I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 870

Chapter 870 Wei Xianhe (second more)

“Miss Sally, my Yan’er is only 22 years old this year. This child has suffered a lot from snacks. You can save her!”

Sally looked at the tears of Old Man Lin, and said with some uncomfortable: “Don’t worry, I will let my men work hard to treat them!”

Chen Jingdao never expected that Lin Yan, the granddaughter of Lin Yan, would encounter this incident. He silently patted Lin on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, old man, Miss Sally can do something.”

Lao Hei looked at everyone and seemed to have no other problems, so he stood up and said in a deep voice: “This matter about Norman Tianyang against our Beifu has nothing to do with everyone who is doing it. If it’s okay, please come back!”

Some people in small households understand that when they hear this, they cannot intervene in this matter, nor can they do anything.

So many people got up and walked out of the villa one by one. When Xue Chongli got up and walked to Sally’s side, he watched Sally stay silent for a while.

Then he said in a deep voice, “Although the Xue family is said to be a small household, it is not as good as your 13 subjects, but I still want to say that if there is any need, the Xue family is bound to define it!”

Sally looked at Xue Chongli and nodded with a smile, and then asked Ning Kun to send Xue Chongli away.

Chen Jingdao helped Old Man Li walk to Sally, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end it turned into a sigh and quietly led Old Man Lin away.

Looking at the backs of the two of them, for a moment Sally suddenly felt as though she was sorry for them.

Looking at Sally’s loss, the old black smiled bitterly and said, “Boss, do you want to report to the headquarters about the next thing?”

Sally came back to her senses when she heard this, then nodded in silence and turned back to the office.

As soon as he entered the office, he quickly locked the door, put down the projector, and connected to the headquarters meeting.

Soon, projections of three people lit up in the office, and they all looked at Sally sitting at the desk.

After a long time, one of them said, “Sally, what is the situation in Beifu now?”

Shaking her head slightly, Sally took out a file from her hand and said in a deep voice: “Norman Wennian of the Norman Family in the North Mansion and Norman Tianyang plan to let his forces invade the North Mansion, so I promptly wiped out the Norman Family in the North Mansion.”

After saying this, she sent an action report on the matter to everyone in the meeting.

Then they waited until they received it before continuing to speak: “And today this incident is likely to be Norman Wennian’s retaliation, but there is a key issue. Norman Wennian’s son, Norman Qingshu, is missing.”

As soon as the voice fell, a man said in a deep voice, “In this case, it is my third subject to track down Norman Qingshu’s whereabouts. I also want to retaliate against them once.”

Sally watched a wry smile on the man’s face and said, “Uncle San, you should help me arrange some nails in Hedong. Then Hedong will be the top priority!”

The man Sally called the third uncle shrugged and looked at a woman sitting opposite him and said, “Xiao Xue, I really want to ask, Sally was attacked in Beifu, should you give me an explanation? ?”

The woman looked at her third uncle and frowned, “Sally is my niece. Do you think my four subjects will reveal her schedule?”

After saying this, the middle-aged woman looked at Sally apologetically and said: “Sally, don’t worry, I will definitely give you an explanation on this matter.”

When Sally heard this, she looked at Xiao Xue and shook her head with her third uncle: “No, I just want to go to Buckeye as soon as possible. I must let Norman Tianyang give me an account personally!”

Hearing this, everyone in the room nodded, and the third uncle spoke gloomily: “A small overseas Norman Family dared to target the master of the first 13 subjects. It seems that they are thinking the other way around. !”

The people in the Second Division glared at him after hearing what San Shu said, and then said gloomily, “Anyway, my 30 beast guards died in Norman Tianyang’s hands, right?”

There are 13 departments in 13 departments, and the division of labor is clear. Among them, the most terrifying is two departments!

The second division is the department that trains these beast guards, and all the people who come out of it are human weapons!

Perhaps many people are afraid of the martial artist’s circle, but only Sally knows that what the second division does is specifically for the martial artist!

At this moment, Lao Hei looked at the person in charge of the Second Division, and did not dare to take a breath.

Although Sally grew up in the care of these elders, but for the person in charge of the second division, that is, her uncle, she just can’t afford to feel close.

At this moment, facing her uncle’s cold eyes, Sally hesitated and nodded: “Yes, we lost a total of 30 animal guards before and after. Ten animal guards died in the hands of Norman Wennian, and 20 animal guards died in Norman Tianyang. Man.”

After hearing this, Sally’s uncle nodded silently, said a good word, and then interrupted the video conference and disappeared!

Uncle Sally looked at the empty location of the Second Division, rubbed his eyebrows with a headache and said, “It’s over, this matter is probably going to be a fuss for a while, you guys, I have to hurry up and get through some relationships as much as possible. Under the influence of this incident!”

After Xiao Xue looked at the second division’s position with some worry, he took a deep breath and said solemnly: “This incident can be understood as Norman Tianyang’s declaration of war on our 13th division, so all departments, get ready!”

After saying this, she also broke the connection, and only the heads of nine departments were left on the field. They watched Sally remain silent from start to finish.

On the one hand, some departments cannot directly participate in this matter; on the other hand, they want to see what Sally wants to do.

The person in charge of the first department is also Sally’s father. He looked at his daughter quietly, his eyes flat and a little calm.

“You all go to your own business first, let me talk to her alone.”

After hearing this, everyone looked at Sally and then at the head of a branch, and then went offline.

Sally looked at her father, gritted her teeth slightly, and said in a deep voice, “May I ask you something?”

“You shouldn’t talk to me like this, Sally, our father and daughter haven’t talked for a long time. Do we have to get along in this way?”

Looking at the familiar man in front of her, Sally took two deep breaths and sarcastically said, “Forgive me for forgetting your name. Sorry, let us do business, Wei Xianhe!”

After both sides were silent for a moment, Wei Xianhe looked at Sally with both hands on his chin and said solemnly, “You are not allowed to go to Buckeye, come directly to Jingnan to see me, I will naturally leave this to your uncle to deal with! “


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