I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 887

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 887

Chapter 887 is so unbearable (third more)

Not long after Ethan and others had just left, Yu Shaobai sat in the tent, playing with a piece of warm jade in his hand and slowly said, “Did you find out the origin of these two people?”

In the tent, a man wrapped in a black robe and unable to see his face solemnly said: “I’m investigating. It is estimated that they have just come to Hedong today. The information that I already know is that they were outside because they committed a deceit. “

“A lie?” Upon hearing this, Yu Shaobai couldn’t help but chuckle slightly.

With Ethan’s skill, if they want something, do they still need to cheat?

Although they think so in their hearts, it cannot be ruled out that they are indeed deceiving people who should not be deceived, so they can’t hang on outside.

After a moment of contemplation, Yu Shaobai couldn’t help but remember that Ning Kun was a little dodge when facing him. It seemed that the other party had seen him before.

There are not many people in Hedong who can see themselves without leaving any souvenirs for themselves, let alone outside.

Thinking of this, Yu Shaobai couldn’t help but chuckled and said: “Interesting, tell the people below to stop investigating the cause. Now the cause is not important.”

After hearing this, the black-robed man agreed in a low voice, and then replied in a deep voice, “Since this is the case, do I need to stare at them?”

“No, they will definitely have some friends of their own when they come to Hedong. It’s useless for you to go. There are not a few clean people here. Even if you catch them, what can you say about them.”

Although he doesn’t like to reason with others, he doesn’t like others saying that he is unreasonable.

But after a moment of contemplation, Yu Shaobai hesitated and said, “Send someone to stare at the man named Ning Kun. If I guess correctly, he may have some problems.”

Perhaps it was because Yu Shaobai had already met too many people like Ning Kun, and he always unintentionally reduced his sense of existence in every move, which had become a habit of Ning Kun.

Hidden in the crowd, he can make it difficult for the other person to distinguish himself. Even his appearance has a popular face, which makes it difficult to find out.

It is this kind of temperament that makes Yu Shaobai feel a little confused, after all, the person who has developed this habit.

Either he is a person who has been active in the shadow of others all year round, or he is a gangster who eats things inside and out.

However, no matter which of these two, he felt a little disliked.

On the contrary, someone like Ethan made him a good lift, simple, simple, and easy to control.

He cares about what he doesn’t care about, you can easily read it from his face, no need to guess.

Such people may be a little bad, that is, they are easy to cause trouble, because their thinking is very simple, and they don’t think about the overall situation.

But such people have more benefits. With them, you don’t need to think about their intentions, and you don’t need to worry about them.

They can do things well according to what you say, and then just take care of their own affairs. They don’t need you to bother at all.

Thinking of this, a smile appeared on Yu Shaobai’s mouth.

“Send someone down and watch that Ethan for me. I think he will come to me after all. After all, apart from me, there are few people in Hedong who will take in newcomers like them.”

After hearing this, the black-robed man nodded slightly and stepped back. On the other side, Ethan, who had just entered the city, looked at the people on the street with shocked eyes.

The streets here in Hedong are full of rubbish, and some people are lying on the ground knowing their lives and deaths. They are very dirty and smelly.

Obviously, Lao Mao had seen such scenes and didn’t know how much, his expression didn’t move at all, he would just honked the horn frantically, and then caused a curse, but not many people dared to come up and teach him.

Ning Kun looked at the shock in Ethan’s eyes, and said helplessly, “Welcome to Hedong, purgatory on earth.”

The streets here are full of a sense of age. Many people don’t even know what they are doing, just wandering on the streets.

Some people squatted on the corner of the street with various knives in their hands, looking at passers-by with bad eyes.

A profession that is indispensable in any place and any era. A group of revealingly dressed women with heavy makeup are sitting on chairs, across the transparent window, trying to attract one or two guests to patronize.

Maybe it’s because Ethan got used to staying in Buckeye and Beifu. He just saw such a scene, and he was a little shocked and said, “Why is this happening here? Isn’t it anyone?”

After Ning Kun shook his head slightly, he took out the cigarette from his arms and lighted himself a deep sip.

“It’s not that I don’t want to manage it, but I can’t manage it at all. This place has been completely abandoned.”

After saying this, he breathed out smoke faintly, with a mocking expression in his eyes, and continued: “If you want to reorganize this place, unless a fire burns it all up, then rebuild it.”

When Lao Mao sat in the driver’s seat and heard this, he laughed and pointed to the people on the street to introduce Ethan.

“The person who squatted on the street holding a knife is a killer. The killer here is not very valuable. Even a pack of cigarettes can be a reward for employment.”

After hearing this, Ethan couldn’t help but glance at the kind of people squatting on the corner. The knives in their hands looked a little shabby, but he would never be so stupid to suspect that the dark red spots on the knives were rust.

Then Ethan pointed to the people lying on the street who didn’t know their life or death and said, “What about these people, what is going on with them and why are they doing this?”

After hearing this, the old hat looked a little contemptuous and said: “They are just a bunch of maggots, they only smoke big cigarettes all day, one day after another.”

After saying this, the old hat dropped a small change worth tens of dollars at random, and then pointed to a person lying on the street and said: “Untie your coat and let’s see. The money is yours!”

After hearing this, the man quickly picked up the money that his old hat had thrown on the ground, then peeled off his shirt and laughed: “Uncle, look at it, hehe, I’m not worth the money anyway!”

Old Mao snorted and pointed at him and looked at Ethan: “Did you see the scar on his stomach and waist? In order to smoke those things, they sold everything they could sell.”

Hearing this, Ethan couldn’t help feeling a little sad when he looked at the waist of the man in front of him. He had thought about what Hedong was like when he came.

Although Ning Kun said it was very unbearable here, he never thought it would be so unbearable!

There are thirty or forty guys like this kind of person in this street!

And these people are just a corner of the iceberg, there are more people scattered in unknown places!


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