you use to guarantee that you will never encounter some bad things? Now your team has no foreman.”

Hearing this, Norman Wennian looked at Norman Tianyang with a weird expression. The two had already understood part of the other’s thoughts while making eye contact!

After a moment of silence, Norman Tianyang took a cold look at Chen Shilong and said, “You couldn’t handle a little thing that I told you last time. Then I will give you a big thing this time. Are you confident that you can accomplish it?”

As soon as Norman Tianyang’s voice fell and Chen Shilong had time to take the call in the future, Zhao Tianzhong suddenly stood up, looking at Norman Tianyang with hatred on his face and said, “As long as I go back again, no matter how difficult the task is, I will take it. Down!”

After hearing this, Chen Shilong looked back at Zhao Tianzhong with some concern. He knew that Zhao Tianzhong and Jin Normangwu had grown up almost together, and the relationship between the two had already surpassed their real brothers.

But I still didn’t expect that Zhao Tianzhong would be so persistent as long as it involved Jin Normangwu!

Thinking of this, Chen Shilong stretched out his hand and patted his face and then said: “Let’s do it, let’s not have a face, or not eat, but the money must be paid, otherwise we can’t do it!

Norman Tianyang has never been short of money since he started to lead the overseas Norman Family hands-on meeting.

After watching Norman Tianyang leave at this moment, Norman Tianlong gave Zhao Tianzhong a vicious look!


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