I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 856

Chapter 856

“There is a message from Buckeye that the headquarters has broken up the Buckeye branch and reorganized it. I will most likely go to Buckeye next, and the old black will be responsible for things here.”

After saying this, Sally looked at Ning Kun quietly for a moment, and then said, “Do you have any plans next?”

When Sally said this, there seemed to be a trace of sadness hidden between her brows. Everyone knew that the current Buckeye was the place of Norman Tianyang.

She passed by at this time, even if she thought with her toes, she knew that there would be no good, but the headquarters chose her to go over.

Ning Kun suddenly raised his head to look at Sally for a moment, and then hurriedly said, “What should the original person in charge of Buckeye do? Will the entire Buckeye branch be rebuilt?”

Sally shook her head lightly, this matter is not something she needs to consider.

If she is allowed to think about it, it is very likely that someone at the headquarters wants to deliberately test her own abilities so that she can decide when to put herself on top.

Thinking of this, Sally sighed deeply and replied: “You should talk about yourself. Do you have any plans after I leave? Do you want to stay and help the old man?”

Ning Kun took a deep breath, struggling fiercely in his mind.

It may not be no good to stay. Lao Hei and him are students for the whole semester, and they can trust each other in their relationship, and there will be no mutual suspicion.

But there is also a disadvantage, that is, you can’t show the revenge in your chest, this is even more important than some things!

But if she didn’t stay, Sally went to Buckeye, and Beifu was handed over to Lao Hei. Even if he returned to the third division, it was just a fish returning home, and it would not necessarily be reused.

Thinking of this, Ning Kun rubbed his eyebrows with a headache and said, “Is there still room for maneuver in this matter? I really don’t know how to choose.”

Sally frowned when she looked at Ning Kun’s tangled appearance. What she most bored was that a big man hesitated to do things, and was not decisive at all!

Thinking of this, Sally said coldly: “If you want to be delicious and comfortable, then you can stay in Beifu with peace of mind. Lao Hei won’t short your mouthful, but if you really want to do something, then go to Hedong. Right.”

Sally’s plan to go to Hedong was drawn up a long time ago, on the one hand to investigate the intention of the Norman Family in Hedong.

If Norman Tianyang doesn’t come back, Sally doesn’t have to do this step yet, but Norman Tianyang not only comes back, but even sends people several times to try to get in touch with the Norman Family in Hedong.

This made Sally a little more defensive against the Norman Family in Hedong. After all, they can stand in a place like Hedong for so long, they must have their own ability.

And everyone knows that the Norman Family in Hedong holds a weapon in his hand, which is said to be extremely terrifying!

This makes Sally have to pay more attention to the Norman Family in Hedong, so she hopes that Ning Kun can provoke the burden of this matter.

It’s okay to let the old black keep it, but if you want to count on him to open it, it’s already thank good for the old black to not defeat his own old bottom!

Ning Kun looked at the expression on Sally’s face and was silent for a moment. He didn’t want to go to Hedong, but the Norman Family in Beifu was already so tough.

If they went to Hedong, wouldn’t the opponent they face is even more terrifying?

He is a person who likes to use his brains, but it definitely does not mean that he will do it. Moreover, his own safety can hardly be guaranteed after leaving the Beast Guard, let alone dealing with the Norman Family in Hedong!

Thinking of this, Ning Kun quickly shook his head and said, “No, no, no, if I were to go to Hedong, I would rather face the mess here in Beifu alone, or go back to the headquarters with you and eat together and wait for death!”

Sally rolled her eyes when she watched Ning Kun. Someone was hesitating just now, but she didn’t expect that a word of her would shock the other party.

After taking a deep breath, Sally looked helplessly at Ning Kun and said, “The things in Hedong are very important to us as a whole. If the Norman Family in Hedong and Norman Tianyang join forces, let alone Buckeye, we are not anywhere in the interior. It will be safe!”

“But if you want me to face the Norman Family in Hedong, I am the first one to be unsafe!”

As soon as the voice fell, a voice suddenly came from the door: “Who said you were alone in facing the Norman’s house in Hedong? The person Sally picked last time has already rushed to the Norman’s house in Hedong.”

Ning Kun and Sally turned their heads to look at the door when they heard the voices, but saw Ethan walking in in a casual suit, and then sitting on the sofa carelessly picking up the apple on the table and gnawing.

“Some of us have already gone to Hedong? When did I know what happened?”

Ning Kun looked at Ethan asking questions, and then turned to look at Sally, because according to the truth, Sally would definitely negotiate with him about such a thing, but he didn’t receive any information in advance!

Sally also looked at Ethan in surprise at this time and said, “When is this happening? Why don’t I have any impression?”

Ethan sat on the sofa looking at the dumbfounded two people, shrugged and replied: “Some time ago, the few people you introduced to me have all gone to Hedong through Father Xue’s channel.”

In fact, if you want to go to Hedong, it is really not that simple. In the entire Beifu, only a business man like Mr. Xue can let people in and out of Hedong at will!

After Sally looked at Ethan for a while, she remembered the people she had known Ethan who were planning to go to Hedong and lurking.

So he smiled and replied: “If you don’t tell me, I almost forgot, how are those people now, do Old Hei have their messages in his hands?”

Ning Kun also remembered the incident after a moment of contemplation, so he hurriedly said, “By the way, if they go to Hedong, they can establish a contact point in advance. Then we only need to rush over, right?”

Sally smiled and nodded and then replied: “Don’t worry, you were just collecting samples of animals and plants in the past. I think it should be a unique island, it takes a hundred years to appear!

This is the first, and the second is that because of Hedong’s unique geographical environment, many people try to find spokespersons on it.

This has become a characteristic of Hedong, as if it was the reason why the Norman Family would be divided into one branch here!

Even if the 36 members of the Norman clan are all dead, they can guarantee that they have someone to succeed!

But the people of the Norman Family never thought that they were the first to be destroyed!

And the person who took the butcher knife to them turned out to be the old family!

Thinking of this, Sally couldn’t help but shook her head slightly and sighed, “Okay, let’s go together if the situation permits, and try to avoid wasting energy!”


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