I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 883

Chapter 883 Yu Shaobai (third more)

Regarding Ethan’s words, Ning Kun just sighed slightly and did not answer.

Perhaps as he said, even in purgatory, there are people with good intentions, but whether such people can survive is a question, let alone being touched by them.

As they moved forward slowly, the car suddenly stopped amidst the bumps. Ning Kun held his clothes and poked out with some doubts and said, “What’s wrong, Old Hat?”

Old Mao jumped out of the car, his face was pale and he said, “It’s over! You guys get down quickly! Hurry up, get down quickly!”

Ning Kun heard the deep fear hidden in the old hat’s tone, so he jumped out of the car, then squatted and ran towards the old hat.

“What happened? Why did the car suddenly stop?”

Listening to Ning Kun’s question, the old hat pointed to the front nervously and said, “Look there, if I guessed correctly, it should be someone from the Qinghe Association who was doing the job, we just happened to hit it!

Ethan also jumped out of the car at this time, and slowly moved in front of Ning Kun to look at Old Mao’s direction.

I saw that there were about two hundred people over there, facing each other, so they began to speak with some doubts: “It seems to be quite lively here, isn’t it that no one cares about such a big thing?”

Ning Kun rolled his eyes and replied in an angry tone: “This is Hedong. The Qinghe Society is one of the top forces here. Who do you think will stand up and take care of these nostalgic matters.”

Hearing this, Ethan fell silent. Looking at the distance ahead, the two groups began to fight each other at a disagreement.

He suddenly thought, isn’t this the place that the woman they met earlier said, thirty or forty miles, this is exactly the same!

Thinking of this, Ethan hurriedly said: “Hey, hey, don’t you remember, the woman I ran into before seemed to have said that we’d better wait for a while before leaving, otherwise we will run into trouble! “

When Ning Kun and Lao Mao heard Ethan’s words, they turned their heads and looked at Ethan strangely.

“It’s not such a coincidence, is it true that the woman was right?”

The old hat also blinked and lowered the one-eyed one and said, “If this is the case, that woman must know what’s going on here!”

Just as Ethan and the others were guessing, someone suddenly rushed towards them, looking like they were from the Qinghe Club.

Originally, this group of people wanted to rush behind them while they were fighting, and then outflank them in one fell swoop.

But I didn’t expect to run into Lao Mao and others here!

The scenes that the two sides encountered were a little surprised, as if no one had expected to meet each other!

For the first time, about thirty or forty people in Qinghe Club looked at Lao Mao with sullen eyes and whispered, “Who are you!”

Seeing that he and others had been discovered, Old Mao quickly raised his hands and said, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m Old Hat, Old Hat! It’s the old hat that was given away by a cart!”

Regarding Lao Mao and Yu Shaobai, many people in the Qinghe Club knew about it. At this moment, after hearing Lao Mao’s words, he looked at his one-eyed one, so he relaxed a little.

However, the leader still speaks a little bit irritably: “Old hat, why did you send someone here? If you want to leave, wait a while.”

After saying this, he also followed Ethan nervously.

The leader is a sturdy man in his thirties, with a long and narrow scar on his face, he looks very hostile!

In order not to attract the attention of others, Ning Kun lowered his head when they ran into Qinghehui, worried that his face would be remembered.

This is the habit he left before, no matter where he is, try not to attract the attention of others.

The old hat watched the leader climb down beside him, so he took out a cigarette from his clothes and handed it a cigarette to please. He said, “Ho ho, what do you call this brother?”

The man seemed to have a familiar personality. He stretched out his hand to take the old hat’s cigarette and lit it while smoking while staring at the two sides fighting together. He said, “Just call me the second iron. What do you guys call?”

Lao Mao pointed to himself and smiled, “I’m Lao Mao, you know, these two people were sent by me. They really can’t make it through outside, so they came to Hedong to ask for a bowl of food.”

After taking a look at Ethan and Ning Kun, the Second Railway saw that although they were not too small, but they looked like a scholar, they were indifferent, so they disdainfully said, “Just the two of them? Come in and don’t go. Sell ​​fart stocks, hahaha!”

After saying this, the Second Railway looked at Lao Mao and said, “If you are unlucky today, and you meet us doing errands when you go out, if you leave earlier, you won’t run into this bad thing.”

Hearing this, the old hat nodded and pointed at the crowd in front of him and said, “What’s wrong with this, why are so many people here?”

“What else? Qinghe will fight with the Lieqi people. Both sides want this road, and both want to open a card on this road to collect money.”

After saying this, Ertie smiled and looked at the old hat and said, “I’m not afraid of your jokes. If I didn’t meet you, I might cover my face and scratch my knife now!”

The people who followed Ertie laughed unconsciously when they heard what he said. This time they met Ethan and others, and it was considered a blessing in disguise to escape.

Otherwise, the melee of more than two hundred people, God knows what they will end up with these forty mouths.

Old Mao arched his hands at Ertie and smiled awkwardly: “We don’t dare to be this, we can only say fate, but when we can leave, do you know this?”

The Second Railway turned his head and looked up and down the old hat and then said, “I’m afraid you have to wait if you leave. This matter is not so easy to handle, oh, yes!”

After saying this, the second railway seemed to have suddenly remembered something. He looked at the old hat and said, “This time, our young master also came over. I wanted to relax, but it happened to hit this incident. Sit over there and watch the fun!”

Lao Mao’s heart jumped when he heard this, and after looking in the direction where Er Tiezhi passed, he realized that not far away, more than a dozen people were surrounding a young man sitting on a chair.

Ning Kun couldn’t help raising his head at this time, and looked at it like Old Hat.

After seeing Yu Shaobai, the young master of the Qinghe Club, a bitter smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Only God knows how much he wants to scold his mother at this time, and how bad things have been hit by him!

Ethan was still a little confused at this time. Seeing that Ning Kun and Lao Mao were both looking over there, he looked at them curiously and said, “The one over there is the legendary young master Yu Shaobai of the Qinghe Association. ?”


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