I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 871

Chapter 871 Holy One on Earth (third more)

Sally looked at her father’s face and took two deep breaths: “Perhaps you have forgotten one thing. Since my mother died, I have nothing to do with you anymore. In theory, what I want to do is nothing like you. relationship!”

“As long as you are still in the 13th subject, you must obey my orders. Even if I ask you to dig ice every day in the extremely cold place, you have to shut up and do it!”

As Wei Xianhe’s angry voice sounded, he slapped him on the table with some anger!

“Do you know why Norman Tianyang targeted you like this? Do you know how powerful the Norman Family was back then? Do you know how powerful the Norman Family’s 36 families are?”

After saying this, Wei Xianhe looked at his daughter disdainfully: “If you didn’t know anything, you destroyed the Norman Family in Beifu. Do you know that the 36 families of the Norman Family were in the same way back then, so how could they be you? moveable?”

Looking at Sally’s upset look on her face, Wei Xianhe, as the current leader of the 13th subject, showed deep disappointment in his eyes!

“I really misunderstood you. I thought you were grown up, but I didn’t expect you to be like a child! The Norman Family in Beifu contacted Norman Tianyang, don’t you know to tell me? You have to make your own way and destroy the Norman Family in Beifu ?”

Looking at the angry man in front of her, Sally lowered her head and sneered twice, and then suddenly said, “What’s the use of telling you, I once placed hope on you, but I knew that was wrong.”

After saying this, Sally looked up at her father and said in a deep voice, “You, Wei Xianhe, I am going to Buckeye. If you have the ability, you can destroy Norman Tianyang, if you have the ability, you can destroy me. In short, I want him for this matter. Give me an explanation in person!”

As Sally’s voice fell, she also ended the call and the video conference.

Old Hei stood aside and looked at Sally tremblingly. Until then, he didn’t know how much Sally valued this matter!

Looking at Sally feeling a little out of breath because of his emotions, Old Hei quickly took a respirator and put it on Sally’s nose and mouth.

“Boss, why are you saying this? Norman Tianyang has become a climate in Buckeye. Wouldn’t you ask for trouble in the past like this?”

Sally breathed quickly, and when she heard what Lao Hei said, she gave a blank look, then took off the ventilator and said, “What do you know, as long as I pass by, the immortal Wei Xianhe can only help me!”

After saying this, she looked at her hand and said solemnly, “The death of thirty beast guards requires Miss Lin’s arm. If I don’t untie this knot, I will live impatiently all my life! “

After the roar, a voice suddenly sounded behind Sally.

“That’s pretty good, but I really want to ask, what are your plans to deal with Norman Tianyang?”

Lao Hei and Sally turned around abruptly, only to find that Ethan didn’t know when they had regained consciousness and was sitting in the corner drinking quietly.

Among them, Lao Hei is the most surprised person. From the time he entered Sally’s office to now, he has not noticed the breath of a third person in the whole room!

Looking at Ethan who suddenly appeared at this moment, Lao Hei couldn’t help being startled and shouted, “How did you get in!”

Ethan picked up the red wine bottle on the table in one hand, then took a sip and walked to Sally to stare at her eyes closely, turning a deaf ear to Old Hei’s words.

“What are you planning to use to fight Norman Tianyang, do you think he didn’t think of this step? Believe me, I know Norman Tianyang better than you, and he will definitely have something to follow!”

Sally looked at Ethan’s eyes. Apart from the coldness, her eyes were cruel. It was the first time she saw Ethan have such eyes.

After watching Ethan’s silence for a while, Sally took off the respirator on her face and whispered, “Then what are you going to do, just keep hiding, one day you will live like this?”

After saying this, she poked Ethan in the chest and said angrily: “It’s not just your friend who died in Norman Tianyang’s hands now, but also my friends and my subordinates! That’s a total of thirty people!”

Sally couldn’t help but shed tears at this point. Seeing Ethan’s still cold expression, she even felt a little unbelievable!

Beast Guards are different from others. They have abandoned everything since entering the second division, only exist for the thirteen divisions, and live only to complete the task.

Their belief is 13 subjects, and they even gave up their lives for the 13 subjects and turned into guardians in the dark!

But at this time, just such beast guards died, thirty full!

There are only fifty branches in the Beifu, and she has lost thirty beast guards in a while!

Not only was Sally unable to bear such a blow, but Shisanke was even angry at the loss. This is why Uncle Sally broke the meeting directly after hearing this!

Ethan looked at Sally’s tear-stained expression, took a deep breath and suddenly embraced her with one hand.

Perhaps it was precisely because of Ethan’s actions that Sally put down all her precautions and lay down in Ethan’s arms and wept bitterly!

When she was held by Norman Wennian, Sally did not shed a single tear.

When she was beaten up by Norman Wennian, she never yelled even though she hurt.

Until now when she was lying in Ethan’s arms, she finally let go of everything and cried happily!

Lao Hei looked at the two embracing people, shook his head in silence, got up and walked out of the office, closed the door by the way, and stood at the door as usual.

After a while, after Sally stopped for a while, Ethan took out two tissues to help Sally wipe the tears from her face.

“Lin Yan, you don’t have to worry about it. I just went to see it. I will attach the arm first. If you have scars, remember to save ten bottles of Baihua Yulu pills to make a plaster to give her scars.”

After wiping the tears on her face, Sally looked at Ethan and nodded, then she said, “What about you, Lao Hei said that there might be something wrong with your body. If this continues, you might be true. Chi is going retrograde!”

Ethan sneered when he heard this, took a sip from the wine bottle, and then smiled: “He doesn’t know me, don’t you know me? That kind of thing will never happen to me.”

After saying this, Ethan closed his eyes and stretched out his right hand slowly meditating on Shang Dian, finally trying to summon it out.

Looking at Shang Dian in his hand, Ethan chuckled to Sally twice and then said: “As long as it is there, I will never have to worry about that.”

Sally looked at Shangdian who suddenly appeared in Ethan’s hands, and a look of surprise flashed in her eyes, “This, is this the legendary Shangdian?”

Seeing Ethan smiled and nodded, Sally opened her mouth with blurred eyes: “The rumor still records the infinite mystery of the heaven and the earth. If anyone can get it, it is tantamount to becoming a saint on earth!


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